Monday, October 28, 2013

Wirklich schnell... Wirklich langsam.... Week 8 in Ellwangen

     Lots of ups and downs and misses and makes and it was in essence a big blur. Wow. So unfortunately I have no salad lady stories this week. 

   This email may be kinda ramble or like randomized haha. I don't even know what happened this week lol. So I'll just list the days. 

Monday was P-Day lol. Emails and stuff. Had a service project for the night but it fell out so we went back to Ellwangen. So we had 2 hours to do whatever and we had no idea what. So I had a thought. Competition! Youngs verses Olds. So Elder Oviatt and I became temporary companions and we had a competition to see who could get potentials or give out Books of Mormon in this 2 hour time from 7-9 pm. Which is usually slow because its dark and people aren't out that much. So the 2 newbies went out with very limited German and spoke to everyone. hahaha so Elder Oviatt and I totally won! We we able to talk with over 30 people and had a ton of really good conversations. Then we gave 2 Books out but no potentials cause they didn't wanna give us their numbers lol. But we totally followed the spirit and had good, understandable convos! It was a miracle! So that was way awesome! 

District meeting in Waiblingen. So like 3 hours on a train.  Elder Hill came back on a tausch (exchange) with Elder Oviatt so they were with us. We went to the salad lady's house to fix her computer. We were there for so long, and I had to talk to her the whole time on my own hahahahaha because Elder Carlson was on the computer. So that was a slow day. Nothing other than that bit of service and a great meeting. 

Nach Schwäbisch Hall! So like 3 hours on a train again! hahahaha and we went by on a less active. He wasn't there... so we went finding in the area. After an hour we got nothing and we had to get the bus to a members house to go to our meeting with her. So our member meeting was good! We had a nice lesson and a nice dinner. We really have amazing members here. So then we got home late again because the train was delayed and it was just a loioooong night. hahaha but it was good still :)

We called it 'out finding' day. Took a train to Schrozberg... 1.5 hours away. So this makes 3 days in a row with 3 or more hours of trains haha. We spent 2 hours there then 2 hours in a place called 'Rot Am See' which means 'red by the lake' which is weird because there is no lake there.... hahahaha and apparently no one who wants to hear the best message in the world either! Out of our 4 hours of finding we got nothing! hahaha sometimes you just have those days right? 

Weekly planning. Normally it wouldn't take more than 3-4 hours but we had it extended because we had an interruption in the middle and so it went on a bit longer. We walked to the church in the morning to do a grammar test for German study. Its one done through the church program online. I did way well for a new guy! 78% which is way good! hahaha so I was happy. My German is really coming pretty well. I study it a lot! So yah, we planned and studied and didn't get to do much else. Sometimes I wish I could get out more but sometimes we just can't lol. Then we forgot to call in and order tickets for the next week so this coming week we will be wayyyyyy short on money and will likely not be able to go anywhere hahaha because we have no tickets. oops!

We were supposed to have an Ausstellung (exhibition) but it fell out, so we went to Waiblingen again for theirs! hahaha so another 3 hours on a train!!! I worked with Elder Oviatt again and we had a bit of success. 1 book and a lot of conversations. We just kinda have no fear together because we just do it. hahaha its was cool! So we came home, contacted a bit and then went to bed. 

I had the coolest convo with a lady at church who was visiting. She started talking to me cuz I'm Canadian. I totally understood the whole thing and I responded so well! She totally complemented me. I felt way good! Elder Oviatt and I taught Elders Quorum today haha. We were called Saturday night because the teacher was gonna be gone haha so we did it on 1 day notice. It was good! Way cool! So yah, we went to a members and they had such good food and we always have such a good time there! Again, we have the best members!

So overall this week was an odd one. Our numbers were very low. But we worked hard. This coming up week though is gonna be amazing! We have appointments and we hopefully will have a baptismal date! Our one investigator is soooo ready! So hopefully that goes through! so yah! That's the week in Germany! Thanks everyone for the support! Love Y'all!

