Monday, December 30, 2013

Wohnung Verloren :).....Week 17 in Ellwangen

     Well obviously this week was Christmas. I hope it was Christmas in Canada too! We were spoiled rotten by everyone here. We had the best time! I don't even know what I should write here. Like it was just so cool. We spent basically 3 straight days with members. 

     OK... I thought of something. Thanks to everyone who sent me stuff! I'm way too spoiled! That's for sure! It made my Christmas 

     OK well I have also realized that I may use the word.. 'sick' a little much. So I'm gonna try and cut down on that. 

     OK....Well I was able to Skype home this week! Which was actually really weird! Because it seems like nothing has really even changed there. Still my regular awesome family just chillin'. It was really cool though! I'm glad we had that time! 

     OK and then Elder Oviatt did his (Skype) and we were all around. I have made a new friend. His name Brant Oviatt. He is seriously one of the funniest people I have never met. and he said when I get back that we are gonna go hiking in Waterton. So now it has been written... we are going hiking. That's something I will hold him to forever! So yeah! Waterton!!!! hahaha

     Well I almost forgot! So we are losing our apartment haha. Our landlords husband died over a month ago and now her house is too big for her so she wants ours. So we are in essence being asked to leave. So we are now on the hunt for a new one! hahaaha cool! Always an adventure here on the Mish. 

     We didn't have the chance to do a ton of stereotypical missionary work this week because we were with members so much. But in the other sense we were with members the whole week. and members are just as big in helping missionary work as we are. 

     Our 2 friends came to church again yesterday! So that's good! We are on our way with them. We should be able to work out a lesson this week! Just slow and steady! 

I'd like to thank everyone for everything! I have sooo much and I'm so grateful! I feel so much love as a missionary! 

Have a great week! I sure will!

Elder Rodgers :)

I got a stocking from the Carlsons! haha awesome!

My Beth stocking!

My.. you stocking!!!!!

.... OK I forgot! haha so this next picture is of elder Garrett playing a blue violin haha. He is a violin major at BYU. The story is....
     So There is an American army base in Stuttgart. So when we were at the stake Christmas thing we met a guy who lives in Stuttgart but is from California. He is from the home ward of Elder Carlson. So he is stationed here and is obviously English haha. So he invited us over to their house and we got permission to go. So we like had to go through a border kinda thingy and I had to show my passport and it was so cool! hahahaha OK and then on this base they have regular american food so when we left they gave us a ton of root beer and reece stuff and dortitos! It was so cool! so they have 4 kids. One girl plays the violin and another the cello. So Elder Garrett got into it and played a bit too. It was way fun! So that was an  awesome evening!!!

Fröhliche Weihnachten!.......Week 16 in Ellwangen

     Well duh! Its Christmas people! And I'm in Germany. How did that happen. I cant really recall these last 5 months... its all gone by too fast. Time is a whole new deal to me now. Time really takes a new meaning when you're on a mission. 

     Well for starters.... This week was awesome. I was privileged enough to be asked to give a Priesthood Blessing this week. Yes, in German. How is this possible you may wonder? (I wondered too). Well it is possible only through  the Spirit and power of the Priesthood. There was a member of the ward who wanted a blessing because he had an operation the next day. So he came over and I was able to do it. The words in German are not simple and thankfully I had other elders there to help. But it went good and all that matters is that the Spirit was there. I was way grateful for that experience and I'll surely never forget it. 

     Then Tuesday I was on Tausch (exchanges). We had 2 eating appointments in Waiblingen. It was way good! I love being on Taush its is so cool! We also taught 2 lessons to members that day. It was lovely. Just lovely. 

     Germany is sick! So people are awesome and ya.... I just like meeting people. And I've come to realize that many Germans like Canadians. And many have been there. So we have an automatic connection and its awesome! I love talking about Canada! hahaha

     Really though... we had a few lessons, did a ton of contacting and met some awesome people. Strengthened our relationship with the members and helped some other people do stuff. Just a sick week of being a missionary. And now... its Christmas. And the ward is the best... again. we are so busy this week with members. I love them! So much! 

