Monday, June 22, 2015

Wie ich dich liebe?....Week 11 in Rosenheim

     I guess the time has come to write another weekly email. That time seems to come around faster and faster every week. Oh well. What can ya do eh? This week has been a week of reflecting, on both my temporal and spiritual well being. Sounds pretty deep eh? I have moments of reflection in random weeks of my mission and they are really good weeks. I tend to start by picking out things that bother me in my behaviour and then get mad at them for a bit then I really try and look at who I am and who I wanna become then I get some awesome thoughts running about how I can motivate myself to change. Then I get all excited and make plans and get way motivated and then by Monday I feel awesome! 

     Elder Johnson and I have both concluded that we are gonna work together to make my last transfer here the most righteous transfer of our missions! I gotta say we are pretty stoked for it and have a lot of cool ideas lined up along with some good things happening in the area! 

     On a side note.. we got some iPad's this week. Not too shabby eh? It started Wednesday when we headed up to Munich and had a Zone Conference. We all got our own iPad to use. They have been so handy already in the week! I'm really enjoying using them and doing that all! We went to Pizza Hut after conference.. cuz like we saw that there was one in Munich. Good pizza for sure but like... so expensive lol... OOPS! 

     Garden work for a 96 year old lady :) YES! Oh how lovely is that! That was Thursday! Full of goodness! Serving is one of the funner things we get to do! I love all the different chances to serve people! 

     Friday was wonderful because we got to find some cool new people and also got to spend time with our wonderful friends! A great lesson and discussion from that and like.. oh its just so lovely being there. To have friends that take care of you... that's a blessing in so many ways. I am grateful for all the people who care for me! 

     Saturday we actually had a few appointments and were on the road a lot. Met some cool people with that too. One guy is an Olympic diver with over 500 medals from tournaments around the world. Pretty legit. Sunday flew by and we had a good amount of people come to church. There were 68 rather than our normal 50ish!

     Then there's today. YAY! I found a great thought I wanted to share but totally cant remember it now... so I'm gonna attach this Mormon message link instead! SO GOOD! I hope you all enjoy it. Take time to love people and life and love and love and love! In the end I guess it all comes back to love. Why everything has a purpose... LOVE. Totally my favourite topic ever. LOVE!

SO MUCH LOVE TO GO AROUND! HAPPY FATHERS DAY TOO! I love my dad so much! Just so you all know I love dads! Can't wait till its my turn <3

Here you go! Videos on LOVE!!!

Elder Rodgers!

concrete lady on a bench in the city... idk why

bought some new ties! idk why... I have like 40...I like ties!

I have found joy in sleeping on the floor... idk why

I found a pizza hut and paid too much for a pizza!... idk why

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