Monday, October 14, 2013

Yolo Right! - Week 6 in Ellwangen

     Well thats the title because I couldn't think of one for this week. I really think this week was slow lol. But at the same time soooo fast. Like its Monday... But we really didn't do much this week. We started out on Monday with P-day.... played risk and whatnot. Had a FHE with some members and it was lovely. The members here are really a blessing. They have taken the call from the prophet with real intent and they are acting on it well. We have a new video to show them and help individual families create a mission plan. So that was a real great start. 
     Tuesday was Zone Training and so we all came together in Stuttgart and had a great meeting. Lots of discussion and learning and fun as well. Met the Zone... then lots of them are being transferred so I won't see them again soon lol, but that's that. So that was a day of 3ish hours on a train. Then came back to Ellwangen. Went by some potentials.. .and they weren't home. AHHH! 

     Wednesday was way sick! We went up to Jagztell.. a little Dorf (small town) north of here and tracted for a looooong time. Backstory...-- there's this guy. We call him the King of The Ostalb Creis. Like the trains and stuff. He is always on them and we see him a ton. But we found out where he lives! We followed him home lol... we were tracting that area. Way funny! So we were going for a while and about 2 hours in found a guy and talked to him for like 40 minutes. Gave him a Book of Mormon and he is gonna show it to his mom lol. (He's like 50 and she's old and lives with him) but we had a great German convo lol and I talked lots! We really got to know him and I think that he could very well make progress, or his mom, if they read! We need them to read! hahaha but I hope something comes from that!! So much! 

    Thursday was a mess. We had plans change and in the middle of it so it really ended up just a big blobby mess lol. We started weekly planning in the evening and finished that Friday

     Friday was sick because we had 2 eating appointments. Lunch was the salad lady again. And this time I was psyched up to eat the tomatoes by cutting them small and eating it with the other stuff. Then we get there... and she had hard boiled eggs too. That's like my least favourite thing in the world! I would die. Like actually. A real live death! It would have been the death of me but Elder Oviatt was my hero and ate them when she wasn't looking. I love my 3 other Elders! They save my life! We ate sooo much... then went almost straight to our branch presidents house for supper. Ate some soup which was good. We showed him our new video and he loved it. Got his approval and he is super excited about the work again and its gonna get going super good. Went back home and finished planning. 

     So Saturday we had a YM's activity planned by us! It was way fun! Planed games and then fußball(football) and ate epic good spaghetti at a members. We really have a great bond with them and I'm so happy we do! They are great helpers with my German and they are so good at missionary work too! Great bunch of young men! 

     Sunday was lovely.... we went to meetings... had a lovely 3hr block. Me and Elder Carlson taught Elders Quorum this week. We have taught YM's every other week and this week took the Elders lol. It went well and I was able to get my point across about what we were talking about haha. I love our ward! They are great people! Then we went to our ward mission leader's house for supper... it was like a classic turkey dinner and then I realized today is Thanksgiving here! So like.. YESS! haha they are such a great family and they too loved the video! So it's really going good with them! He is so generous with his time and helping us!

    So this week is gonna be full of members and hopefully lessons! Gonna be a gooder I think! I really believe it can be epic! I love everyone back home and I'm so happy when I get emails! they make me super happy! Thanks to all those who pray for missionaries.. .we definitely appreciate them! 

Love From, 
Germany and Elder Rodgers
Imprint for new retainer

Selfie !

Kraft Dinner from Canada!

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  1. Elder Rodgers is so funny, love his letters and photos. What great companions he has--eating his hard boiled eggs! Of all the gross foods you hear about in Germany, that is definitely not one of them haha! Great letter!