     Well... yah lol. That's really about it. Just members being awesome. Missionary work isn't hard. Its all about having the courage to say something. I can do it in German. Which means that anyone can do it in English! I love being a missionary! I love everything! :)

Have a sick week full of joy and family and love and all those other wonderful things!

Fröhliche Weihnachten!
Elder Rodgers :)

My box of food :) Oh Yes

I had a 'what gives' moment in Schwäbish Hall and just was way happy lol

me just laughing wayyy to much

I realize I have no variety in pics lol. I'm happy tho! 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Ich sage Zug... Sie sagen.. Wieder?......Week 15 in Ellwangen

     Well... What to say this week. This week went so fast. I am aware I say that almost every week but its true! I was sitting at this computer a week ago but it feels like it was like 2 days ago! Ah! So fast! Well overall news for the week is..... we were on trains for a total of about 14 or so hours this week! Trains Oh Ya! haha

     Well Monday we tore up our wall that had had some problems in the past. So now we are on it and are being beastly handymen. It looks awful.

     So Tuesday we went up to this little place called Rot am See to go and visit someone. Well it was awesome! The man was sooo nice! Such a cool guy! He hasn't been to church for a really long time... like 55ish years. So we got some work to do! But we can do it! He's great! But it takes a good hour to get there with a train and then back again. But it's surely worth it! So after him we had to take another train down to Wailblingen to stay the night. So that was another 1.5 hours on a train. So all 4 of us from Ellwangen stayed there plus the 2 elders there. So their apartment is smaller than ours and their kitchen is being renovated. So like we had no room at all, it was a gong show. But so funny. We had like the biggest sleep over ever haha. It was hilarious. So crowded. 

    We stayed there because on Wednesday we had zone training and our Christmas conference in Stuttgart that started at 10am. We couldn't take the train early enough from Ellwangen with our ticket. Then Wednesday went by so so fast. It was just a day of learning and fun. It was way cool! We also got all our packages at zone conference and so between the 4 of us we had so much stuff to carry from our overnight party and packages. It was rough!............ another 1.5 hours by train to Ellwangen. 

     Thursday was sooooo funny. So Our ward mission leader is an absolute boss and he came on a joint teach with us. He killed it! He said it better than we ever could have said it. We were talking a lot about authority and baptism and our investigator really wasn't getting it but our joint teach just made it so good! It was a great lesson! So on the drive up it was about 45 minutes... Elder Carlson slept and I talked to our member the whole time. Sick! Then we stayed in Schwäbish Hall after and contacted and then took a train home... just over an hour :)

     Friday was weekly planning then our ward party! So we made some cookies and then went to the church. They were a hit, gone in no time! The party was epic! So as missionaries we sand a song called 'Tracting in a Winter Wonderland' and it was hilarious. Very successful! So much love from the members! We really have some awesome people here! 

     Saturday was supposed to be a lesson wayyyyyy far away. So we were on our way when we got a call that cancelled it... so we changed plans and went to visit a couple other people. So Saturdays are hard because buses run until like 1pm then they don't run anymore. So we were stuck to trains. So overall this day we had about 2.5-3 hours on trains. Sick right! hahaha and to make like better it rained all day. SO we were lovin it! But actually we were! We went dooring in Crailsheim for 3 hours and only talked to 2 people... because the 2nd dude let us in. We were there for about 1.5 hours haha and talked about a ton. It was really good he was understanding a ton...  he said he would read the Book of Mormon, then we asked to set up another appointment to come back... guess what he said.....

March or April

..........WHAT? hahaha So we will just stop by this week lol and give him something else like a pamphlet or something. Then if he has read or anything he'll just start talking and stuff. hahaha The ways of a missionary. But he was way funny. 