Elder Rodgers

Tanner didn't have any pictures this week so he said extra for next week. He said that they have to order their train tickets each week from the mission office. Since they forgot Friday to order them they have to use their money and then get re-reimbursed or rely on members for rides. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Die Worte des Todes... ohne Fleisch, nur Gemüse...Week 7 in Ellwangen

     Mom. The Words of Death to a boy who eats meat. 'Without meat, only vegetables'. We had another eating appointment with the 'Salad Lady' again. It started out way promising! Probably some of the best soup I've ever had! After that she brought out a huge pan of fried potatoes and they looked amazing. Then a huge bowl of salad.. OK .. then the main dish. I almost died. I was almost begging for salad. It was like a mix of like thousands of different vegetables in a huge pan with melted cottage cheese in it and on top. I can honestly say I have never prayed harder. Legit... I'd musk the taste by eating salad with it at the same time. I was sweating and dying inside. I drank like a liter of soda too. BUT! Thus we see how the Lord blesses those who trust in Him and so i was able to live. 

     Now don't get me wrong. I love this lady! Shes so kind and generous! But... she isn't my favorite cooker! hahaha but we eat there like every week. But I count my blessings and realize that we still get food to eat and for that I'm grateful! 

     But this week was the week of food. Any who knows my eating habits would be proud. I will include them in the stories! 

So this week we started out on Tuesday and we spent the whole day in Ulm. We had a district meeting there and then after we stayed at the Ulm apartment and helped build Ikea stuff cuz they're getting another set of Elders there. So that was that day. SERVICE!!!

     Wednesday was spent on a train. We went North to a city; went by on 2 potentials and a less active. Then to a members house for dinner and to share our new DVD we got about members and missionaries working together. So for supper we had broccoli soup and then spaghetti! But wait... Mushroom sauce and mushrooms! hahaha so I pounded those down! Again though, so grateful for the food and it was a great meeting! Missed the train by 3 minutes so waited in the dark for an hour and got home at like 10:15 haha.  Whoops! 

Thursday.. probably one of the funnest days here. So we started out regular with studies and stuff. Then we had to go by to a member who just moved here. We were like the welcoming committee. So we only knew a general area of where he lived. We took a bus to Ellenberg then went into the Rathaus (town hall) and asked for directions. They informed us where it was and they said its way hard to find and get to. hahaha Legit.. this man lives in the middle of nowhere. They thought we had a car... they were wrong. So our appointment started in like 15 minutes. Well needless to say we were a 15 minute car ride away so that wasn't gonna happen. And he has no phone yet. So yah....Awkward.... 

     Well we started walking down the road and got to the first turnoff. Off the main sidewalk and this next road had no shoulder so we were in the middle of the road. Walked for a bit... then took another side road on the little map we had. So we had been going for half hour at this point. Then came the point where we guessed. Do we take the shortcut we found... or go the long way. Needless to say... YOLO RIGHT? Shortcut it was. This shortcut sent me back to my times in Belly River when we illegally climbed the cutline. Because here, we were walking through the forest down a cutline hahahaha. It was way epic!!! We got to a point where there was a 3 way fork. it was like a quad trail haha and so we prayed in the middle of this abandoned road on which route to take. Kinda had the thought to go left, so we did. Wandered throughout the wilderness for another 15 minutes then magically popped out at this guys house. The one house in the middle of the forest. It was nuts! Then we had our meeting and went to catch the next bus. 

    Waited for half hour... then the bus came. But it drove past us and didn't stop. IDK WHY!!!!! so we walked back... and this was the day we had the salad lady so I had a stomach issue with her food and I had to use the mens room so bad. But we were in the middle of this forest... and i had no TP ;) haha. We finally got back to Ellenberg. Got the bus back and missed our lesson that night because we were stuck in the wilderness. But it was OK cuz he was gonna miss it anyhow. But. IT WAS AN EPIC DAY!!!

     So another epic story. We spend a day contacting potentials. There is this guy who we call 'The King of the Ostalb Creis' I may have mentioned him before. Well all he does is laugh and yell when he sees us. Always drunk but always funny! Well we found out where he lived. So we went by to contact him! Nuts. And he was home! and we are now friends! hahaha he wasn't drunk... but it was sick! We got his name and we are allowed to imformally speak to him now. In German there are 2 ways to speak... 'Sie Sprach' and 'Du Sprach'. Sie is for people older than you and people in authority. You need their permission before you can 'Du' sprache them. But you use 'Du' for younger kids and people your age. So that was way sick!!! hahaha.  We walked so much this week! So much walking! So many slammed doors! But it was so much fun!

