Monday, May 25, 2015

Ich habe einen Sohn!!!....Week 7 in Rosenheim

     Hello one and all! I would like to report on the epicness that happened this week! Namely... ME GETTING A SON! I'll get into that... I can start with saying that I am happy. Happier than almost ever. I'm in a great mood, my Mission really has been turned for the absolute best now! I'm so glad to be able to end it with a son! Oh! YESS! So the weather here has been like raining the whole last week too... but that's ok for me actually because when it rains.. that means its not hot outside! And I am still not a fan of the heat. So rain does me good! Man did my week ever fly by. It was so good!

     Ok so I'll start off with my new Companion. My Son. My Heir. So I am sitting here with Elder Johnson of Bountiful, Utah! Right out of the heart of Utah! He is so good! So he has like 6 older Siblings... He has had a good life! Came to me right from the MTC. Oh what a guy! I got to pick him up  on Thursday in Munich, what a day that was. Nice big hug and then we were off! But really.... I can't say enough about how awesome he is. Like... he is outgoing, which is a great blessing cuz around others I'm not quite as smooth as this master ;) So he fills in the gaps! He is so diligent in learning and speaking German and is really just super easy to get along with. We are gonna have a great time. Its like one of the biggest blessings ever that I have him at the end. He is who I needed to help me go further and do more. He is gonna be a mission changer! I'm like so stoked! MY SON IS THE SICKEST! 

     This week flew... cuz when you are getting ready to leave (Elder Tholen was leaving).. we are always on the move. We had member appointments through the week. On trains, talking with people, it juts kinda flew by.  Thursday was transfers and there was a mess in Munich due to trains being on strike and so like... that took a lil more effort from the office to get everything in order but they got it! I picked up my Son and we came back and got to go out and get some stuff done right off the bat. SICK!

     Our great friends picked us up delivered us to Bahnhof (train station), then picked us up again we I came back and had us over twice this week to eat. We had some great times with them, they rock! Its a blessing to have people who are so willing to help and love. Living the Gospel really shows. I love it!

     On Sunday... Elder Johnson gave a way good testimony and totally blew the ward away with his German! Its so fun. I love having a son, cuz it helps me get back to basics in Missionary Work and focus on the principles. Its a great reminder and having the pure innocence and faith and love from him, boosts me up and pushes me further than ever! Ah its so sick! 

     The police showed up at the house this morning looking for Elder Tholen... lol! He lost his wallet like 3 months ago and they found it! YAY! So that was cool.... 3 Police in my house! 

     I have to run, we had to come to an Internet Cafe today... internet at the church is down... But life goes on! I love it! I love you all. Love rules the world! Have a great week ok! LOVE YOU!!!

Elder Rodgers!!! <3

New 'son' Elder Johnson

Good bye dinner for Elder Tholen at members

they are so spoiled

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Welcome dinner for Elder Johnson with members

They are so spoiled at their house!

New belt for lederhosen!

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