Monday, August 3, 2015

Ein Ende... aber neue Anfänge .....Week 17 in Rosenheim

     You don't know how tempted I was to send this email as a simple "See you Friday" message and leave it at that... I figured though that I would have been digging myself a pretty good hole with that one... So I'll write something instead! I guess this is it eh? Its like... its a topic you talk about every now and then, but its never real. Now its actually here and I'm like... an emotional mess. One minute happy, 5 later sad, 5 later excited, 5 later frustrated, 5 later... and it goes on and on. Its weird! Its like... You always talk about how cool it will be at the pool, jumping off the high dive... its easy to talk about when you aren't at the pool. Then the day comes when you go with your friends... Still ok to talk about. Now I'm climbing the stairs... getting real now... and then all of a sudden I'm at the edge of the board and I have to go forward now... Its to that point in my mission. It has all become real. Kinda have to jump now. Its a lot scarier than I had thought... And I have to leave this all here! I cant take it with me! AHHH! 

     I started in Ellwangen, Germany. Spent a solid 7 months there. Headed to Wiener Neustadt in Austria for 7 more months, then 5 1/2 months in Klaggenfurt, Austria. To close I made it back to Germany and have spent 4 months in Rosenheim. Its been a journey eh? 

     I'm not very good with words, so I can't really give a big exciting speech here about how awesome it all was. I can say that my Mission was awesome. It has showed me who I am and who I can become, my weaknesses and struggles and where I seem to be well off. I've learned about change and how that really can happen on a permanent scale. This all because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

     All in all... The Gospel is worth it! I was able to give a closing testimony for the ward in Church on Sunday, and I'd like to share what I shared there.

     After Christ appeared to the Nephites, we learn the lasting effects of living the Gospel. The Gospel is the only way to bring unity to a fallen people. 4 Nephi 1:15-17 says...

     "And it came to pass that there was no contention in the land, because of the love of God which did dwell in the hearts of the people. 
And there were no envyings, nor strifes, nor tumults, nor whoredoms, nor lyings, nor murders, nor any manner of lasciviousness; and surely there could not be a happier people among all the people who had been created by the hand of God. There were no robbers, nor murderers, neither were there Lamanites, nor any manner of -ites; but they were in one, the children of Christ, and heirs to the kingdom of God."

     They were all one, united in purpose and faith and there was no contention in the land. It was happy because they lived the Gospel. They couldn't have been happier. Thats what the Gospel can do. We just have to let it.

     President Packer of the 12 said:  
“True doctrine, understood, changes attitudes and behavior. The study of the doctrines of the gospel will improve behavior quicker than a study of behavior will improve behavior.”

     It just comes down to living the Gospel and learning how to apply it. I've learned the importance of that! And I hope to be able to continue on that path and to do that more! 

     I have Tuesday and Wednesday then its off to Munich Thursday and then Friday I fly home. 14 Hours in the air... please... that's not making it any easier to go home... But I guess flying is cool!

     This last week was also awesome. A week with ups and down... what else could it be. We got out hiking with a man I met my first day here It was awesome. I absolutely love this place. My mission is absolutely the best. Its so awesome looking back on all the people and all the time I spent with them. I have come to love it. The German language is so great! I love it! I'm gonna do all I can to keep it up! So many ups and downs to leaving... and coming home. I dont know how its gonna go! Lets see eh!

     I know its true though, the work we are doing! That's for sure. It's a must do! The best work to be involved in for sure! And I'm looking forward to putting the words of President Harold B. Lee to the test... when he said... “The most important of the Lord’s work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own homes.”

     Bring it on. I was talking to a member on Sunday... he said to me.. Well you're done with this Mission, but you know what your next Mission is ;) BRING IT ON! 

I'm looking forward to a new start. Its so weird!!!!! But like... I dont know...
I guess all I can say at this point is...


I love you all so much! Thanks for the wonderful support. It plays a huge role in the life of a missionary. Thank you all!

