Monday, May 11, 2015

Muttertag....Week 5 in Rosenheim

     Hello Everyone! Its Monday and its awesome! Yesterday was Mother Day and that was awesome too! Like even more than awesome I guess I can say. The weeks here seem to be blending into one long one. Its weird how time seems to go. Its throwing me off! I've been in Rosenheim for over a month now. Hard to believe that. Its going on... onward ever onward you could say!

     MY thoughts are really mixed up right now. Let me see how I can get them out.  Monday was a good day. Tuesday was fun. We went into Munich for our District Meeting and then ate a lunch prepared by the senior couple there. Really, senior couples are the depth of missions. They are so supportive in so many ways. I want to go on a senior mission sooooooo bad! Like that's so happening! 

     Anyway, we had an exchange after. I got to work with Elder Bauerfeind! A German! A real German! We had a blast. Exchanges are really great! So we went out to a place to contact a couple referrals we had gotten. On the way there I sat in the train and sat by 2 girls. Immediately I recognized that they weren't German; based on the English... lol. They were 2 students on a Study Abroad in Salzburg... from California. HA! I sit in a train with 300+ people in it and sit right by the 2 Americans... Imagine that eh? So we were able to have a good talk! 

     The next day with Elder Bauerfeind we got poured on! It was raining hard! We had time to just go out and so we threw on our jackets and hit the rain. Got a good lil picture... you cant actually tell there though how wet we really got. Exchanged back and then went to a lesson!

     This lesson went great! We have picked up teaching a girl who has been taught in the past but never made progress. Well now we have had 2 lessons and she is doing really well. It was a great lesson. Teaching really is a great blessing for me. It's so much fun seeing the understanding in the eyes of the person. Its really cool!

     We were able to get out and do lots of dooring this week too. Found a few good areas and really went to town on them. I love the little villages outside bigger cities. There we have great experiences dooring. 

     We had another good lesson on Friday with a fabulous family. We had a nice barbecue and it really was a pleasure. People are what make the mission. We even had another lesson on Saturday with another lady who has known the missionaries for a long time. She was super nice. I love how nice people can be. Having someone who really cares and who really tries to understand is a blessing. I love the people in this Mission. 

     Sunday was the day to beat though! Cuz it was stellar. After church we went with a young couple and the wife's parents to dinner at their house. It was great! Food and games and spiritual thoughts and goodness! Skype too! So yeah, skyping was kind of the best ever. Like... I think the thing that got me the most was the changed voices of the twins and Brad. Logan was talking and I was confused why Brads lips weren't moving... THEY ARE SO OLD! 

     Of course talking with mom was the best! It was a great day! I loved that. By the way... we also had a game of 3 person wizard happening... and I'd like to mention that I actually did end up winning lol. Just for you mom ;) hahaha 

     Then there is today. We are gonna go into Austria today! I'll send pics next week. Its gonna be great, super weather today! 

Well, another week gone by. I love the Germans and I love my Mission! 
Have a lovely Week!

Elder Rodgers!

Me and Elder Bauerfeind before the rain

Me and Elder Bauerfeind After the rain!

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