Monday, September 23, 2013

Forschritt! Ein bischen... Aber.... Forschritt!! Week 3 in Ellwangen

       Progress! A little.... but... Progress!! haha so this week was really short it seems, yet we did so much! Our days were so long. First off, I wanna state a few household things. Maultauschen for supper is officially my favourite. Its so amazing! With tons of new spices and stuff. Taco seasoning is one of my favourites. Nougat Bits for breakfast... They are filled with nutella... OH YES! Our laundry is odd lol. We have a washer... and that's it. So we have to hang dry everything. Which is annoying. Then we have to iron it...which is annoying.... then we have to do it again the next week.... which is annoying. So.. to all those who are gonna serve missions soon... my brothers, friends or anyone... Learn now how to iron efficiently and quickly. Its annoying!!
     That's my household update for the week. Rely on basic food, rely on basic ironing, rely on simple faith. IT WORKS!! haha OK so we started this week off with a Weniger Aktiv (less active) family. Such a cool family! I loved talking to them. We were invited for supper and so we did that and had a lesson with them after. I was able to talk about service and relying on the Lord for everything because he wants to help us, all we need to do is act on faith and ask sincerely. So my German kinda did me in, but I persevered and got er done lol. They're such a great family, hopefully we can continue to work with them to strengthen their faith again. 
     We had a study on Alma and Amulek this week and I got a ton out of it. Chapters 14-15 I think.. maybe 16 too. But it talked about the sacrifices made to serve and how much they gave up and lost. Nevertheless they served whole heartedly and they blessed so many lives. That's what I'm going to strive for now. Really focusing on serving whole heartedly and blessing others because of it. 
     We focused on contacting in the North this week and it seems like there's some good stuff to be had. Were gonna go back this week and do more finding. One day this week though was Volk Fest uin Crailheim lol. Everyone was in lederhosen and drunk beyond comprehension. We kinda got stuck in the city for 2 hours waiting for the next train lol so we observed some interesting people. But the streets were so empty, cuz everyone congregated to the one area. We had like no one to talk to!!! 
     Everyone who sees us at the Bahnhof (train station) thinks we work for it because of our dress. So we get asked so many questions concerning it lol and its a good opportunity to tell them what were actually doing. Some people though don't like us and get decently upset haha. Oh well, cant teach em all!
     We went to Schwäbish Hall again for a lesson and he was home!!!! So we taught the Restoration! I was able to talk about Joseph Smith translating the Book of Mormon by the power of God through the Holy Ghost and then I told him the first vision. It was a really cool lesson! Then I felt like I should challenge him to baptism.. so I did haha and he said yes! But we didn't have a date because it was spontaneous, nevertheless we will now really start focusing in on that and helping this awesome guy to come unto Christ. 
     So the week went by fast, lots of work, lots of conversations. Its all so fun! I really enjoy being a missionary. My testimony is so much stronger now. Living with 4 Elders in 1 apartment is epic too. We have so much more to talk about and so many different perspectives to go from. Sharing insights is a joy! hahaha I love the other elders! 
     Well I'm looking forward to this week! What miracles will we see? I'm sure there will be many, we just gotta keep our eyes open! I love my mission!

Elder Rodgers

Messy Kitchen...

Clean Kitchen...

Selfies with the book of Mormon. Im bored sometimes lol

This is Maultauschen

Some little town we were doing service in

New Desk set up lol

I made a lovely sandwich for lunch. SO good!

Where are all the people in Crailheim?


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