See yall! 

Elder Rodgers!!! <3 <3

Elder Johnson And Rodgres!

priceless smile!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Vorwärts streben!.....Week 16 in Rosenheim

     This week was a week of physical exertion. We powered hard core! We went hiking twice, we biked a ton and did some service and we were just going hard! It was really fun. It rained at random times through the week. It wasn't quite as hot as it has been, overall the weather has been good. It was a good week all in all! We got a lot accomplished, a lot of laughing and a lot of working and it was one of those weeks you just look back on and smile cuz it was simply good. This coming up week is gonna be good too. I absolutely love having the week planned in advance. It helps things go so much smoother! We have Monday - Friday pretty much all planned. Its the best! Sunday too... and now we need plans for Saturday and we are complete! A good start for sure! 

     I'll start with Monday last week. We decided to go hiking. We picked out a peak that looked good and thought we would go and hike that. So we took a train down a little ways and got out, biked up the road as far as we could until it got too steep and then we walked. We weren't sure exactly where we were going... but found a trail and followed it. By the time we realized where we were we had missed the access point tot he ridge and were in the valley and so we just went forward to another peak. It turned out it was the highest peak in the Area.... called Wendelstein. Which translated means "Twisted Stone" and it was way cool! A great hike. Got back in good time and had some great pictures there. 

     A classic district meeting in Munich on Tuesday is always a good follow up too. I had some fun indeed. We have the coolest district ever. Its so awesome. We ate together and then we headed back into Rosenheim. Our city of dreams! 

     Wednesday we travelled a good amount visiting a 96 year old member and then an investigator on the other side of the area. Had a really good lesson with him too. We are seeing again how teaching the Gospel is really what people need in their lives to help them find reason to change. The Gospel causes that change. A change of heart is one amazing transformation! 

     We met with our friend in the Hospital again. It blows my mind seeing his weekly progress. He is doing so well! Its crazy! Powers of heaven... Manifested through the Priesthood. Life is so good! I love being right in the middle of it too! 

     Friday we got to head into Munich again and have a finding day. We come together as a District and we split into new companionships and go out finding for a time. We were in one of the most crowded places in Munich, on a nice day and there were thousands of people. I started talking with someone right off the bat at the same time Elder Evans did too and then we both lost each other within minutes haha. So we were always in sight of other missionaries, but we contacted alone. Which was something I had never done. It was really cool actually. Its a lot different, but super effective too at points cuz we simply reach more people. In one and a half hours, and 5 companionships we found 20 potentials. Not too shabby. But they are all Munich people haha, none for Rosenheim. 

     Saturday was full! We had a ward activity in the mountains! The Kaiser Range! We met up down there and then we took a chair lift up a section of the mountain and did a nice light hike. It was definitely good! Super pretty area! This mission is so beautiful! Such awesome places and people! I love it so much! 

     After this, we taught 2 lessons and that was then the day. Lots going on again, its funny how things go up and down so dramatically and so randomly. Its looking positive again in all directions. Its a good feeling! Sunday too was awesome. More and more people in church each week. We got up to 67 this week! Its nice having a full meeting :) I wore my Trachten Suit too, and that was well accepted by all the Germans! haha I love that! A good day!

     Then today, we are off to the mountains again, with a man who I helped move in on my first day here. He isn't a member of the church but is very religious! He invited us up with him. So we are gonna go! Clearly... haha Super cool! Missionary Experience and hiking experience! Best of both worlds! 

     My life is so good! I absolutely love my mission! I've been so blessed and even when I feel like its tougher... I'm blessed still! It's all part of finishing strong :) I shared Alma 37:16-17 at a point this week... I'm gonna pass that on here too!

