Monday, December 30, 2013

Wohnung Verloren :).....Week 17 in Ellwangen

     Well obviously this week was Christmas. I hope it was Christmas in Canada too! We were spoiled rotten by everyone here. We had the best time! I don't even know what I should write here. Like it was just so cool. We spent basically 3 straight days with members. 

     OK... I thought of something. Thanks to everyone who sent me stuff! I'm way too spoiled! That's for sure! It made my Christmas 

     OK well I have also realized that I may use the word.. 'sick' a little much. So I'm gonna try and cut down on that. 

     OK....Well I was able to Skype home this week! Which was actually really weird! Because it seems like nothing has really even changed there. Still my regular awesome family just chillin'. It was really cool though! I'm glad we had that time! 

     OK and then Elder Oviatt did his (Skype) and we were all around. I have made a new friend. His name Brant Oviatt. He is seriously one of the funniest people I have never met. and he said when I get back that we are gonna go hiking in Waterton. So now it has been written... we are going hiking. That's something I will hold him to forever! So yeah! Waterton!!!! hahaha

     Well I almost forgot! So we are losing our apartment haha. Our landlords husband died over a month ago and now her house is too big for her so she wants ours. So we are in essence being asked to leave. So we are now on the hunt for a new one! hahaaha cool! Always an adventure here on the Mish. 

     We didn't have the chance to do a ton of stereotypical missionary work this week because we were with members so much. But in the other sense we were with members the whole week. and members are just as big in helping missionary work as we are. 

     Our 2 friends came to church again yesterday! So that's good! We are on our way with them. We should be able to work out a lesson this week! Just slow and steady! 

I'd like to thank everyone for everything! I have sooo much and I'm so grateful! I feel so much love as a missionary! 

Have a great week! I sure will!

Elder Rodgers :)

I got a stocking from the Carlsons! haha awesome!

My Beth stocking!

My.. you stocking!!!!!

.... OK I forgot! haha so this next picture is of elder Garrett playing a blue violin haha. He is a violin major at BYU. The story is....
     So There is an American army base in Stuttgart. So when we were at the stake Christmas thing we met a guy who lives in Stuttgart but is from California. He is from the home ward of Elder Carlson. So he is stationed here and is obviously English haha. So he invited us over to their house and we got permission to go. So we like had to go through a border kinda thingy and I had to show my passport and it was so cool! hahahaha OK and then on this base they have regular american food so when we left they gave us a ton of root beer and reece stuff and dortitos! It was so cool! so they have 4 kids. One girl plays the violin and another the cello. So Elder Garrett got into it and played a bit too. It was way fun! So that was an  awesome evening!!!

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