     One last story. We were contacting in this place. Tür zu Tür (door to door). One house this lady was so nice! But kindly declined. I asked if she knew anyone with interest and she said no but we gave her a card and said when you find someone could you give this to them please! She said sure. So the next house, the lady was about ready to like call the cops. So we left lol. Got on the street and then this first lady came out and called us over. She said a name came to her mind and we got a referral! It was so cool! Totally nice of her to come out and tell us that! So we went by but no one was home. Way cool story though! That's what makes it worth it! Those people who treat you kindly! That's why we always try to treat others kindly. Then they'll wanna help us! And come unto Christ! Ah Missionary work is the best!

     Oh and on Sunday we had like an after church ward dinner. I ate.... Chili, Egg like salad... salad... spaghetti.... and some other stuff that I have no idea what it is. BUT... I ate it. I'm being transformed. Food. WOW!

Love you all back home! Thanks for all you do!

Love, Elder Rodgers

District Pic. They’re all gone now lol. New district now!

Elder Carlson and Me walking to the member in the woods

YOLO right!

Elder Carlson walking down the cutline lol

We made it!!! The middle of nowhere!

The lovely colours on the walk home

Leather Jacket from the salad lady and my green wig. Jealous?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Yolo Right! - Week 6 in Ellwangen

     Well thats the title because I couldn't think of one for this week. I really think this week was slow lol. But at the same time soooo fast. Like its Monday... But we really didn't do much this week. We started out on Monday with P-day.... played risk and whatnot. Had a FHE with some members and it was lovely. The members here are really a blessing. They have taken the call from the prophet with real intent and they are acting on it well. We have a new video to show them and help individual families create a mission plan. So that was a real great start. 
     Tuesday was Zone Training and so we all came together in Stuttgart and had a great meeting. Lots of discussion and learning and fun as well. Met the Zone... then lots of them are being transferred so I won't see them again soon lol, but that's that. So that was a day of 3ish hours on a train. Then came back to Ellwangen. Went by some potentials.. .and they weren't home. AHHH! 

     Wednesday was way sick! We went up to Jagztell.. a little Dorf (small town) north of here and tracted for a looooong time. Backstory...-- there's this guy. We call him the King of The Ostalb Creis. Like the trains and stuff. He is always on them and we see him a ton. But we found out where he lives! We followed him home lol... we were tracting that area. Way funny! So we were going for a while and about 2 hours in found a guy and talked to him for like 40 minutes. Gave him a Book of Mormon and he is gonna show it to his mom lol. (He's like 50 and she's old and lives with him) but we had a great German convo lol and I talked lots! We really got to know him and I think that he could very well make progress, or his mom, if they read! We need them to read! hahaha but I hope something comes from that!! So much! 

    Thursday was a mess. We had plans change and in the middle of it so it really ended up just a big blobby mess lol. We started weekly planning in the evening and finished that Friday

     Friday was sick because we had 2 eating appointments. Lunch was the salad lady again. And this time I was psyched up to eat the tomatoes by cutting them small and eating it with the other stuff. Then we get there... and she had hard boiled eggs too. That's like my least favourite thing in the world! I would die. Like actually. A real live death! It would have been the death of me but Elder Oviatt was my hero and ate them when she wasn't looking. I love my 3 other Elders! They save my life! We ate sooo much... then went almost straight to our branch presidents house for supper. Ate some soup which was good. We showed him our new video and he loved it. Got his approval and he is super excited about the work again and its gonna get going super good. Went back home and finished planning. 

     So Saturday we had a YM's activity planned by us! It was way fun! Planed games and then fußball(football) and ate epic good spaghetti at a members. We really have a great bond with them and I'm so happy we do! They are great helpers with my German and they are so good at missionary work too! Great bunch of young men! 