     So then Sunday was just great again. The other elders had a lady in church! It was great! Our 2 people didn't come again.. we really need their info. We only know they live in a small town of about 200-300 people so we are just gonna go there and door the whole town. Why not eh! So ist es auf Mission. So that'll be way fun! So a member in our ward got married last week and her husband is from Columbia so this family is here for a bit. They speak only Spanish and aren't members but the newlywed wife speaks like a thousand languages so we were able to have a lesson with them. It was way cool because we would say it in German... she would translate it and then they would reply and she would translate. Super cool. Then we started doing it in English because we are awesome and can speak 2 languages haha. It was way cool being part of like a 3 language conversation. So cool! And we are going over tonight to meet with them. Super cool people! 

     After church we had a ward dinner thing then we took the train to Stuttgart... 1.5 hrs... for the stake Christmas thing. It was awesome and then we watched the first presidency broadcast in German. hahaha I'm staring to really understand stuff. Luckily a member drove us all home so we didn't need more trains. 

German is awesome! I love it. Germany is sick! I love it. Thanks to all those who read and stuff! hahaha hope you like it... :)

Elder Rodgers <3

so our wall is now a mess... :)

We went exploring in the wild again! I found a little dorf! (village) I claim it as mine!

Elder C and ME!

.... American rootbeer! Got it at the Christmas conference!!

Here's the church

The Primary kids in Mt Heights Ward in Lethbridge sent me these letters! Cool! Thanks!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Servus Miteinend - Autobahn....Week 14 in Ellwangen

     Yes. That's right.... Autobahn. We definitely hit that up this week with a member! Only got up to 175km because it was raining. But he promised at least 200 when its nicer! hahahaha it was way fun! 

     Another epic thing. This same member is a plumber. So he loves his job and he totally jacked up his toilet at home. So after you're done using it you press a button on the side of the seat and then a sprayer comes out and gives you a wonderfully refreshing hose down. It is epic! and a very efficient way of saving toilet paper! But actually... I'm gonna get one of those put in when I get home!

     I'm sure I've said already but the primary kids know me as the Elder with the 'tiefe Stimme' which means deep voice. I guess I have a nice low voice.. its as soothing as... something really soothing! haha and I have also been named 'the Sprucer Upper' in the apartment because I like things clean and tidy so I always do that and the rest of them make fun of me. So I'm the - so to say 'Sister' of the apartment. But that's OK... I live in cleanliness! ha!
       (from Tanners mom - this was a mothers dream to read, there is hope!)

     Well this week was decently empty. Lots of finding. We had some really good convos too! Found a few potentials and had some really fun talks with people. People are awesome. District meeting wasTuesday and that went good. We had to go on splits after to help the other elders teach lessons because they had 2 at the same time in different cities so we did that... but it fell out. 

     Really all we did was find and stuff till Saturday. Saturday was awesome! So our church building has a baptismal font and its like the closest one other than like Stuttgart. So the Ulm elders came up here Saturday for their baptism. So we were in charge of getting everything ready for them. And of course it took a huge miracle. The baptism started at 10 and we got to the church at 8:30. Found out you need a key to the font and we had none.... found out it takes about 2-2.5 hrs to fill.... we had just under 1.5 and the water boiler needed to be turned on and we didn't know how. hahah It was crazy. But a member helped us out on the phone and it went great. So I took apart part of the font and found a way to open the door ;) and then idk how but it got filed up enough by the time it started... hahaha. 

     Then right as the baptism was about to happen we realized that we had a lack of towels.... awks. But after looking... we found one in the kitchen. Like a real full sized one. So odd but so awesome! hahaha and it all worked out wonderfully!

     Then we made our way to the YM's activity we planned and had a ton of fun there. We made cards for some boys in the quorum who are a little less active. Then went and delivered them. We had lots of food and just had a ton of fun. It was way awesome! 

     MY favourite part this week was Sunday. So about a month ago we had 2 people randomly show up to church. We taught them and they said they would come back next week, but they didn't.... But! This week they came! and they really enjoyed sacrament meeting! Also a less active that we love came! Like it was just sick! And what was even cooler was that earlier that morning in Gemeinderat... ward council... the branch president told us that we were gonna have no speaker today but that he wanted us to all get up and bear our testimony. So that's what we did. Almost every one was focused on family and missionary work. The Spirit was so unbelievably strong. It was absolutely one of my most favourite sacrament meetings ever! 

