Monday, April 27, 2015

Man lernt sich nie aus!......Week 3 in Rosenheim

     I think that I've gotten to the point now where I really am noticing my habits and patterns in writing emails. If you could honestly watch me and the order in which I do things, I think you may laugh. Open my email. Click on the mission stuff and get that all sorted out, then open up my moms. Then Dad. Then brothers. And so the list goes on... and then at the end I do the pictures and then this long email. I don't know how this looks on your screen... but on mine its like a novel! My life is a pattern. Which I guess in some ways is good but in some ways is bad...

     Elder Allen, one of the members of the 70 who visited us on Saturday said this, and I cant remember if he quoted someone of if these were his words but... "If you always do what you've always done, then you'll always get what you've always got". So in terms of patterns and habits.. yeah ok I can see how that's not the best idea.. but I guess in respect to emailing on Monday its not the end of the world. But that's a pretty thought provoking quote eh?

     Yes. Elder Bednar did come this week! Along with his wife! Also Elder Teixeira, the President of the Europe area and his wife and then Elder Allen from the missionary department and his wife! It was so good! But I'll tell you about that soon!

     Monday we got to go out to a wonderful members house and had a wonderful barbecue! So good! And they live in a way pretty area! So I just love getting to go there! That was a great day. I even got my haircut! For the first time on my mission I went to a store to get it done... we had not electric razors here... so I had to pay! AH! They did good though... like I liked it for sure! And it was a whole lot faster than me doing it... less messy too!

     Took a lil road trip, via train of course, to Wasserburg! There were a few loose ends out there and so we went to see what we could do and got great info on 4 names. Moved people or stuff like that. It was good :) 

     Wednesday was really cool actually. I was sitting in the train and this lady came and sat across from me and so we got talking. She was super cool. After a while and explaining I was a Canadian Mormon, she asked about the church and so in mentioning the Restoration, another lady, sitting across the isle said "Joe Smith right"....hahaha of course! So I talked to her a bit too! She has a really good friend who lives in... CARDSTON! ha! They have talked to her a lot about the church, so I told her my grandma lives there too. It was cool. The first lady I was with got out and so I talked with this other lady more until I had to leave. It was fun, such a small world eh? Crazy how people know people!

     I learned the cup song this week. Like that one with the cup and the motions and the song and that? I learned it from a cute little girl! We visited a family and in our time there the little girl had learned the cup song motions at school... and since we knew the lyrics.. we taught those to her and she taught me the motions. By the end we were bosses! Note this too... she did this in English.. haha cuz like.. I'm in Germany... she knew English before... but like is still a German kid. So cool! Now I can do the cup song...!

     A few other awesome appointments this week too. People are the absolute best part about anything! Its so much fun getting to be around so many different and so many cool people! So the highlight of the week was indeed Saturday! For many reasons actually! 

     On the one note... I got to see so many missionaries who I haven't seen in like more than a year! Almost 2 in fact. Seeing all my Klaggy friends and my Neustadt buddies and of course my favourite person ever Elder Oviatt! It was so great! 

     The other best part was sitting like 25 feet away from Elder Bednar who gave the sickest training ever! Like I cant even start describing all that happened. We learned a lot about the use of mobile devices in relation to missionary work but also in relation to the rest of our lives. He conducted the meeting in a very interactive way allowing us to take part. He would ask questions and we would provide answers thus creating a discussion. It was awesome. I even... after a lot of hesitation... got to give an answer. It was like the scariest thing ever... Standing up in front of like 250 missionaries and talking to Elder Bednar... yeah. FREAKY! 

     One of the things I liked the most was his talk in regard to ordinances and covenants. Doctrine and Covenants 84:19-21. The power of God being manifest in the ordinances of the priesthood. It was so sick! 

     He is so chill too, like the way he led the meeting, it was fun! He is hilarious and knows how to keep our focus and keep the Spirit in the meeting. It was so good! I don't even remember what else... like there was just so much. After listening to him, there was an indescribable sense of security that comes to me that just totally assured me that this church is true. There was so much power behind his words. 

     I totally love how many wonderful opportunities I have to learn on my mission! This really is the best thing ever! Its so much fun, in so many ways. Its just so good! I love it so much! I wish you all a wonderful week :) Stay safe and remember to pray!

Elder Rodgers!

at a members house... they took us to a cool waterfall! 
in fishbachau

in fishbachau

a nice couple fields on the way around :)

cool waterfall!  in fishbachau

cool waterfall! in fishbachau

                                        in Wasserburg, we went up there and worked a bit
                                       in Wasserburg, we went up there and worked a bit
couple pics from the Elder Bednar meeting! best friends! 
                                                                        Oviatt and Croft


Elder Carr

Elder Requiliart... he is french!

this is called a ZOPF. its German and I made it 100% by myself. I promise!
I'm getting good at cooking /baking!

