Monday, June 15, 2015

Yay for love!....Week 10 in Rosenheim

     Another [week] is come and gone.. and looks what's landed on your [inbox]! Ok its not quite the same as the Yard Cards.. but I thought it would fit well. My desire to write people has substantially increased. (Don't be fooled by my good spelling... I use the spell check on my computer and what it misses my mom fixes). I actually am not minding sitting here in the heat sweating away as I write about my feelings and life and relationships and all that plays a part of me. That sounds a little deep. Its not. Elder Johnson told me that I'm a very sensitive person. Hahaha oh I laughed for days. I guess like... ah never mind :)

     I really enjoyed this week! I think it may actually have been one of the fastest weeks ever. Weeks where we have exchanges are always the fastest! So on Tuesday we headed to Munich for District Meeting which was so awesome! We had a great one. Its so fun having the office in our district. We have the best time! After our meeting we ate together. Oh I was like so satisfied with that! Then we got to go out and have a finding day. What that is, is essentially... We just find in an area for like 2 hours or so as a district. So I worked with my pal Elder Plumb from long ago. We went hard and had so many good conversations with people and did way well. It was a good time being with him again. That made me happy! 

     Then began our Exchange! I stayed in Munich and my big boy son got to head back to Rosenheim with Elder Evans. So in Munich we went to a members house for dinner and that was our night. Its so much fun being there though. BEST FRIENDS! Then in the morning I worked in the office and did some fun stuff! I sent out the "Trunky Letters" to the missionaries going home this transfer. Got to do computer work and organize and get supply orders filled and a ton of stuff. It was really cool for sure! We went to a lesson and gave the man a blessing. That was really cool. Ah it was like so good! 

     Then more time in the office and we headed back later in the day and I got back to Rosenheim at 7:30 Wednesday evening. Thursday we visited a really old lady and she just loved it! So much goodness! Friday was a day well spent! We had 3 lessons! Started with our wonderful friends in Rosenheim! Elder Johnson cooked this time haha! Oh they are so great! We headed then to 
Bad-Aibling and met with 2 people there, both really humbling circumstances and both really great people. 

     Saturday was a planning day. Not much else and Sunday was righteous! Elder Johnson gave a talk! For the first time! SO GOOD! He killed it! I taught the class and ya.. It all just went well! Great day for sure! And now we are here, Monday. I have no idea why this week flew by but it did. We get iPads this next week. On Wednesday. That,s cool eh! 

     A small thought....has to do with being awesome! You are all awesome! Dad shared Alma 47:17 with me today and I think that's a great one to share further. I hope you all can be your own CAPTAIN MORONI!! Lets change the world eh! 

LOVE you all so much! Thanks for the love!
<3 Elder Rodgers <3

A LOT of pictures today to make up for the last 3 weeks not being able to download from his camera

My Austria shirt

Our apartment...

pretty field in Brannenburg    

Elder Johnson in Dentist office



The one with K is the mountain we climbed

off the one side of the mountain

Off the other side...

root beer!!!!!

My son got some LEDER!

Met some guys in Munich... lookin sick!

biggest snail ever!

pretty field eh!

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