     "But if ye keep the commandments of God, and do with these things which are sacred according to that which the Lord doth command you, (for you must appeal unto the Lord for all things whatsoever ye must do with them) behold, no power of earth or hell can take them from you, for God is powerful to the fulfilling of all his words..... For he will fulfil all his promises which he shall make unto you, for he has fulfilled his promises which he has made unto our fathers." 

     I love the part saying God is powerful to the fulfilling of all his words. Thats stuck out to me. We have the promises... we just have to do whats required to get them and then we will not be left alone. Work hard to do that, and its worth it! I have a testimony of that!

With that, I bid y'all farewell this week! Until next week I wish you all the best and a week full of laughs and happy things! Smile big! Someone is watching! 


Elder Rodgers <3 <3


Climbing Wendelstein

View from the top of Wendelstein

little church on top of Wendelstein

The Kaiser Range

The Kaiser Range

Chair lift we took up the Kaiser Range

This is an epic dessert... called Kaiserschmarrn! SO GOOD!!

Pretty lake (Simsee)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Ich schäme mich nicht!....Week 15 in Rosenheim

     Hi everyone! A new week of experiences built up, its hard to put them all together and summarize them into one email. But despite the challenge, I come again, bearing the weekly email. I was looking back on many of my weekly emails, and I came to notice that starting somewhere in Wiener Neustadt that this first paragraph became some kind of like.... a weird intro to my week. Like some of these paragraphs are like super weird... I guess it has become my way of expressing my true thoughts... or like those things that I really don't know how to express any other way. That makes no sense but I'm on a time crunch and I don't wanna think of another way to say it. In essence what this week is saying is that my mind is a massive ball of confusion. I'm a mess upstairs... Its hard bringing so many thoughts into a unified paragraph that makes sense to someone who knows absolutely no history on the subject being talked about. But yes. It wasn't quite as hot this week. But pretty warm nonetheless. Life. I love it! 

     I'll keep this one a little shorter this week, lack of ability to contribute to details. We went dooring on Tuesday evening. I have never, in my whole time in the mission field, had a dooring experience like this. We doored an apartment complex, a smaller one with only like 8 bells. We stand outside and ring and then sometimes we get buzzed in. So we were down to the bottom floor now, and this lady let us in, we walked in the apartment building and up to her door, she told us no interest and so we went back outside. As we got there her husband came out and made sure the outside door was closed so that we wouldn't be able to get into the apartment complex. 

     As he walked back to his door I buzzed the next one, happening to be his neighbour. He heard it ring from the outside and so he came speedily and angrily to the door, yelling us to disappear and get lost (in the not so nicest of words) and that we had no right to be there. He shoved us both on our shoulders and yelled more in angry German! So I said we had the right to be there... he didn't like that, pushed us more and so I said OK, we want no contention and so we left. I have never had someone physically try to get rid of me before. A new experience for sure. Elder Johnson has gotten a lot of good experiences early on! Yelled at, he had beer poured out on his legs and bag and we have been threatened too. All in all its kind of interesting, fun even... :) haha

     Wednesday was great, we got to go into Munich for our zone Training meeting. We even had some special visitors from Salt Lake City doing a new language test in order to further help them find out how they can improve their MTC's around the world and stuff. So we took a test, I actually did super well. It was a reading comprehension in German. It was super cool. The meeting went good, I was able to give my "Dying Testimony" haha given by all missionaries going home. Nothing too special. I'm not a good public speaker. 

     We then had an Exchange. I came back to Rosenheim with Elder Evans. We went and had a baptismal interview! It was a really good evening. 

     But unfortunately that won't be going through as of now, some problems arose and not there are some complications. Its hard working through things, sometimes life throws curve balls Thursday wasn't the best, as well as Friday. Prayer became a larger part of our lives. All in relation to a family in the ward. 

     But moving on, we had some other appointments as well, we biked a good 25 km on the hottest day of the week... haha and it showed. A bit of service too, down in the pretty part of our area! Lots of fun and goodness! I've gotten really good at garden work! Its still not something I'm gonna really engage in personally at home... but I like helping others with it. 