at a members house

Monday, April 20, 2015

Jetzt geht's los!....Week 2 in Rosenheim

     And it came to pass that I, Elder Rodgers, wanted to say something cool to start this email but had nothing come to my mind. So I'll just go from here out instead. I'm back in Germany and getting back into the role of how it works here. There are a few things I cant really say any more, just cuz of a few language differences, namely, what people call things... But I'm glad to report that I'm learning faster and faster now what the German words are for a few things I only know as Austrian. For example what I knew as "Topfen" there, is called "Quark" here. So I just have to make sure to use the right words! Not the biggest deal... but sometimes makes a difference. Its fun getting to change though :)

     Another change here... is that we have a lot more going on! Lots of people that we are working with here. Its a busier time for sure. So that really makes things fun! We also are in a district with the Office Elders and so we go into Munich every week for District Meeting. So I'm gonna get to know Munich a little bit better now too :) That's fun! I will be able to get myself around Stuttgart, Vienna, Salzburg and Munich by the time I'm done. Also all my areas too lol...  Not too bad eh? I'm pretty happy bout that! (If anyone ever plans a trip out here and you think a guide would be nice.... I'm just sayin...)...

     We had a Zone Training meeting on Tuesday. That was so well done. I've come to notice that as I go through my mission that the meetings where we get trained... are better and better. Maybe its cuz I have learned how to better apply them? I'm not sure. But I love them and I really get lots from them. It's awesome though! For sure.  

     We get to work with many people here. It was fun to go and do service for them because I can see now how important that is in building a relationship. Relationships that are based on trust are way stronger than a mere relationship. Building trust is a key factor for sure! Service is a good way in doing that I find. Naja (well)... it was fun!

     There are some great families here! I met a little girl this week... so cute! I'm such a big fan of kids. They are so great! Its easy to learn from them in what they do. No wonder that we are commanded to humble ourselves and become as little children eh? For such is the kingdom of heaven. SICK!

     I had a way good experience this week in watching the movie from the church called LEGACY: We watched it with a husband and wife who we visit and it brought the spirit so strong. It depicted so well, how a strong faith in Christ, with a hope in the teachings of the Gospel, can help us though any trial. It really was great. So much emotion packed into the movie. It really helps to understand. 

     I got to talk in church on Sunday! I haven't had a talk since WNS, so I made sure I was prepared. Got to talk about Blessings Through Temple Covenants! I used the Pioneers as an example. Also examples from Mosiah 5 and 4th Nephi. I think that it went really well. I have never felt so confident in speaking German from the stand as I did yesterday. I really realized how important it is to prepare myself for things. 

     This is kind of short this week eh? Elder Bednar is coming on Saturday! No biggie... just Elder Bednar!!! Thats gonna be awesome! And we have this week already filled out. Only have like 8 hours of space where we have nothing planned as of yet. Its going great! I love having something to do, it gives me motivation!

I love you all and bid you all a wonderful week! 
Thanks for the love!
I love you!!!

<3 Elder Rodgers <3

a nice field near a place called Traunstein
and selfies of me :)

At a friends cooking dinner !

a pancake like thing with sour cream and plums!

While doing some garden work at a members house! 

so pretty eh!!

this place is called KIEFERSFELDEN

This place is called Bernau am Chiemsee

Monday, April 13, 2015

Zurück in mein Heimatland!...Week 1 in Rosenheim

     As I write this letter you may notice that it has a different feel. Well that's cuz I'm no longer in Austria! I'm in Germany now! Ahh! This is like a big readjustment! Gotta get used to the German way of life again. I'll be honest, its different.. But not in a terribly bad way, just different. So begins (likely) the last area of my life as a missionary. So begins my chance to start anew and be as sick as I want to be! Its a good feeling coming into a new area, but oh if I could only express the complete sadness associated with leaving an area and people and friends after being there for so long. That's never fun. 

     We got to be with member all week long haha. On Tuesday we had 3 eating appointments. Really had to endure on that! But like... its good food, so its not like I don't wanna eat... its that it gets so filling! Especially starting with a Chinese Buffet! Members rock! Wednesday was also a member appointment and then we had to finally pack. Didn't really wanna come to that point.... But ya. 

     I was actually surprised in the end, how much stuff I actually have. But at the same time... how much room I still have... But then the killer for when I come home... how much weight there is. OUCH! I can fit it all real well... but I'm pretty sure I'm over like sooo much on the weight allowance. Good thing trains don't care. Maybe I'll just take a boat and a train home. I'll really have to watch that one!

     We had our goodbyes this week and then came the morning on Thursday. We went to bed later Wednesday night... juts making sure all was well and done, and we had to wake up at 4:30am, lol.... no sleep. Got picked up by the the Senior Couple and a member and then we boogied on over to Bahnhof. Pictures and then bye! Oh so sad! A long train ride up, the last one! AHHHH! I'm glad it was a pretty day though! Lots of love in Salzburg! Saw Elder Oviatt again <3 Oh yeah! 

     Then off to Munich! Frau Martina was there and I got a nice new tie :) Ha I love that! Met a ton of the new Missionaries and had some goodbyes with people, hellos and all that! Then met up with Elder Tholen and we got on our way back home! Well if there was ever a day more full that Thursday...

