Monday, June 1, 2015

Woche der Wunder :).....Week 8 in Rosenheim

     Hello World. I bid thee hello! Is that proper English? I don't know any more... I am so in trouble when I go to University... HELP ME! Well, I can at least type faster than when I left. That's a blessing of serving a mission. I can't do it right though.. I still type with 2 fingers like a beginner... but I can do it really fast! Haha not too shabby eh? Ok but looking into this week of Missionary Work... oh man was it good! Miracles around every corner! 

     We started out on Tuesday by going into Munich for Distrikt Meeting. In The main station we met some parents picking up an Elder from the Berlin Mission. That was cool! We also met a Scottish lady... So many people! The meeting went great, all is going well! We have the best distrikt ever, its so sick. We ate together after and then headed out. On our train ride home.. we sat by this dude and it was sick! Started talking to him and then he told us we could come visit him tomorrow! YESS! 

     So we did. And he is so ready to learn! Its so cool! We had a great time with him, one really great lesson and ah it was so good! We got the coolest new investigator now :) His story is a great story in itself. So cool!

     Wednesday was a great day. Just great! Thursday we were with our friends again! A great thought on Faith and the Gospel and a great lunch too. I actually cooked! Believe that or not. I'm in the process of being taught how to cook so that I can be independent when I go home.... #yowelcomeladies  I love it there! So then in the evening we had a couple people to visit and then also got some dooring in. I love little spurts of dooring. Its a ton of fun. 

     Ok Friday took the week for tiredness. We had 3 separate service projects, a lesson and we went home teaching! We started in our area with helping move some furniture. That went well. Then we ate a bit. Then garden work and also some food. Then more garden work by house #3 and also some food :) Hahaha isn't my life the coolest? Ok then we got home, showered and took the next train to a lesson. This guy.. also now a new investigator has a story. Holy cow. 

     So in essence he had an event in his live that now has him on the search for God and a purpose in life. He is in the Hospital and is really doing lots better. He has had a priesthood blessing and now we are gonna be able to meet with him weekly. He is almost 19 and is super cool! Its really humbling to visit a hospital as a missionary. So many people are really in such bad conditions and we have it so good. But to see the hope in their eyes and how they appreciate the small things. It helps me think on all I have. 

     Our next appointment was great :) Home Teaching to 2 elderly ladies of the ward who are so sweet!! I love that! Ok moving on, Saturday was spent in Munich as well as Sunday. We had stake conference and Elder Patrick Kearon came to speak. This was my 4th time meeting him on my mission. He is so boss! Its cool how we just got to go up and chat with him later, he is a bro! The power of his calling is just manifest by his character. Its awesome to hear him talk. I loved this weekend, it was so cool. Also seeing all our missionary friends and all that. It was so good :) 

     Ok and today.. Elder Johnson had a dentist appointment cuz his teeth have been bothering him. Well.... turns out that he now needs a root canal done in 3 treatments... So he got the first done today and the next 2 will be in the coming week. Sick. Not for him though lol. But he is doing well. 

     Our week was full! And what makes me even happier is that this next week we have even more going on then then last! We are doing so well here in Rosenheim! I love my comp and I love my mission! I love it so much! LIFE ROCKS!

Have a wonderful week and share your love with people! 
Elder Rodgers :)

'The Chef sandals'


enjoying dinner!

Root Beer! How lucky. It is hard to get

Old companion Elder Smith

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