     Sunday was warm and went ok. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Got a good bit of dooring in this week, met some nice people and had some cool conversations. Lets see where that takes us! Its looking good, this week should rain a ton. I hope our plans hold through! 

     I really liked this scripture I found in Romans. Its short and applicable. I think its something to constantly ask myself... A good check up! 

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek." (Romans 1:16)

Let us not be ashamed of that which we love! I love you all! Have a great week! Smile and laugh! Go and do! LOVE!!

Elder Rodgers <3

Elder Evans & Rodgers

Monday, July 13, 2015

Das Evangelium ist klar und einfach!.....Week 14 in Rosenheim

     Oh man this week was totally awesome! We met some crazy new people and had some awesome experiences! The weather in general lightened up and we were able to breath and sleep at night too! It was a big change from the week before. Super good! We took the bikes for a few long rides too. One evening... We rode down a river at 9pm with a gorgeous sunset and mountains and fields. Do I not have the coolest mission ever? At least for me. It fits so perfectly! Trains, eating, finding. We seemed to have covered almost every aspect of life this week. We did so much goodness. Its a ton of fun! 

     We bought matching Germany World Cup Soccer Jerseys... We be the coolest companionship in the world! Looks awesome too! Germany is sweet!!! Monday was also awesome cuz we got a referral! Thats rare! It was a guy who referred himself, we called him and set an appointment for  Wednesday! Mondays are awesome! 

     Tuesday was a nice chill day. Drove into Munich, had our meeting in the cool basement and then ate. Its so fun being with others. They make the world so much more enjoyable. Elder Johnson telling life stories makes it so much more fun though! He has some gooders! We had to hang around a little longer to stay with an Elder there cuz the other office Elders left for an appointment and by this time there wasn't anyone else in the office and so we had to wait for the senior couple to return.

     Then, in Rosenheim, we got a call from an Italian number. A guy in English asked us if we could come and meet. Uhh yes! So we biked hard to the church and met up with this guy. So he is just up here looking for a place to stay for a while to listen to the German Language. We chatted a bit and got to know him. Cool guy, looks like he will be an English course guy, not a ton of interest in the Gospel itself. Fun though! 

     Wednesday,  a fallen out lesson in the Afternoon led us to the church. Here we did a lil bit of work and then headed to the pretty part of the area for our Lesson with the referral. We met up, and had one awesome lesson. This man is at the edge of hope. Absolutely nothing left in his life worth anything. He remembered talking with Missionaries a while ago, like years back, and so he looked us up online and got us to come meet him. 

     The lesson we had was one of the most powerful lessons about the Atonement and Christ I have ever been in. We taught pure simple doctrine from the Book of Mormon and were really able to help him see that there is a light in life. Coming to Christ is the best thing we can do. I found it cool to be able to say that as Missionaries we can't really provide much in the means of Temporal or Physical well being, but rather we are there to proving Spiritual nourishment and healing. It was a super super memorable lesson. 

     We got to meet with him again on Saturday with a member with us, the lesson itself was again very good. Its gonna come down to whether this man keeps commitments or not. If he does, its clear to see how his life will change. Powerful stuff we are dealing with, I came to realize that this week. Christ and His Atonement is pure power. 

     A couple fall outs on Thursday but it was ok, cuz we had a few lil mini member stop by's on the way and had some good time with them! We biked a good 25 km or so. Same for Friday but this time no appointment fell out, making us pedal faster to make them all on time! We biked a good 32 or so km this day. Went hard! 

     Our appointments all went super well :) First with our cooking friends! Made lunch and enjoyed Gospel learning together. Its looking positive in relation to them! Hopefully it all goes through :) Our hospital friend was next, he is doing better and better each day. Thats power in the priesthood! 

