Wednesday, July 31, 2013

First week at MTC

        So, first week at the MTC and my German is getting insanely better. I can pray, teach and testify. We have investigators that we teach (our teachers role playing) but role playing really well. We've taught 3, 20 minute lessons already, in full German. Its all about being immersed in the language. Once you speak something in German you cant say it in English. Great teachers for sure! We are having... nur Deutsch Donnerstag... which is only German Thursdays where if we speak English on Thursdays we do 10 pushups for every time we get caught. That a district goal.
       We have the chance to be part of the first ever British Pageant here, we get to sing in the finale. Very cool eh! and even better, next week when the 2 week elders leave and before new ones come, we are being visited By Elder Holland from the Quorum of the 12! Just for us German Speakers and a few English learners too. Less than 30 of us! I'm so psyched!
       I have had 6 nights here and each one I have had sleep talking episodes. The coolest part is that by the 3rd night I was mumbling in German! EPICNESS!!! haha but they all enjoy my sleep talking, they haven't realized yet that they can talk to me while I'm sleeping though, we shall see if that happens. Haha but its awesome here. 15 hour days or longer, and so much studying. So much to do. Its really fun to learn German, words and grammar are coming a lot better now. Ive learned lots and helped lots of others.

Elder Rodgers

Note: For those who don't know Tanner will sometimes talk in his sleep, usually about things that have happened or talked about that day. He can be quite loud at times so I'm sure his roommates are having 'fun'

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  1. When I read that Elder Holland was going to visit you Elders, I nearly cried out of excitement and joy for you! What a blessing! I hope you write down as much as you can and follow his counsel exactly. Your mission will be a complete success if you do!