Monday, December 2, 2013

'Durchfalls! Oops! '.....Week 13 in Ellwangen

     Well this was certainly one of the longer weeks. At the start of the week we really had no plans. It was all gonna be contacting around and stuff. Monday we were in Stuttgart for a Zone Pday. Lots of food! Tuesday we went back for a District meeting. Needless to say too many trains already! haha but that was only the start! 

     So on Wednesday we had absolutely nothing to do. So we wanted to go to some far away place to contact. As we were on a train I figured we should call our one older investigator who dropped us. So we did. And he said that since we were out and about we could stop by. So we rerouted and went there! ?It was a huge hassle to do it because we missed a train and had to run to catch a bus and it was just too much work haha. But we got there! and met up with him. And he wants to start meeting again! So finally! We have an appointment and I really know that he is gonna just get right back up there to where he was! He is a beauty! So in essence our whole day was him. Getting there takes about 3 hours with trains and layovers and buses. So its a long day. But worth it! 

     The rest of the week was spent finding and doing planning.  Saturday came and we again had no real plans. We made an invitation for a family to come to our ward party on the 13th and so we went out to deliver it. Its the family where only the father is a member and the wife and 5 kids aren't. So we went by and got invited in! We played a game with the 2 youngest kids and we were there for about half hour. We gave them our card and had a great time. I just love the family!

     We then went by on an older couple who are atheist! They have always just said.. .come by later.. if you are in the area. So we have... lol and finally got let in! They're so awesome! We had the coolest chat about the church and faith and stuff. They fed us and are so nice. They even invited us to a thingy later that night. We got permission to go and so we went and enjoyed an evening with them! They're so cool! So we will go by again this week and we are gonna ask if we can start teaching them some stuff. Lay out the big picture for them. They're really such cool people! 

     So in essence, our week was way long.. but full of wicked things! I love it!

     Now a few updates on me and Ellwangen. I've been doing really well at not sleep talking for the time I've been here. But idk what has happened. This last week or 10 days or so I've been nuts. I moan and then they start talking to me. Like I fall asleep so fast and then they just wait for me to be out... then they capitalize. I don't remember most of it. I am rather mean though, I yell at Oviatt..haha. I say a ton of things, like we have conversations. I was hoping they wouldn't figure that out... but they did. So now its like the game.... who can get elder Rodgers to talk the most? hahaha It's really funny for them.I just sleep and don't remember what I said... 

     So they all really enjoy that. Other than that... Ellwangen is just going along great! Christmas is so soon! So weird eh! Well love you all!

     oh ya......funny elder Oviatts' uncle sent him a package. He is a dentist and had sent some mints that are really good for your teeth. They have no sugar and the flavoring and stuff comes from a tree or whatever. Anyway, they are healthy, really good tasting mints. So we ate a ton of them! Then... we read the back instructions at a later point in time and it said that this special sugar stuff if taken in too high of doses could cause diarrhea....they recommend only 12 per day.... needless to say I ate about 30 or so in 1 hour lol.... and it works! So we had a lovely bathroom incident this morning! But I'm pretty sure its past lol. But the mints are so good!!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Rodgers <3 

We tried at a district picture.... didn't work hahahah next time!

Elder Steed...he is going home...

we got a huge lindt advent calendar from a member! sick!

I will get pics of Christmas this week OK! love you all thanks :):)

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