Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 3rd.....Week 23 in Klagenfurt

   Well, Well, Well. This week went by super fast and I actually have a ton of things to report from it. We were able to engage in so many different activities! A ton. And then throw transfers on top of that and like... ya, this week was full to the brim. I learned again... it's so important to not take things for granted. Just like that one talk from Conference this weekend... So much awesomeness just all around... And at one point you gotta leave it. Enjoy it while you can. That's what hit me this week.

     So... I had a little mini self rejoicing moment on April 3rd. Its kind of like a really cool day for me in 2 big ways. April 3rd, 2013 I opened my Mission Call! So that marked 2 years. Then, April 3rd, 2014 was the day I entered Austria. So April 3rd, 2015 marked 1 year of being a permanent resident of Austria. So I think that April 3rd will always stay in my memory. Its a good date. Maybe April 3rd, 2016 will be my wedding day? Who knows ;) #followtheprophet

     But as often in the past... All good things must come to an end. For me this means leaving Austria. I've been transferred back into Germany! ON Thursday I'll be headed up to Rosenheim. That should likely be my dying area, unless President throws a nice curve ball. So I have the pleasure of working with Elder Tholen, of Layton Utah I believe. Its funny cuz he was just trained by a Canadian... so through his whole mission so far all he will have worked with will be Canadians. SICK! So yeah. I was born a German and I'll die a German... I think. But I grew up an Austrian! 

     So we were out on a long day of contacting this week and we came across a couple from England! Well we were able to have a way long conversation with them. A lot of Bible talk and a lot of teaching. What I noticed was cool though... is that I felt like I really did experience the Gift of Tongues... but in English! It was way cool. Since we rarely teach in English... its harder to remember that. At the start I was saying odd words in German and it was coming out bad... but as time went on it was clear to see that there was a change and I really felt good :) So I call that my little English Miracle!

     I love Canada! So we were in the main train station in Villach this week.. and saw some people with suitcases. Well... after second glance I saw that they also had Canada written on their jackets. So naturally we went and talked with em. There was an older guy and 3 teenage girls. Well. They belonged to the Canadian National Junior Gymnastics Team. SICK EH? They had been traveling around here doing many tournaments in Europe. It was so funny to meet them... like the chances of that eh?

     On Thursday we kind of changed up our P-Day a little. So today we are just emailing then having a normal day. We were taken fishing Thursday! Our Bishop and his family took us out fishing. Fishing in Austria! So cool!!! We all caught some and then got to take a few home and eat em! Haven't had fish like that since I pulled a few out of Crypt Lake! It was great! Thats part of not taking for granted that which is around me! We got out and did it!

     We were treated to member appointments this week and we have a few lined up before I leave too. Members make such a difference in lives of Missionaries. Its amazing. 

     Finished up the week with conference which was so good! I really enjoyed all the talks about young adults and advice to Missionaries! They know just as well... I need lots of advice! It was a great day! We spent the whole day on Sunday at the church, cuz  of the time delay.. we watch everything later. Got to say bye to some members. I hate goodbyes. It's the worst part of being on a mission. Like... I just wanna be friends with these people for life! Its gonna be hard to leave it again. So many people. Ah. 

     That's the majority of he week. Found a few people, hopefully it'll give Elder Carr and his Golden something to do! I love Klagenfurt so much! I'm gonna miss being here. Love is one of the hardest things to deal with. 

I wish you all a wonderful new week! Thanks for loving me and supporting me! You are wonderful! I send my love, one last time from Austria! 

Elder Rodgers <3

New Address is on the right ...

A church by where they live

Mountains and prettiness!

Way pretty
Our fishing day

Easter treats

we live by this lake! So sick eh!!
thats the Wörthersee


  1. Hi! Just wrote a whole it is gone! Grrrrr!!!!! Anyways, to cut it short....Just wishing you a wonderful remainder of your mission in Germany! People must be waiting there for someone like you to share his testimony! Austria will always have a special place, I know! But maybe when in the future you get married ( on April 3rd haha) It will be full spring there, you can go back for a honeymoon! And visit all those people who's lives you have touched! In the mean time you are always in our prayers! May the Lord Bless you! The Joostens!

  2. Oh man I am going to miss his Klagy photos =) Exciting to have a change though, it is time =)