Monday, April 20, 2015

Jetzt geht's los!....Week 2 in Rosenheim

     And it came to pass that I, Elder Rodgers, wanted to say something cool to start this email but had nothing come to my mind. So I'll just go from here out instead. I'm back in Germany and getting back into the role of how it works here. There are a few things I cant really say any more, just cuz of a few language differences, namely, what people call things... But I'm glad to report that I'm learning faster and faster now what the German words are for a few things I only know as Austrian. For example what I knew as "Topfen" there, is called "Quark" here. So I just have to make sure to use the right words! Not the biggest deal... but sometimes makes a difference. Its fun getting to change though :)

     Another change here... is that we have a lot more going on! Lots of people that we are working with here. Its a busier time for sure. So that really makes things fun! We also are in a district with the Office Elders and so we go into Munich every week for District Meeting. So I'm gonna get to know Munich a little bit better now too :) That's fun! I will be able to get myself around Stuttgart, Vienna, Salzburg and Munich by the time I'm done. Also all my areas too lol...  Not too bad eh? I'm pretty happy bout that! (If anyone ever plans a trip out here and you think a guide would be nice.... I'm just sayin...)...

     We had a Zone Training meeting on Tuesday. That was so well done. I've come to notice that as I go through my mission that the meetings where we get trained... are better and better. Maybe its cuz I have learned how to better apply them? I'm not sure. But I love them and I really get lots from them. It's awesome though! For sure.  

     We get to work with many people here. It was fun to go and do service for them because I can see now how important that is in building a relationship. Relationships that are based on trust are way stronger than a mere relationship. Building trust is a key factor for sure! Service is a good way in doing that I find. Naja (well)... it was fun!

     There are some great families here! I met a little girl this week... so cute! I'm such a big fan of kids. They are so great! Its easy to learn from them in what they do. No wonder that we are commanded to humble ourselves and become as little children eh? For such is the kingdom of heaven. SICK!

     I had a way good experience this week in watching the movie from the church called LEGACY: We watched it with a husband and wife who we visit and it brought the spirit so strong. It depicted so well, how a strong faith in Christ, with a hope in the teachings of the Gospel, can help us though any trial. It really was great. So much emotion packed into the movie. It really helps to understand. 

     I got to talk in church on Sunday! I haven't had a talk since WNS, so I made sure I was prepared. Got to talk about Blessings Through Temple Covenants! I used the Pioneers as an example. Also examples from Mosiah 5 and 4th Nephi. I think that it went really well. I have never felt so confident in speaking German from the stand as I did yesterday. I really realized how important it is to prepare myself for things. 

     This is kind of short this week eh? Elder Bednar is coming on Saturday! No biggie... just Elder Bednar!!! Thats gonna be awesome! And we have this week already filled out. Only have like 8 hours of space where we have nothing planned as of yet. Its going great! I love having something to do, it gives me motivation!

I love you all and bid you all a wonderful week! 
Thanks for the love!
I love you!!!

<3 Elder Rodgers <3

a nice field near a place called Traunstein
and selfies of me :)

At a friends cooking dinner !

a pancake like thing with sour cream and plums!

While doing some garden work at a members house! 

so pretty eh!!

this place is called KIEFERSFELDEN

This place is called Bernau am Chiemsee

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