Monday, September 30, 2013

Ihm Vertrauen - Week 4 in Ellwangen

     Trust was the key to this week. Trust - leading to acting in Faith - leading to Miracles! Whether in me or in the work we definitely had some this week. 

     So Monday was P-day and we were in Ulm. We climbed the Münster, which is the tallest church in the world. Like the whole world. It was like super cool to climb, 1 staircase that winds up in a spiral direction. Very much like hiking again! Ah reminded me of like Bears Hump lol. Very cool to see all of Ulm from the top of it. We did that, ate and then like went back to Ellwangen. Kinda cool! So this week went way to fast! We had a Family Home Evening with a member family Monday night and they had a non member family come over for it! We got dinner and we were able to talk to new people about the Gospel! It was super duper cool!! SoTuesday was district meeting and that went over in Ulm lol so we went back there in the morning. Elder Oviatt had the ticket but realized we forgot it when we were already on the train so we got off at the next possible stop and were delayed an hour lol. So we sat and reviewed German! haha yes!!! But it was OK  It would have been like a $40 ticket each if we had been caught with no ticket. So we gladly got off and got a new one lol. 

     District meeting was good as usual. Lots of learning and discussion. Nothing crazy to report though. So Wednesday we were supposed to have a lesson with one of our investigators who has a baptismal date. 2 hour travel to his house and as we were en route when he called and cancelled... lol so we had to go contacting in Schwäbisch Hall for 3 hours. And we met the scariest most awesome dude ever. Talked to him for like half hour and he was very against our beliefs. For some reason I gave him a card with the church address on it and he said he'd come! So I was like super excited! But super scared because he was a little odd... But he didn't come :( we totally thought he would have. Then we talked to many others but had like absolutely no success. On the way back to Bahnhof we were stopped by a lady, we thought looked homeless, she was laying on a bench and had like 4 teeth. She told us she was from New York and was going back tomorrow! Then she took a picture of us on her phone and said she was gonna print it off and she wanted us to come back the next day to get it! A little confused because we thought she was going to New York.. Nevertheless we said OK  haha but she wasn't there.... So we didn't get our picture and now there's a lady who has my picture on her phone... awks! But now that I look, it may have been a way the Lord was working. We went back the next day for another appointment which again fell out lol, But we had 5 contacts in 2 hours. We talked to a couple on a bench for like over an hour who were atheist and taught like the whole first lesson and stuff. Super cool people and we really think one may accept the gospel! Then we talked to another dude who was awesome and I did the whole thing! It was amazing because it was in German! haha I don't know German! but I did for those 10 minutes! I really think he could make progress if he feels the desire! So this trip to Schwäbisch Hall was good! Just have to look at it in a different perspective and it makes sense!

     We had more contacting and stuff on Thursday. Friday we spent cleaning and putting together trunks that we got. The Senior Couple here told us to do it lol so we weren't just hanging at home all day illegally lol, All good! Then that night the branch president came over and we discussed the less actives and the whole ward! Very cool! 

   Saturday we went to Göppingen? lol to help the sisters to do an Austellung. Idk what that is in English but it's like a public display thing and we just contacted and told people to go see it for like 3 hours lol. Very cool! (It translates to exhibition)

     Sunday was lovely and went so fast! Dinner with a member and life is great! Things here are going really well! We just need to keep acting in faith and soon we will get more people to teach, I'm sure! General conference next week! Oh yes! We are 8 hours delayed so we'll get to watch the 1st session live but it'll be 6 pm here. Then we watch 3 sessions on Sunday, the Sunday morning will be live again here at 6 pm then the next Sunday we watch the last session. So 2/5 are live. The morning sessions. That's how that goes! The weather here is good, the apartment is good! Life is good in Ellwangen! I really love being a missionary!!!

Elder Rodgers

Other Zone Missionaries before the climb up Münster!

Selfie on the Münster!

Looking out over Ulm

Behold the wilderness of Schwäbisch Hall

Selfie in the Wilderness!

My lovely companion

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  1. Wonderful letter! He sounds like his German is coming along fantastically, and he is having all kinds of adventures sharing the Gospel with people in so many situations. Love the photos =)