     Our last stop was with the Bishop's family! So good! It was like totally fun and super impressive. We shared a thought for the kids on prayer and Joseph Smith. The 4 year old girl and 6 year old boy knew all of this. They told us the stories, they told us why we pray and what we pray for. It was a lesson to me, that the Gospel really is simple. Its not about getting caught up in the twists and turns, its about the principles and doctrines that are simple enough for a child to understand. Then we biked home along the river, 50 minutes to the house :) What an awesome evening! 

     Saturday brought us to a service project with a new family I hadn't known before. But Sunday topped off the week for me. I had been praying through the week for opportunities to use the priesthood. A member walked in, came right to us and asked if after we would be able to give her a blessing. Wow eh! I also got to translate for a lady from Kosovo! She knew my pal Parker Stewart on his mission there! Small world eh! Then to top the day off we got a member appointment! 

Oh how wonderful it is to be a missionary! I absolutely love it. Its the most fulfilling thing I have ever done in my life. It is awesome! I look forward to that time I have left! Life is great!

I wish you all a splendid week! Thanks for the love and examples! You rock! 

Elder Rodgers <3

new matching soccer jerseys!

so close to Austria!

Favourite Friday dinner!

cooking lessons with Zvonimir!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Es gibt Wunder .....Week 13 in Rosenheim

     I guess in the end it comes down to the little miracles eh? That's what really makes it all worth it, seeing things happen that really would never happen in any other circumstance. Miracles are so present in my life! I'll start out by saying that this week was a miracle for me... I didn't get sun burnt and I didn't get heat stroke! Don't forget, miracles can be both temporal and spiritual! I don't think we had a day this week where the high was below 30°C and we had days in a row of 35, 37 & 34. I'm Canadian for heavens sake... I think this was the hottest week of my life. On the positive side of looking at it... you couldn't see sweat marks in my armpits!... Because my whole shirt was saturated.... We have been overloading on deodorant this week :) All in all... I cant go swimming yet... but I can swim in my shirt all I want! 

     Monday as you know was awesome down at Neuschwanstein! So good! Tuesday we took a trip into Munich again and had a lovely district meeting :) We have the funnest district ever. It's a hoot being here. Missionary culture in itself is one of the funnest parts of living this life. It's just so full of laughing. Fun and fun! On Monday when we went to Neuschwanstein one of the ticket controller ladies for the train saw us on the platform and asked us why we weren't all dressed up as normal. Haha so we told her about Pday and stuff and where we were headed. Then on Tuesday we saw her again and talked to her about our day and all. We ride the trains here so often that we have come to know a few of the controllers really well and I guess it goes to show that our actions are observed by many, even when we may not think so. Some of the ladies don't even ask for our ticket anymore, they just know that we have a Bayern Ticket for 2 haha. 

      Wednesday was awesome cuz we had the chance to do some service in the pretty part of our area again! (Kiefersfelden) We worked in a garden! Not typical work though. We got to cut down a ton of wicked overgrown bushes and stuff like that. Vines that had grown up into other trees. So we cut the trees down and got the vines out. It was awesome! I love being able to just go in and get rid of stuff. It's so much fun! Ok and then we got fed. I had one of the proudest moments as a father! So we were fed some soup. It had Oysters in it. Well Elder Johnson cannot do seafood whatsoever. So... he ate slow, I pounded my bowl then when she left we switched bowls and I ate all the oysters really fast and gave him his bowl back. It has other vegetables in it too... but like he could do that no problem :) I couldn't help but thinking back to The Salad Lady in Ellwangen and how Elder Oviatt saved my life so many times with food. Actually... all the Elders there did... until I grew into a big boy ;) haha It was a proud dad moment I must say! Later in the evening after a shower we went home teaching! Oh so good!

