Monday, July 13, 2015

Das Evangelium ist klar und einfach!.....Week 14 in Rosenheim

     Oh man this week was totally awesome! We met some crazy new people and had some awesome experiences! The weather in general lightened up and we were able to breath and sleep at night too! It was a big change from the week before. Super good! We took the bikes for a few long rides too. One evening... We rode down a river at 9pm with a gorgeous sunset and mountains and fields. Do I not have the coolest mission ever? At least for me. It fits so perfectly! Trains, eating, finding. We seemed to have covered almost every aspect of life this week. We did so much goodness. Its a ton of fun! 

     We bought matching Germany World Cup Soccer Jerseys... We be the coolest companionship in the world! Looks awesome too! Germany is sweet!!! Monday was also awesome cuz we got a referral! Thats rare! It was a guy who referred himself, we called him and set an appointment for  Wednesday! Mondays are awesome! 

     Tuesday was a nice chill day. Drove into Munich, had our meeting in the cool basement and then ate. Its so fun being with others. They make the world so much more enjoyable. Elder Johnson telling life stories makes it so much more fun though! He has some gooders! We had to hang around a little longer to stay with an Elder there cuz the other office Elders left for an appointment and by this time there wasn't anyone else in the office and so we had to wait for the senior couple to return.

     Then, in Rosenheim, we got a call from an Italian number. A guy in English asked us if we could come and meet. Uhh yes! So we biked hard to the church and met up with this guy. So he is just up here looking for a place to stay for a while to listen to the German Language. We chatted a bit and got to know him. Cool guy, looks like he will be an English course guy, not a ton of interest in the Gospel itself. Fun though! 

     Wednesday,  a fallen out lesson in the Afternoon led us to the church. Here we did a lil bit of work and then headed to the pretty part of the area for our Lesson with the referral. We met up, and had one awesome lesson. This man is at the edge of hope. Absolutely nothing left in his life worth anything. He remembered talking with Missionaries a while ago, like years back, and so he looked us up online and got us to come meet him. 

     The lesson we had was one of the most powerful lessons about the Atonement and Christ I have ever been in. We taught pure simple doctrine from the Book of Mormon and were really able to help him see that there is a light in life. Coming to Christ is the best thing we can do. I found it cool to be able to say that as Missionaries we can't really provide much in the means of Temporal or Physical well being, but rather we are there to proving Spiritual nourishment and healing. It was a super super memorable lesson. 

     We got to meet with him again on Saturday with a member with us, the lesson itself was again very good. Its gonna come down to whether this man keeps commitments or not. If he does, its clear to see how his life will change. Powerful stuff we are dealing with, I came to realize that this week. Christ and His Atonement is pure power. 

     A couple fall outs on Thursday but it was ok, cuz we had a few lil mini member stop by's on the way and had some good time with them! We biked a good 25 km or so. Same for Friday but this time no appointment fell out, making us pedal faster to make them all on time! We biked a good 32 or so km this day. Went hard! 

     Our appointments all went super well :) First with our cooking friends! Made lunch and enjoyed Gospel learning together. Its looking positive in relation to them! Hopefully it all goes through :) Our hospital friend was next, he is doing better and better each day. Thats power in the priesthood! 

     Our last stop was with the Bishop's family! So good! It was like totally fun and super impressive. We shared a thought for the kids on prayer and Joseph Smith. The 4 year old girl and 6 year old boy knew all of this. They told us the stories, they told us why we pray and what we pray for. It was a lesson to me, that the Gospel really is simple. Its not about getting caught up in the twists and turns, its about the principles and doctrines that are simple enough for a child to understand. Then we biked home along the river, 50 minutes to the house :) What an awesome evening! 

     Saturday brought us to a service project with a new family I hadn't known before. But Sunday topped off the week for me. I had been praying through the week for opportunities to use the priesthood. A member walked in, came right to us and asked if after we would be able to give her a blessing. Wow eh! I also got to translate for a lady from Kosovo! She knew my pal Parker Stewart on his mission there! Small world eh! Then to top the day off we got a member appointment! 

Oh how wonderful it is to be a missionary! I absolutely love it. Its the most fulfilling thing I have ever done in my life. It is awesome! I look forward to that time I have left! Life is great!

I wish you all a splendid week! Thanks for the love and examples! You rock! 

Elder Rodgers <3

new matching soccer jerseys!

so close to Austria!

Favourite Friday dinner!

cooking lessons with Zvonimir!

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  1. What a great letter. Yes I am still here reading =) You will have to make him the family chef when he gets home!