Monday, December 16, 2013

Ich sage Zug... Sie sagen.. Wieder?......Week 15 in Ellwangen

     Well... What to say this week. This week went so fast. I am aware I say that almost every week but its true! I was sitting at this computer a week ago but it feels like it was like 2 days ago! Ah! So fast! Well overall news for the week is..... we were on trains for a total of about 14 or so hours this week! Trains Oh Ya! haha

     Well Monday we tore up our wall that had had some problems in the past. So now we are on it and are being beastly handymen. It looks awful.

     So Tuesday we went up to this little place called Rot am See to go and visit someone. Well it was awesome! The man was sooo nice! Such a cool guy! He hasn't been to church for a really long time... like 55ish years. So we got some work to do! But we can do it! He's great! But it takes a good hour to get there with a train and then back again. But it's surely worth it! So after him we had to take another train down to Wailblingen to stay the night. So that was another 1.5 hours on a train. So all 4 of us from Ellwangen stayed there plus the 2 elders there. So their apartment is smaller than ours and their kitchen is being renovated. So like we had no room at all, it was a gong show. But so funny. We had like the biggest sleep over ever haha. It was hilarious. So crowded. 

    We stayed there because on Wednesday we had zone training and our Christmas conference in Stuttgart that started at 10am. We couldn't take the train early enough from Ellwangen with our ticket. Then Wednesday went by so so fast. It was just a day of learning and fun. It was way cool! We also got all our packages at zone conference and so between the 4 of us we had so much stuff to carry from our overnight party and packages. It was rough!............ another 1.5 hours by train to Ellwangen. 

     Thursday was sooooo funny. So Our ward mission leader is an absolute boss and he came on a joint teach with us. He killed it! He said it better than we ever could have said it. We were talking a lot about authority and baptism and our investigator really wasn't getting it but our joint teach just made it so good! It was a great lesson! So on the drive up it was about 45 minutes... Elder Carlson slept and I talked to our member the whole time. Sick! Then we stayed in Schwäbish Hall after and contacted and then took a train home... just over an hour :)

     Friday was weekly planning then our ward party! So we made some cookies and then went to the church. They were a hit, gone in no time! The party was epic! So as missionaries we sand a song called 'Tracting in a Winter Wonderland' and it was hilarious. Very successful! So much love from the members! We really have some awesome people here! 

     Saturday was supposed to be a lesson wayyyyyy far away. So we were on our way when we got a call that cancelled it... so we changed plans and went to visit a couple other people. So Saturdays are hard because buses run until like 1pm then they don't run anymore. So we were stuck to trains. So overall this day we had about 2.5-3 hours on trains. Sick right! hahaha and to make like better it rained all day. SO we were lovin it! But actually we were! We went dooring in Crailsheim for 3 hours and only talked to 2 people... because the 2nd dude let us in. We were there for about 1.5 hours haha and talked about a ton. It was really good he was understanding a ton...  he said he would read the Book of Mormon, then we asked to set up another appointment to come back... guess what he said.....

March or April

..........WHAT? hahaha So we will just stop by this week lol and give him something else like a pamphlet or something. Then if he has read or anything he'll just start talking and stuff. hahaha The ways of a missionary. But he was way funny. 

     So then Sunday was just great again. The other elders had a lady in church! It was great! Our 2 people didn't come again.. we really need their info. We only know they live in a small town of about 200-300 people so we are just gonna go there and door the whole town. Why not eh! So ist es auf Mission. So that'll be way fun! So a member in our ward got married last week and her husband is from Columbia so this family is here for a bit. They speak only Spanish and aren't members but the newlywed wife speaks like a thousand languages so we were able to have a lesson with them. It was way cool because we would say it in German... she would translate it and then they would reply and she would translate. Super cool. Then we started doing it in English because we are awesome and can speak 2 languages haha. It was way cool being part of like a 3 language conversation. So cool! And we are going over tonight to meet with them. Super cool people! 

     After church we had a ward dinner thing then we took the train to Stuttgart... 1.5 hrs... for the stake Christmas thing. It was awesome and then we watched the first presidency broadcast in German. hahaha I'm staring to really understand stuff. Luckily a member drove us all home so we didn't need more trains. 

German is awesome! I love it. Germany is sick! I love it. Thanks to all those who read and stuff! hahaha hope you like it... :)

Elder Rodgers <3

so our wall is now a mess... :)

We went exploring in the wild again! I found a little dorf! (village) I claim it as mine!

Elder C and ME!

.... American rootbeer! Got it at the Christmas conference!!

Here's the church

The Primary kids in Mt Heights Ward in Lethbridge sent me these letters! Cool! Thanks!

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