     So remembering last week... it was a fabulous week. So much goodness. Well I got the opposite end of that on Thursday. I just felt so useless. It was like... one of the worst days I've had on my mission to be honest. It wasnt easy. I woke up with no good feelings and it wasnt going well for me. I was having a rough day. A good companion helped me a lot. We talked lots. I got a blessing and then went out. The whole day really just wasn't my day. It was a good lesson though. I guess getting into a routine can be dangerous sometimes. It's always important to stay on your toes and stuff. I guess we had just been turned down so much recently in contacting that I was overloaded. Lots of thoughts. 

     But the day is by now and life has been able to pick itself back up again and go into another week! Its all good, challenges of a mission eh. Its so much more emotionally draining than I had ever thought. Happy and sad, all emotions of the extremes of both sides. 

     Friday took a big upturn with our great family of friends! It was so hot though.. but we were able to have a great appointment and being rebuilt up by the love of others.. its just what you need at times in life. I loved our appointment. It was so good :) Visited another friend later in the evening in the Hospital. He is progressing well too! 

     Saturday we got to serve again! Went with the Bishop and took out a built in storage unit out of a house and brought it to his house. Ate with them and had a nice afternoon and then had planning. Sunday came and we had a baptism in our ward of an 8 year old girl :) That was awesome! We then took off to Munich to visit a baptism of a family in the international ward :) That too was awesome! Seeing the power of the priesthood in action at multiple times through this week has increased my respect and love for it. This church is so true. 

I wanna close by sharing Moroni 7:33 with yall!...
"And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me"
Faith is the basis of every principle in this Gospel. Faith leads to action which leads to miracles. Faith leads to it all. I'm thankful for that knowledge and for the time I have to strengthen the faith of others and to strengthen mine too. My mission is the best ever! 

I love you all!
Have a beautiful and miracle filled week!

Elder Rodgers <3

A nice drink after doing service

In Kiefersfelden

Monday, June 29, 2015

Meine Mission ist am Besten!!!.....Week 12 in Rosenheim

     Alright.... I'm writing on my iPad right now and it's not the easiest, fastest or most practical way but it works for today. I'll tell you why in a few minutes. This last week has flown. We have done so much good in this last week and I am loving my companion more and more each week. I'm gonna die when I have to leave him. Literally though ;) haha. Well. My thoughts are so scrambled for this week. But it was a fabulous week. My journal should be so awesome to read! I hope... Like in 20 years... I'll remember this week. The hard part is that it's so hard to accurately describe how awesome it was because it just really isn't the same unless you were there... Too bad you all can't be here! Oh this week was good!

     I went shopping on Monday and got some wonderful goods! It was a nice Pday. Tuesday's are always the best because we come into Munich for district meeting. Our district is the best ever! We have such a good time. I love the missionaries here. So much goodness! We spend the afternoon here then back to Rosenheim for the evening. We contacted this one lady.. And she made us feel so good! She just complimented our shining eyes and she said she felt sincere love radiating from us. She turned to tears, it was a heartfelt moment. At first she didn't want to take the Book of Mormon, and we finished our conversation after a bit. She came and found us 5 minutes later and asked if she could actually take the Book. The spirit works! Haha it was a wonderful experience for us all.

     Elder Johnson had a dentist appointment which caused lots of issues. Ha not big, just in the way in which we plan it got a little complicated, but thankfully we have helpers who were able to help us get life sorted out. And then came the highlight of my week... And in the same breath... The low point of my week....

Elder Oviatt went home.

     Along with the other half of my group. What was great was that the train coming up from Austria stops in Rosenheim for 5 minutes and so I got to say bye to Oviatt and Durrant :) oh how wonderful that was! Then they left... And flew home... And now I am the only Canadian in this mission (that I know of) with none coming in... I miss my Canadian Support! Oh but it was so good seeing him again! I am soooo looking forward to when he comes down to visit :) (in Lethbridge)

     Friday was full of appointments. We had 3 in fact! I just love watching how the Spirit works on people. But it's according to their willingness to let Him in and to learn and to act. There are noticeable differences in peoples spiritual level within days of working with them. You can tell simply by talking to someone for 2 minutes whether or not they are reading, praying and acting on their own. Amazing. How grateful I am for my mission.

