Monday, October 7, 2013

Generalkonferenz Wochenende! - Week 5 in Ellwangen

     Man do you not just love Conference? Doesn't it just make your whole like better? Ah it was sick! We watched the first session at 6 pm our time Saturday night then the next 3 on Sunday then this morning (Monday) we walked to the church and watched the last session on the computer. It was so sick! hahaha my favorite was when Elder Ballard talked about missionary work and talked about touring Europe because I was so one of the missionaries he met! SO AWESOME! He gave such good advice to missionaries and I love his talk! I also loved how there was so much emphasis on hastening the work and getting members involved. Legit.. like 10 minutes after it ended we had 2 members talking with us about less actives in the ward! Oh so great! Conference spoke to me a ton! There were also so many things said that can apply personally to each of us! We can all learn lessons from conference!!! 

     Another cool thing with that was the world report.. because I was so in it! If you watch at about one minute 33 it talks about the British Pageant and I was so in the world report! Omigoodness so cool!!!!! hahahaha I was like going bonkers with Elder Oviatt! We were so excited!! It was sick! This week went by slowish.. .but I'll give a lovely update...!!!

     So Monday was Elder Oviatts birthday! His lovely mother Donna sent him a package and it had cake and we made a cake and it was like unbelievably awesome! We all ate it in like 4 minutes... but it was so good! Thanks So much to Donna! So we also got hair cuts Monday courtesy of Elder Oviatt. That was a lovely experience! He did a swell job and he even did his own hair! 

     Tuesday was District Meeting and then we had an austausch, like a companion exchange. So I came back with Elder Pugmire and we worked here. Then the next day we traveled back down to Waiblingen and I stayed there with Elder Phillips. Then the next day I went back up to Ellwangen with Elder Carlson. I learned a ton from them and we had some really neat experiences. Taught a lesson with a less active in the Waiblingen area. He was so awesome! 

     So then Thursday I cant even remember what we did. But that night we had dinner with an epic family in our ward. They are epic! hahaha and they gave us a ton of food and we played a game called Legretto... I got 2nd! I totally got last place last time we played but I'm better now! Then we shared a message about upcoming conference and personal revelation. That was very swell!

     Friday was a lunch with a member. Omigoodness. Mom you'd be so proud. I'm like the pickiest eater. Yah.. not at members houses. I almost died. So much salad with vinegarette dressings and tomatoes and cucumbers and radishes! Then like rice and pineapple sauce and legit like everything I avoid in Canada lol. Nevertheless I powered through like a boss. But almost died. When she went to clean up a bit and wasn't looking I gave Elder Garrett my 3 tomatoes to chow down on. He saved my life! Then when she went away again he ate the raddishes! Whole. hahaha it was sooooooooo funny! we were laughing so hard! But I would have died. I've eaten so many things I don't like. I'm becoming a man! hahah kinda... Then we set up another appointment with her... so more deadly salad!

     I've eaten a ton of odd things. I ate cherries. In a pie... that's a huge deal! hahah I like the members who are like 'I know you don't like salad so you really don't need to pretend to take some to be nice' hahah that makes me so happy! lol

     So this week is transfer calls but I'm sure I'm staying here. So yah.. in essence that was our week. No lessons again because they all fell out but... !!!! We have 2 this week and I really believe that they are gonna go great! So really no update on investigators lol. We have more potentials but they still need a follow up. So that should occupy this week! Well that's the weekly report. Bis Montag!

Elder Rodgers

Glorious Sunrise one Morning!

Elder Oviatt Cutting My Hair!
Our homemade risk board

Playing our homemade game of risk!

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