Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall Outs and Trains - Week 2 in Ellwangen

     So this week went by super fast. Once things really started getting going we got on a roll and the days flew by. Maybe they flew by because we were on trains so much, nonetheless it went quick. So we have 4 investigators at the moment. One with a baptismal date. The only thing is.. all of our lessons from this past week fell out. We had 4 scheduled and they were all cancelled. The worst was when we took a train for 1.5 hours then walked uphill for 20 minutes to a guys house and there was no answer. So we called him, and he was in a different city! We confirmed like 12 hours before, yet he forgot. So that was a disappointment  But, what can yah do. So we just spent the next hour contacting around until our next train came. So our other lessons were cancelled via phone before we left for em, but we had the coolest and most awesome ones planned! I was so sad I didn't have the chance to teach! 

    We did have the chance to have a lesson with an inactive member. Which went really well, although I didn't follow along too well. He was way Schwäbish (the local dialect) so it was harder. But overall still good! haha. We had a dinner on Wednesday with a member family. They're so awesome! I love talking to German members because they help me a ton with learning German. They're my favorite. So we had Lasagna then played a card game... Legretto? I think. It was super cool. I sucked though. I finished in the negatives. I'm glad that we are building strong relationships with the members!  

    So we have Visa papers to fill out, they're complicated and in German! So we found a member in the ward who is fluent in English and German so we went to his house and he helped us fill em out. They fed us and are so nice! They drove us to our appointment with the less active member. We had a member visit as well! Then Saturday went in the morning to play soccer with them for about 2 hours. They have a kid and hes like a super awesome fußballer haha, so we shared a message then ate. haha So many cool members here. 

    So Saturday and Sunday were stake conference. Although our whole zone.. (Stuttgart Zone) is the stake. So we had to take a train for about 1 hr 45 mins to Stuttgart then take another train there to the stake center Saturday night. So about 2 hrs by train. Then we took it back home. Slept, got up early Sunday and did the 2 hr ride there again. Had the meeting which was awesome and came back on the train. Our district meetings are in Waiblingen which is 1.5 hrs away. So we do a ton of train travel here. But I have my German In Review textbook that I work from on the trains. I think that's a good way to maximize my learning. Its doing good so far.

    My German is on the rise, yet still at the level of like a 6 year old.. ish... ahhaaha. But i love my companion and he helps me a ton with German! Although.. I did correct him the other day! Adjective endings! He was impressed haha, but that was only cuz I had learned em that morning. Nonetheless my German is slowly progressing. I love being here! Germany is amazing. Although it basically rained this whole week! haha oh well.

    So this upcoming week we are moving someone, and have many lessons planned. Hopefully we will be able to teach this time! Until Next week, auf wiedersehen! haha love you all!

Elder Rodgers

In Schwäbish Hall. This is where our appt fell out

Downtown Ellwangen early in the morning - a little fuzzy 

Selfie on the train!

The 5 Canadians in the mission and all in the same zone! 

I made breakfast. Eggs and sausage

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