     Saturday we got to come up to Munich to sing! In a musical fireside! Not too bad eh? We sang... The Lord is my Light, Lead Kindly Light and My Light (Primary Song). It was an awesome fireside, really well put together. Sunday was good as usual. Always awesome being in church in German. Like that's my favourite ever! Ach so good!

     Then comes today. Pday! So we made it out to Neuschwanstein today. This is a castle in Southern Germany that is so pretty! The famous Disney castle is modelled after Neuschwanstein. We got out there with the Munich 2 elders and sisters... And we all wore out Tracht! Which is Lederhosen and Dirndl's by the way lol. Oh how awesome that was. We met some cool people and had some wicked pictures!! Another 4 missionaries joined us too for a bit, that was fun :) So we went to the library this morning and loaded our emails at 8:30 am and then just wrote in the train and now we are gonna head to the library and send them all... I love my iPad!! So that means most of my pictures will come later, cuz I have no computer access right now...Lol just via WiFi. So good!

     I think my scripture for this week would be 2 Nephi 9:51.... The very last sentence! Sometimes.. You just got to let your soul delight in Fatness. Which can be taken in many ways. I'll take it this week as it's Ok to have fun... As long as that's within the proper bounds. Sometimes.. Eating a tub of Ice Cream is ok! You just got to work hard after to make up for it. Take time and smell the flowers... Enjoy life... And work hard to do your best. The scripture fits so much. What is of worth to us?

I love my Mission! The absolute best mission there is! I wish you all a splendid week! I love you so much! What a life!

Luvs forever <3

Elder Rodgers!!


This is a castle in Southern Germany that is so pretty!

Picture from Zvonimir - our good friend!

Making Fridays lunch!

He is starting to look comfortable in the kitchen

Zvonimir has taught Elder Rodgers some good recipes!

made dip for the chips!

ready to enjoy another feast!

Zvonimir made country potatoes

Monday, June 22, 2015

Wie ich dich liebe?....Week 11 in Rosenheim

     I guess the time has come to write another weekly email. That time seems to come around faster and faster every week. Oh well. What can ya do eh? This week has been a week of reflecting, on both my temporal and spiritual well being. Sounds pretty deep eh? I have moments of reflection in random weeks of my mission and they are really good weeks. I tend to start by picking out things that bother me in my behaviour and then get mad at them for a bit then I really try and look at who I am and who I wanna become then I get some awesome thoughts running about how I can motivate myself to change. Then I get all excited and make plans and get way motivated and then by Monday I feel awesome! 

     Elder Johnson and I have both concluded that we are gonna work together to make my last transfer here the most righteous transfer of our missions! I gotta say we are pretty stoked for it and have a lot of cool ideas lined up along with some good things happening in the area! 

     On a side note.. we got some iPad's this week. Not too shabby eh? It started Wednesday when we headed up to Munich and had a Zone Conference. We all got our own iPad to use. They have been so handy already in the week! I'm really enjoying using them and doing that all! We went to Pizza Hut after conference.. cuz like we saw that there was one in Munich. Good pizza for sure but like... so expensive lol... OOPS! 

     Garden work for a 96 year old lady :) YES! Oh how lovely is that! That was Thursday! Full of goodness! Serving is one of the funner things we get to do! I love all the different chances to serve people! 

     Friday was wonderful because we got to find some cool new people and also got to spend time with our wonderful friends! A great lesson and discussion from that and like.. oh its just so lovely being there. To have friends that take care of you... that's a blessing in so many ways. I am grateful for all the people who care for me! 

     Saturday we actually had a few appointments and were on the road a lot. Met some cool people with that too. One guy is an Olympic diver with over 500 medals from tournaments around the world. Pretty legit. Sunday flew by and we had a good amount of people come to church. There were 68 rather than our normal 50ish!