     We had dinner at a members and then came back for studies. After, I got the feeling to go out and visit a family so we did and it was great that we did.They had just lost a member of the family 2 days ago and that's why they hadn't been home when we went by previously. But we went again and had a nice talk. So I'm just glad that we have the opportunity to have promptings and that I had the courage to follow it. So we had an awesome week!

I love being here. Missionary work is the bomb! 

Love Elder Rodgers <3

Sitting for a second in 1st class lol... like a boss!

Just a  huge deer... lol

Tree in Aalen :)

This is Ellwangen- coming into the main square or innenstadt.

Tracktin in a winter
.. actually there's a song called that I think, its about missionaries. Wayyyy funny! Look it up!

Monday, December 2, 2013

'Durchfalls! Oops! '.....Week 13 in Ellwangen

     Well this was certainly one of the longer weeks. At the start of the week we really had no plans. It was all gonna be contacting around and stuff. Monday we were in Stuttgart for a Zone Pday. Lots of food! Tuesday we went back for a District meeting. Needless to say too many trains already! haha but that was only the start! 

     So on Wednesday we had absolutely nothing to do. So we wanted to go to some far away place to contact. As we were on a train I figured we should call our one older investigator who dropped us. So we did. And he said that since we were out and about we could stop by. So we rerouted and went there! ?It was a huge hassle to do it because we missed a train and had to run to catch a bus and it was just too much work haha. But we got there! and met up with him. And he wants to start meeting again! So finally! We have an appointment and I really know that he is gonna just get right back up there to where he was! He is a beauty! So in essence our whole day was him. Getting there takes about 3 hours with trains and layovers and buses. So its a long day. But worth it! 

     The rest of the week was spent finding and doing planning.  Saturday came and we again had no real plans. We made an invitation for a family to come to our ward party on the 13th and so we went out to deliver it. Its the family where only the father is a member and the wife and 5 kids aren't. So we went by and got invited in! We played a game with the 2 youngest kids and we were there for about half hour. We gave them our card and had a great time. I just love the family!

     We then went by on an older couple who are atheist! They have always just said.. .come by later.. if you are in the area. So we have... lol and finally got let in! They're so awesome! We had the coolest chat about the church and faith and stuff. They fed us and are so nice. They even invited us to a thingy later that night. We got permission to go and so we went and enjoyed an evening with them! They're so cool! So we will go by again this week and we are gonna ask if we can start teaching them some stuff. Lay out the big picture for them. They're really such cool people! 

     So in essence, our week was way long.. but full of wicked things! I love it!

     Now a few updates on me and Ellwangen. I've been doing really well at not sleep talking for the time I've been here. But idk what has happened. This last week or 10 days or so I've been nuts. I moan and then they start talking to me. Like I fall asleep so fast and then they just wait for me to be out... then they capitalize. I don't remember most of it. I am rather mean though, I yell at Oviatt..haha. I say a ton of things, like we have conversations. I was hoping they wouldn't figure that out... but they did. So now its like the game.... who can get elder Rodgers to talk the most? hahaha It's really funny for them.I just sleep and don't remember what I said... 

     So they all really enjoy that. Other than that... Ellwangen is just going along great! Christmas is so soon! So weird eh! Well love you all!

     oh ya......funny elder Oviatts' uncle sent him a package. He is a dentist and had sent some mints that are really good for your teeth. They have no sugar and the flavoring and stuff comes from a tree or whatever. Anyway, they are healthy, really good tasting mints. So we ate a ton of them! Then... we read the back instructions at a later point in time and it said that this special sugar stuff if taken in too high of doses could cause diarrhea....they recommend only 12 per day.... needless to say I ate about 30 or so in 1 hour lol.... and it works! So we had a lovely bathroom incident this morning! But I'm pretty sure its past lol. But the mints are so good!!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Rodgers <3 

We tried at a district picture.... didn't work hahahah next time!

Elder Steed...he is going home...

we got a huge lindt advent calendar from a member! sick!

I will get pics of Christmas this week OK! love you all thanks :):)