Monday, April 13, 2015

Zurück in mein Heimatland!...Week 1 in Rosenheim

     As I write this letter you may notice that it has a different feel. Well that's cuz I'm no longer in Austria! I'm in Germany now! Ahh! This is like a big readjustment! Gotta get used to the German way of life again. I'll be honest, its different.. But not in a terribly bad way, just different. So begins (likely) the last area of my life as a missionary. So begins my chance to start anew and be as sick as I want to be! Its a good feeling coming into a new area, but oh if I could only express the complete sadness associated with leaving an area and people and friends after being there for so long. That's never fun. 

     We got to be with member all week long haha. On Tuesday we had 3 eating appointments. Really had to endure on that! But like... its good food, so its not like I don't wanna eat... its that it gets so filling! Especially starting with a Chinese Buffet! Members rock! Wednesday was also a member appointment and then we had to finally pack. Didn't really wanna come to that point.... But ya. 

     I was actually surprised in the end, how much stuff I actually have. But at the same time... how much room I still have... But then the killer for when I come home... how much weight there is. OUCH! I can fit it all real well... but I'm pretty sure I'm over like sooo much on the weight allowance. Good thing trains don't care. Maybe I'll just take a boat and a train home. I'll really have to watch that one!

     We had our goodbyes this week and then came the morning on Thursday. We went to bed later Wednesday night... juts making sure all was well and done, and we had to wake up at 4:30am, lol.... no sleep. Got picked up by the the Senior Couple and a member and then we boogied on over to Bahnhof. Pictures and then bye! Oh so sad! A long train ride up, the last one! AHHHH! I'm glad it was a pretty day though! Lots of love in Salzburg! Saw Elder Oviatt again <3 Oh yeah! 

     Then off to Munich! Frau Martina was there and I got a nice new tie :) Ha I love that! Met a ton of the new Missionaries and had some goodbyes with people, hellos and all that! Then met up with Elder Tholen and we got on our way back home! Well if there was ever a day more full that Thursday...

     We got driven to the house... changed immediately to service clothes.... biked to the Church and taught a lesson and then biked to Bahnhof to ride a train for 1.5 hours to help with a move. We did that and then got dinner there too and got home at 9:30pm. Holy cow. We were on the move! I've been here 4 days... and we have had an eating appointment everyday... haha! 

     About the area then:
Its a city of about 60 000. We use so many trains here. That's like our life again... trains! Just like Ellwangen. There are a lot of mountains around, it's really pretty. We can take a train to Austria on Pday that takes like half hour... but its gorgeous! So I'm gonna look into that for sure!!! Yeah. The apartment is old and old. But its big and nice enough for us! The ward is similar to Klaggy. Yeah. That's about it. 

     Life is good! We taught more lessons in my 4 days here than in the last 3 weeks of Klaggy. Not to compare or anything, its just different. But I like it! Church was great, the members are lively. We work with lots of different people here, its a really neat place. 

And as for me, I'm good. Once I get used to it here I'll be really loving it. Its a great place, we go to Munich a lot too. Yep. That's life! I'm happy ;) I hope you are all safe this week and that you have fun! Smile! I love you!!! <3

Elder Rodgers!

In Klaggy one last time!

Us eating with the wades!

flower! (He loves nature)

a family made us funeral potatoes... cuz we were leaving... 

Elders Carr, Rodgers, Bliss, Miller...saying good-bye!

Saying bye to the Wades!


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  1. Great letter! How fun to be transferred into a larger city where there is much work happening =). But it tells a lot about him that he will miss Klagenfurt and Austria so much!