Monday, December 9, 2013

Servus Miteinend - Autobahn....Week 14 in Ellwangen

     Yes. That's right.... Autobahn. We definitely hit that up this week with a member! Only got up to 175km because it was raining. But he promised at least 200 when its nicer! hahahaha it was way fun! 

     Another epic thing. This same member is a plumber. So he loves his job and he totally jacked up his toilet at home. So after you're done using it you press a button on the side of the seat and then a sprayer comes out and gives you a wonderfully refreshing hose down. It is epic! and a very efficient way of saving toilet paper! But actually... I'm gonna get one of those put in when I get home!

     I'm sure I've said already but the primary kids know me as the Elder with the 'tiefe Stimme' which means deep voice. I guess I have a nice low voice.. its as soothing as... something really soothing! haha and I have also been named 'the Sprucer Upper' in the apartment because I like things clean and tidy so I always do that and the rest of them make fun of me. So I'm the - so to say 'Sister' of the apartment. But that's OK... I live in cleanliness! ha!
       (from Tanners mom - this was a mothers dream to read, there is hope!)

     Well this week was decently empty. Lots of finding. We had some really good convos too! Found a few potentials and had some really fun talks with people. People are awesome. District meeting wasTuesday and that went good. We had to go on splits after to help the other elders teach lessons because they had 2 at the same time in different cities so we did that... but it fell out. 

     Really all we did was find and stuff till Saturday. Saturday was awesome! So our church building has a baptismal font and its like the closest one other than like Stuttgart. So the Ulm elders came up here Saturday for their baptism. So we were in charge of getting everything ready for them. And of course it took a huge miracle. The baptism started at 10 and we got to the church at 8:30. Found out you need a key to the font and we had none.... found out it takes about 2-2.5 hrs to fill.... we had just under 1.5 and the water boiler needed to be turned on and we didn't know how. hahah It was crazy. But a member helped us out on the phone and it went great. So I took apart part of the font and found a way to open the door ;) and then idk how but it got filed up enough by the time it started... hahaha. 

     Then right as the baptism was about to happen we realized that we had a lack of towels.... awks. But after looking... we found one in the kitchen. Like a real full sized one. So odd but so awesome! hahaha and it all worked out wonderfully!

     Then we made our way to the YM's activity we planned and had a ton of fun there. We made cards for some boys in the quorum who are a little less active. Then went and delivered them. We had lots of food and just had a ton of fun. It was way awesome! 

     MY favourite part this week was Sunday. So about a month ago we had 2 people randomly show up to church. We taught them and they said they would come back next week, but they didn't.... But! This week they came! and they really enjoyed sacrament meeting! Also a less active that we love came! Like it was just sick! And what was even cooler was that earlier that morning in Gemeinderat... ward council... the branch president told us that we were gonna have no speaker today but that he wanted us to all get up and bear our testimony. So that's what we did. Almost every one was focused on family and missionary work. The Spirit was so unbelievably strong. It was absolutely one of my most favourite sacrament meetings ever! 

     We had dinner at a members and then came back for studies. After, I got the feeling to go out and visit a family so we did and it was great that we did.They had just lost a member of the family 2 days ago and that's why they hadn't been home when we went by previously. But we went again and had a nice talk. So I'm just glad that we have the opportunity to have promptings and that I had the courage to follow it. So we had an awesome week!

I love being here. Missionary work is the bomb! 

Love Elder Rodgers <3

Sitting for a second in 1st class lol... like a boss!

Just a  huge deer... lol

Tree in Aalen :)

This is Ellwangen- coming into the main square or innenstadt.

Tracktin in a winter
.. actually there's a song called that I think, its about missionaries. Wayyyy funny! Look it up!

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