Monday, July 6, 2015

Es gibt Wunder .....Week 13 in Rosenheim

     I guess in the end it comes down to the little miracles eh? That's what really makes it all worth it, seeing things happen that really would never happen in any other circumstance. Miracles are so present in my life! I'll start out by saying that this week was a miracle for me... I didn't get sun burnt and I didn't get heat stroke! Don't forget, miracles can be both temporal and spiritual! I don't think we had a day this week where the high was below 30°C and we had days in a row of 35, 37 & 34. I'm Canadian for heavens sake... I think this was the hottest week of my life. On the positive side of looking at it... you couldn't see sweat marks in my armpits!... Because my whole shirt was saturated.... We have been overloading on deodorant this week :) All in all... I cant go swimming yet... but I can swim in my shirt all I want! 

     Monday as you know was awesome down at Neuschwanstein! So good! Tuesday we took a trip into Munich again and had a lovely district meeting :) We have the funnest district ever. It's a hoot being here. Missionary culture in itself is one of the funnest parts of living this life. It's just so full of laughing. Fun and fun! On Monday when we went to Neuschwanstein one of the ticket controller ladies for the train saw us on the platform and asked us why we weren't all dressed up as normal. Haha so we told her about Pday and stuff and where we were headed. Then on Tuesday we saw her again and talked to her about our day and all. We ride the trains here so often that we have come to know a few of the controllers really well and I guess it goes to show that our actions are observed by many, even when we may not think so. Some of the ladies don't even ask for our ticket anymore, they just know that we have a Bayern Ticket for 2 haha. 

      Wednesday was awesome cuz we had the chance to do some service in the pretty part of our area again! (Kiefersfelden) We worked in a garden! Not typical work though. We got to cut down a ton of wicked overgrown bushes and stuff like that. Vines that had grown up into other trees. So we cut the trees down and got the vines out. It was awesome! I love being able to just go in and get rid of stuff. It's so much fun! Ok and then we got fed. I had one of the proudest moments as a father! So we were fed some soup. It had Oysters in it. Well Elder Johnson cannot do seafood whatsoever. So... he ate slow, I pounded my bowl then when she left we switched bowls and I ate all the oysters really fast and gave him his bowl back. It has other vegetables in it too... but like he could do that no problem :) I couldn't help but thinking back to The Salad Lady in Ellwangen and how Elder Oviatt saved my life so many times with food. Actually... all the Elders there did... until I grew into a big boy ;) haha It was a proud dad moment I must say! Later in the evening after a shower we went home teaching! Oh so good!

     So remembering last week... it was a fabulous week. So much goodness. Well I got the opposite end of that on Thursday. I just felt so useless. It was like... one of the worst days I've had on my mission to be honest. It wasnt easy. I woke up with no good feelings and it wasnt going well for me. I was having a rough day. A good companion helped me a lot. We talked lots. I got a blessing and then went out. The whole day really just wasn't my day. It was a good lesson though. I guess getting into a routine can be dangerous sometimes. It's always important to stay on your toes and stuff. I guess we had just been turned down so much recently in contacting that I was overloaded. Lots of thoughts. 

     But the day is by now and life has been able to pick itself back up again and go into another week! Its all good, challenges of a mission eh. Its so much more emotionally draining than I had ever thought. Happy and sad, all emotions of the extremes of both sides. 

     Friday took a big upturn with our great family of friends! It was so hot though.. but we were able to have a great appointment and being rebuilt up by the love of others.. its just what you need at times in life. I loved our appointment. It was so good :) Visited another friend later in the evening in the Hospital. He is progressing well too! 

     Saturday we got to serve again! Went with the Bishop and took out a built in storage unit out of a house and brought it to his house. Ate with them and had a nice afternoon and then had planning. Sunday came and we had a baptism in our ward of an 8 year old girl :) That was awesome! We then took off to Munich to visit a baptism of a family in the international ward :) That too was awesome! Seeing the power of the priesthood in action at multiple times through this week has increased my respect and love for it. This church is so true. 

I wanna close by sharing Moroni 7:33 with yall!...
"And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me"
Faith is the basis of every principle in this Gospel. Faith leads to action which leads to miracles. Faith leads to it all. I'm thankful for that knowledge and for the time I have to strengthen the faith of others and to strengthen mine too. My mission is the best ever! 

I love you all!
Have a beautiful and miracle filled week!

Elder Rodgers <3

A nice drink after doing service

In Kiefersfelden

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