Monday, April 27, 2015

Man lernt sich nie aus!......Week 3 in Rosenheim

     I think that I've gotten to the point now where I really am noticing my habits and patterns in writing emails. If you could honestly watch me and the order in which I do things, I think you may laugh. Open my email. Click on the mission stuff and get that all sorted out, then open up my moms. Then Dad. Then brothers. And so the list goes on... and then at the end I do the pictures and then this long email. I don't know how this looks on your screen... but on mine its like a novel! My life is a pattern. Which I guess in some ways is good but in some ways is bad...

     Elder Allen, one of the members of the 70 who visited us on Saturday said this, and I cant remember if he quoted someone of if these were his words but... "If you always do what you've always done, then you'll always get what you've always got". So in terms of patterns and habits.. yeah ok I can see how that's not the best idea.. but I guess in respect to emailing on Monday its not the end of the world. But that's a pretty thought provoking quote eh?

     Yes. Elder Bednar did come this week! Along with his wife! Also Elder Teixeira, the President of the Europe area and his wife and then Elder Allen from the missionary department and his wife! It was so good! But I'll tell you about that soon!

     Monday we got to go out to a wonderful members house and had a wonderful barbecue! So good! And they live in a way pretty area! So I just love getting to go there! That was a great day. I even got my haircut! For the first time on my mission I went to a store to get it done... we had not electric razors here... so I had to pay! AH! They did good though... like I liked it for sure! And it was a whole lot faster than me doing it... less messy too!

     Took a lil road trip, via train of course, to Wasserburg! There were a few loose ends out there and so we went to see what we could do and got great info on 4 names. Moved people or stuff like that. It was good :) 

     Wednesday was really cool actually. I was sitting in the train and this lady came and sat across from me and so we got talking. She was super cool. After a while and explaining I was a Canadian Mormon, she asked about the church and so in mentioning the Restoration, another lady, sitting across the isle said "Joe Smith right"....hahaha of course! So I talked to her a bit too! She has a really good friend who lives in... CARDSTON! ha! They have talked to her a lot about the church, so I told her my grandma lives there too. It was cool. The first lady I was with got out and so I talked with this other lady more until I had to leave. It was fun, such a small world eh? Crazy how people know people!

     I learned the cup song this week. Like that one with the cup and the motions and the song and that? I learned it from a cute little girl! We visited a family and in our time there the little girl had learned the cup song motions at school... and since we knew the lyrics.. we taught those to her and she taught me the motions. By the end we were bosses! Note this too... she did this in English.. haha cuz like.. I'm in Germany... she knew English before... but like is still a German kid. So cool! Now I can do the cup song...!

     A few other awesome appointments this week too. People are the absolute best part about anything! Its so much fun getting to be around so many different and so many cool people! So the highlight of the week was indeed Saturday! For many reasons actually! 

     On the one note... I got to see so many missionaries who I haven't seen in like more than a year! Almost 2 in fact. Seeing all my Klaggy friends and my Neustadt buddies and of course my favourite person ever Elder Oviatt! It was so great! 

     The other best part was sitting like 25 feet away from Elder Bednar who gave the sickest training ever! Like I cant even start describing all that happened. We learned a lot about the use of mobile devices in relation to missionary work but also in relation to the rest of our lives. He conducted the meeting in a very interactive way allowing us to take part. He would ask questions and we would provide answers thus creating a discussion. It was awesome. I even... after a lot of hesitation... got to give an answer. It was like the scariest thing ever... Standing up in front of like 250 missionaries and talking to Elder Bednar... yeah. FREAKY! 

     One of the things I liked the most was his talk in regard to ordinances and covenants. Doctrine and Covenants 84:19-21. The power of God being manifest in the ordinances of the priesthood. It was so sick! 

     He is so chill too, like the way he led the meeting, it was fun! He is hilarious and knows how to keep our focus and keep the Spirit in the meeting. It was so good! I don't even remember what else... like there was just so much. After listening to him, there was an indescribable sense of security that comes to me that just totally assured me that this church is true. There was so much power behind his words. 

     I totally love how many wonderful opportunities I have to learn on my mission! This really is the best thing ever! Its so much fun, in so many ways. Its just so good! I love it so much! I wish you all a wonderful week :) Stay safe and remember to pray!

Elder Rodgers!

at a members house... they took us to a cool waterfall! 
in fishbachau

in fishbachau

a nice couple fields on the way around :)

cool waterfall!  in fishbachau

cool waterfall! in fishbachau

                                        in Wasserburg, we went up there and worked a bit
                                       in Wasserburg, we went up there and worked a bit
couple pics from the Elder Bednar meeting! best friends! 
                                                                        Oviatt and Croft


Elder Carr

Elder Requiliart... he is french!

this is called a ZOPF. its German and I made it 100% by myself. I promise!
I'm getting good at cooking /baking!

at a members house

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