     We got driven to the house... changed immediately to service clothes.... biked to the Church and taught a lesson and then biked to Bahnhof to ride a train for 1.5 hours to help with a move. We did that and then got dinner there too and got home at 9:30pm. Holy cow. We were on the move! I've been here 4 days... and we have had an eating appointment everyday... haha! 

     About the area then:
Its a city of about 60 000. We use so many trains here. That's like our life again... trains! Just like Ellwangen. There are a lot of mountains around, it's really pretty. We can take a train to Austria on Pday that takes like half hour... but its gorgeous! So I'm gonna look into that for sure!!! Yeah. The apartment is old and old. But its big and nice enough for us! The ward is similar to Klaggy. Yeah. That's about it. 

     Life is good! We taught more lessons in my 4 days here than in the last 3 weeks of Klaggy. Not to compare or anything, its just different. But I like it! Church was great, the members are lively. We work with lots of different people here, its a really neat place. 

And as for me, I'm good. Once I get used to it here I'll be really loving it. Its a great place, we go to Munich a lot too. Yep. That's life! I'm happy ;) I hope you are all safe this week and that you have fun! Smile! I love you!!! <3

Elder Rodgers!

In Klaggy one last time!

Us eating with the wades!

flower! (He loves nature)

a family made us funeral potatoes... cuz we were leaving... 

Elders Carr, Rodgers, Bliss, Miller...saying good-bye!

Saying bye to the Wades!


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 3rd.....Week 23 in Klagenfurt

   Well, Well, Well. This week went by super fast and I actually have a ton of things to report from it. We were able to engage in so many different activities! A ton. And then throw transfers on top of that and like... ya, this week was full to the brim. I learned again... it's so important to not take things for granted. Just like that one talk from Conference this weekend... So much awesomeness just all around... And at one point you gotta leave it. Enjoy it while you can. That's what hit me this week.

     So... I had a little mini self rejoicing moment on April 3rd. Its kind of like a really cool day for me in 2 big ways. April 3rd, 2013 I opened my Mission Call! So that marked 2 years. Then, April 3rd, 2014 was the day I entered Austria. So April 3rd, 2015 marked 1 year of being a permanent resident of Austria. So I think that April 3rd will always stay in my memory. Its a good date. Maybe April 3rd, 2016 will be my wedding day? Who knows ;) #followtheprophet

     But as often in the past... All good things must come to an end. For me this means leaving Austria. I've been transferred back into Germany! ON Thursday I'll be headed up to Rosenheim. That should likely be my dying area, unless President throws a nice curve ball. So I have the pleasure of working with Elder Tholen, of Layton Utah I believe. Its funny cuz he was just trained by a Canadian... so through his whole mission so far all he will have worked with will be Canadians. SICK! So yeah. I was born a German and I'll die a German... I think. But I grew up an Austrian! 

     So we were out on a long day of contacting this week and we came across a couple from England! Well we were able to have a way long conversation with them. A lot of Bible talk and a lot of teaching. What I noticed was cool though... is that I felt like I really did experience the Gift of Tongues... but in English! It was way cool. Since we rarely teach in English... its harder to remember that. At the start I was saying odd words in German and it was coming out bad... but as time went on it was clear to see that there was a change and I really felt good :) So I call that my little English Miracle!

     I love Canada! So we were in the main train station in Villach this week.. and saw some people with suitcases. Well... after second glance I saw that they also had Canada written on their jackets. So naturally we went and talked with em. There was an older guy and 3 teenage girls. Well. They belonged to the Canadian National Junior Gymnastics Team. SICK EH? They had been traveling around here doing many tournaments in Europe. It was so funny to meet them... like the chances of that eh?

     On Thursday we kind of changed up our P-Day a little. So today we are just emailing then having a normal day. We were taken fishing Thursday! Our Bishop and his family took us out fishing. Fishing in Austria! So cool!!! We all caught some and then got to take a few home and eat em! Haven't had fish like that since I pulled a few out of Crypt Lake! It was great! Thats part of not taking for granted that which is around me! We got out and did it!

     We were treated to member appointments this week and we have a few lined up before I leave too. Members make such a difference in lives of Missionaries. Its amazing. 

     Finished up the week with conference which was so good! I really enjoyed all the talks about young adults and advice to Missionaries! They know just as well... I need lots of advice! It was a great day! We spent the whole day on Sunday at the church, cuz  of the time delay.. we watch everything later. Got to say bye to some members. I hate goodbyes. It's the worst part of being on a mission. Like... I just wanna be friends with these people for life! Its gonna be hard to leave it again. So many people. Ah. 

     That's the majority of he week. Found a few people, hopefully it'll give Elder Carr and his Golden something to do! I love Klagenfurt so much! I'm gonna miss being here. Love is one of the hardest things to deal with. 

I wish you all a wonderful new week! Thanks for loving me and supporting me! You are wonderful! I send my love, one last time from Austria! 

Elder Rodgers <3

New Address is on the right ...

A church by where they live

Mountains and prettiness!

Way pretty
Our fishing day

Easter treats

we live by this lake! So sick eh!!
thats the Wörthersee