     Then there's today. YAY! I found a great thought I wanted to share but totally cant remember it now... so I'm gonna attach this Mormon message link instead! SO GOOD! I hope you all enjoy it. Take time to love people and life and love and love and love! In the end I guess it all comes back to love. Why everything has a purpose... LOVE. Totally my favourite topic ever. LOVE!

SO MUCH LOVE TO GO AROUND! HAPPY FATHERS DAY TOO! I love my dad so much! Just so you all know I love dads! Can't wait till its my turn <3

Here you go! Videos on LOVE!!!

Elder Rodgers!

concrete lady on a bench in the city... idk why

bought some new ties! idk why... I have like 40...I like ties!

I have found joy in sleeping on the floor... idk why

I found a pizza hut and paid too much for a pizza!... idk why

Monday, June 15, 2015

Yay for love!....Week 10 in Rosenheim

     Another [week] is come and gone.. and looks what's landed on your [inbox]! Ok its not quite the same as the Yard Cards.. but I thought it would fit well. My desire to write people has substantially increased. (Don't be fooled by my good spelling... I use the spell check on my computer and what it misses my mom fixes). I actually am not minding sitting here in the heat sweating away as I write about my feelings and life and relationships and all that plays a part of me. That sounds a little deep. Its not. Elder Johnson told me that I'm a very sensitive person. Hahaha oh I laughed for days. I guess like... ah never mind :)

     I really enjoyed this week! I think it may actually have been one of the fastest weeks ever. Weeks where we have exchanges are always the fastest! So on Tuesday we headed to Munich for District Meeting which was so awesome! We had a great one. Its so fun having the office in our district. We have the best time! After our meeting we ate together. Oh I was like so satisfied with that! Then we got to go out and have a finding day. What that is, is essentially... We just find in an area for like 2 hours or so as a district. So I worked with my pal Elder Plumb from long ago. We went hard and had so many good conversations with people and did way well. It was a good time being with him again. That made me happy! 

     Then began our Exchange! I stayed in Munich and my big boy son got to head back to Rosenheim with Elder Evans. So in Munich we went to a members house for dinner and that was our night. Its so much fun being there though. BEST FRIENDS! Then in the morning I worked in the office and did some fun stuff! I sent out the "Trunky Letters" to the missionaries going home this transfer. Got to do computer work and organize and get supply orders filled and a ton of stuff. It was really cool for sure! We went to a lesson and gave the man a blessing. That was really cool. Ah it was like so good! 

     Then more time in the office and we headed back later in the day and I got back to Rosenheim at 7:30 Wednesday evening. Thursday we visited a really old lady and she just loved it! So much goodness! Friday was a day well spent! We had 3 lessons! Started with our wonderful friends in Rosenheim! Elder Johnson cooked this time haha! Oh they are so great! We headed then to 
Bad-Aibling and met with 2 people there, both really humbling circumstances and both really great people. 

     Saturday was a planning day. Not much else and Sunday was righteous! Elder Johnson gave a talk! For the first time! SO GOOD! He killed it! I taught the class and ya.. It all just went well! Great day for sure! And now we are here, Monday. I have no idea why this week flew by but it did. We get iPads this next week. On Wednesday. That,s cool eh! 

     A small thought....has to do with being awesome! You are all awesome! Dad shared Alma 47:17 with me today and I think that's a great one to share further. I hope you all can be your own CAPTAIN MORONI!! Lets change the world eh! 

LOVE you all so much! Thanks for the love!
<3 Elder Rodgers <3

A LOT of pictures today to make up for the last 3 weeks not being able to download from his camera

My Austria shirt

Our apartment...

pretty field in Brannenburg    

Elder Johnson in Dentist office



The one with K is the mountain we climbed

off the one side of the mountain

Off the other side...

root beer!!!!!

My son got some LEDER!

Met some guys in Munich... lookin sick!

biggest snail ever!

pretty field eh!