Monday, July 20, 2015

Ich schäme mich nicht!....Week 15 in Rosenheim

     Hi everyone! A new week of experiences built up, its hard to put them all together and summarize them into one email. But despite the challenge, I come again, bearing the weekly email. I was looking back on many of my weekly emails, and I came to notice that starting somewhere in Wiener Neustadt that this first paragraph became some kind of like.... a weird intro to my week. Like some of these paragraphs are like super weird... I guess it has become my way of expressing my true thoughts... or like those things that I really don't know how to express any other way. That makes no sense but I'm on a time crunch and I don't wanna think of another way to say it. In essence what this week is saying is that my mind is a massive ball of confusion. I'm a mess upstairs... Its hard bringing so many thoughts into a unified paragraph that makes sense to someone who knows absolutely no history on the subject being talked about. But yes. It wasn't quite as hot this week. But pretty warm nonetheless. Life. I love it! 

     I'll keep this one a little shorter this week, lack of ability to contribute to details. We went dooring on Tuesday evening. I have never, in my whole time in the mission field, had a dooring experience like this. We doored an apartment complex, a smaller one with only like 8 bells. We stand outside and ring and then sometimes we get buzzed in. So we were down to the bottom floor now, and this lady let us in, we walked in the apartment building and up to her door, she told us no interest and so we went back outside. As we got there her husband came out and made sure the outside door was closed so that we wouldn't be able to get into the apartment complex. 

     As he walked back to his door I buzzed the next one, happening to be his neighbour. He heard it ring from the outside and so he came speedily and angrily to the door, yelling us to disappear and get lost (in the not so nicest of words) and that we had no right to be there. He shoved us both on our shoulders and yelled more in angry German! So I said we had the right to be there... he didn't like that, pushed us more and so I said OK, we want no contention and so we left. I have never had someone physically try to get rid of me before. A new experience for sure. Elder Johnson has gotten a lot of good experiences early on! Yelled at, he had beer poured out on his legs and bag and we have been threatened too. All in all its kind of interesting, fun even... :) haha

     Wednesday was great, we got to go into Munich for our zone Training meeting. We even had some special visitors from Salt Lake City doing a new language test in order to further help them find out how they can improve their MTC's around the world and stuff. So we took a test, I actually did super well. It was a reading comprehension in German. It was super cool. The meeting went good, I was able to give my "Dying Testimony" haha given by all missionaries going home. Nothing too special. I'm not a good public speaker. 

     We then had an Exchange. I came back to Rosenheim with Elder Evans. We went and had a baptismal interview! It was a really good evening. 

     But unfortunately that won't be going through as of now, some problems arose and not there are some complications. Its hard working through things, sometimes life throws curve balls Thursday wasn't the best, as well as Friday. Prayer became a larger part of our lives. All in relation to a family in the ward. 

     But moving on, we had some other appointments as well, we biked a good 25 km on the hottest day of the week... haha and it showed. A bit of service too, down in the pretty part of our area! Lots of fun and goodness! I've gotten really good at garden work! Its still not something I'm gonna really engage in personally at home... but I like helping others with it. 

     Sunday was warm and went ok. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Got a good bit of dooring in this week, met some nice people and had some cool conversations. Lets see where that takes us! Its looking good, this week should rain a ton. I hope our plans hold through! 

     I really liked this scripture I found in Romans. Its short and applicable. I think its something to constantly ask myself... A good check up! 

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek." (Romans 1:16)

Let us not be ashamed of that which we love! I love you all! Have a great week! Smile and laugh! Go and do! LOVE!!

Elder Rodgers <3

Elder Evans & Rodgers

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  1. Poor guy is going to have to leave soon! Will be praying for a smooth transition for him, it is so hard to leave this mission. <3