     Sunday was lovely.... we went to meetings... had a lovely 3hr block. Me and Elder Carlson taught Elders Quorum this week. We have taught YM's every other week and this week took the Elders lol. It went well and I was able to get my point across about what we were talking about haha. I love our ward! They are great people! Then we went to our ward mission leader's house for supper... it was like a classic turkey dinner and then I realized today is Thanksgiving here! So like.. YESS! haha they are such a great family and they too loved the video! So it's really going good with them! He is so generous with his time and helping us!

    So this week is gonna be full of members and hopefully lessons! Gonna be a gooder I think! I really believe it can be epic! I love everyone back home and I'm so happy when I get emails! they make me super happy! Thanks to all those who pray for missionaries.. .we definitely appreciate them! 

Love From, 
Germany and Elder Rodgers
Imprint for new retainer

Selfie !

Kraft Dinner from Canada!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Generalkonferenz Wochenende! - Week 5 in Ellwangen

     Man do you not just love Conference? Doesn't it just make your whole like better? Ah it was sick! We watched the first session at 6 pm our time Saturday night then the next 3 on Sunday then this morning (Monday) we walked to the church and watched the last session on the computer. It was so sick! hahaha my favorite was when Elder Ballard talked about missionary work and talked about touring Europe because I was so one of the missionaries he met! SO AWESOME! He gave such good advice to missionaries and I love his talk! I also loved how there was so much emphasis on hastening the work and getting members involved. Legit.. like 10 minutes after it ended we had 2 members talking with us about less actives in the ward! Oh so great! Conference spoke to me a ton! There were also so many things said that can apply personally to each of us! We can all learn lessons from conference!!! 

     Another cool thing with that was the world report.. because I was so in it! If you watch at about one minute 33 it talks about the British Pageant and I was so in the world report! Omigoodness so cool!!!!! hahahaha I was like going bonkers with Elder Oviatt! We were so excited!! It was sick! This week went by slowish.. .but I'll give a lovely update...!!!

     So Monday was Elder Oviatts birthday! His lovely mother Donna sent him a package and it had cake and we made a cake and it was like unbelievably awesome! We all ate it in like 4 minutes... but it was so good! Thanks So much to Donna! So we also got hair cuts Monday courtesy of Elder Oviatt. That was a lovely experience! He did a swell job and he even did his own hair! 

     Tuesday was District Meeting and then we had an austausch, like a companion exchange. So I came back with Elder Pugmire and we worked here. Then the next day we traveled back down to Waiblingen and I stayed there with Elder Phillips. Then the next day I went back up to Ellwangen with Elder Carlson. I learned a ton from them and we had some really neat experiences. Taught a lesson with a less active in the Waiblingen area. He was so awesome! 

     So then Thursday I cant even remember what we did. But that night we had dinner with an epic family in our ward. They are epic! hahaha and they gave us a ton of food and we played a game called Legretto... I got 2nd! I totally got last place last time we played but I'm better now! Then we shared a message about upcoming conference and personal revelation. That was very swell!

     Friday was a lunch with a member. Omigoodness. Mom you'd be so proud. I'm like the pickiest eater. Yah.. not at members houses. I almost died. So much salad with vinegarette dressings and tomatoes and cucumbers and radishes! Then like rice and pineapple sauce and legit like everything I avoid in Canada lol. Nevertheless I powered through like a boss. But almost died. When she went to clean up a bit and wasn't looking I gave Elder Garrett my 3 tomatoes to chow down on. He saved my life! Then when she went away again he ate the raddishes! Whole. hahaha it was sooooooooo funny! we were laughing so hard! But I would have died. I've eaten so many things I don't like. I'm becoming a man! hahah kinda... Then we set up another appointment with her... so more deadly salad!

     I've eaten a ton of odd things. I ate cherries. In a pie... that's a huge deal! hahah I like the members who are like 'I know you don't like salad so you really don't need to pretend to take some to be nice' hahah that makes me so happy! lol

     So this week is transfer calls but I'm sure I'm staying here. So yah.. in essence that was our week. No lessons again because they all fell out but... !!!! We have 2 this week and I really believe that they are gonna go great! So really no update on investigators lol. We have more potentials but they still need a follow up. So that should occupy this week! Well that's the weekly report. Bis Montag!

Elder Rodgers

Glorious Sunrise one Morning!

Elder Oviatt Cutting My Hair!
Our homemade risk board

Playing our homemade game of risk!