Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ausdrücke der Liebe.....Week 6 in Rosenheim

     Hello near and hello far! This week, I gotta say may have been one of the most uplifting and fun weeks of my entire mission. The whole attitude and the whole flavour of the everything was spicy! Oh I really really loved it. Man oh man. Then, taking into consideration that my whole family and many friends were at Belly River this weekend.... I DIDN'T EVEN GET TRUNKIE!!! Oh man, this week. It was just that stellar! Lets go through it and hopefully you will get an understanding of what I went through! So good! 

     Monday was P-day and we hit the train and busted it out to AUSTRIA!! Went to a place called Kufstein where we visited a sick castle and I bought some wicked clothes! So like the weather was great and it was so pretty! Being back in Austria was awesome, I got a great new suit! Ah it was an awesome day. Just the attitude of Austria cheered me up for the week! Member appointment that evening too :)

     Tuesday was a good day and then in the evening we went and stayed overnight in Munich because we had interviews and district meeting at 8am on Wednesday!! So for District Meeting we were asked to bring one of our favourite talks ever. And so I remembered this one, it never really meant a ton at that point... May 2011... But now.. Oh boy let me tell you.... BEST TALK EVER! It was even so good that they made a Mormon Message about it. I'll link the talk and the video to the bottom of the email cuz you all need to watch it and read it! Its like the best ever! 

     So the talk is called "The Eternal Blessings of Marriage" by Elder Richard G. Scott. Ok yes. Judge me all you want. Being on a mission kinda makes you marriage trunkie at some point or another. But with the words and blessings and promises and experiences from this talk.... how could you not want that?? AHH! Its like the sickest ever. So I got to read a few sections from it for the district and tell them all how that applies to missionary work and why I love it so much. A mission prepares you so well for marriage. Like... its so fabulous. So having this so early in the week really kept me up and bright! HAPPY!!! <3

     Thursday we had a great member appointment and life was just full of JOY! Earlier to we had a great lesson with a new investigator! Like... can you see how awesome this week has been going for me!!!

     Friday we had another great appointment with an investigator family and ate and then just loved life! Its going so well there! Then we caught a train to Munich for the Stake Priesthood Meeting. It was like a barbecue to start and so we got to hang around with other missionaries. SO MUCH GOODNESS! The meeting itself was way awesome. We got driven to a train station by a member... and got our train by 10 seconds... like we were booking it!!! So good! Then got home late and hit the bed nice and quick! 

     Then comes Saturday Morning. TRANSFER CALLS! So, the news is .... Elder Tholen has been transferred to South West Germany on the border of Switzerland and for me... I'm gonna be a dad! I get a golden for my last 2 transfers <3 I'm gonna be training! So sick eh! I'm like way stoked for that! SOOO STOKED! So that like made me just like so happy! Ah! So good! 

     Saturday only barely started at this point... We got a train at 7:40am and got picked up by a member and drove out to a far away part of the area to help with a move. A lady from the work of some members. So 2 other Elders came down out of Munich to help us as well, lots of big heavy old furniture. So its just always fun helping move... and with 4 Elders... even funner! So that was a riot! Fun helping move! It was a great day. Then we got treated to McDonalds! 

     And so we are there... sitting out on the patio in the middle of nowhere... 4 Elders and a member... and we hear... "Hey Elders!!".... UHH WHAT?

     A dad and his 3 daughters from Salt Lake City who are here on vacation... haha. Like I don't think they appreciated the rareness they just witnessed. Legit, we were in the most random, small place. I have no clue how that happens... 

     Anyhow it was fun! Sunday was a good day and now we are here again. I'm smiling and happy and yay! Life is great! I cant wait to get my Golden on Thursday! Its gonna be a stellar 2 transfers! I'm excited to go forward! 

I love you all! Dont forget to express your love and share it too! LIFE ROCKS!
<3 Love you all!
Elder Rodgers <3


Mormon Message:

In Kufstein Austria

a castle in Kufstein

A well inside the castle

new suit!

Total traditional wear!

dinner at members with Elder Tholen

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  1. Great letter--I am sending that conference talk to all of my married and engaged kids to review =)
    Loved the photos and the new clothing!