Monday, November 25, 2013

Wir bleiben zusammen! .....Week 12 in Ellwangen

     So the biggest news from this week could be that the 4 Elders here in Ellwangen are staying together. Together forever it seems! I'm sure we can pull it off ...haha. We already had a sick week this week, so whats 7 more? The weather here is just above 0, it snowed once this week! Only a little but still snow! yessss!

     OK so there's this weird thing here called fasching (a carnival). It goes from November to February. The Germans do some way funny things during this time. One of which happens in February and the girls go around with scissors and cut off peoples ties and kiss them. So guys all wear ties and its like a girl competition. So needless to say when this day comes we are required to wear scarves... lol

     This week was really cool! We taught some awesome lessons! I had an epic experience! So after P-Day was finished we went to teach a lesson to a 19 year old dude. We have tried to go by on him so much but he was just never home. So we set up an appointment through his dad lol. So we went by.... and he had just left lol, so we were still invited in and talked to the parents for a while... then we started to teach the 1st lesson because the son never came home and they said we could  give them a message lol. So my German was the best its ever been this night and I did a real good job with Elder Carlson in teaching. Then near the end I bore testimony and after the father asked me what the difference was between believing and knowing because in my testimony I said.. I know... many times. So I able to give him an awesome answer in German. It was completely through the spirit because there is no way I could have done that alone, even in English. The way that I said it in German was just so clear and to the point.It satisfied his question and it really made the end awesome. So I was like...whaatttt! It was way awesome! I was like a real missionary for that lesson..haha!

     We had another lesson later in the week with a family. The father is a less active and the mom and 5 kids aren't members. they have an amazing family! I love them a ton! Such great people! So we had a great lesson with them and food as well. Again, our teaching was really good I think, I could totally feel the spirit working through me this week! Awesome eh!

     Then Sunday just topped it off because of the primary presentation. Our primary here has a whole 8 kids in it! haha and they did an awesome job! They absolutely did amazing! I loved whenever they sang in German! because its such simple words and so much easier for me to understand. I really love talking to the kids. They understand that I don't know words and they are so loving and help me so much! So sick! They sang'A Child's Prayer' and it was like my most favourite ever! It was sooooo sick!  The only sad thing was that no one came! None of our investigators came to church. Hopefully next week! 

     The rest of the time this week was filled with finding. Not much success there, its getting colder and people aren't into talking as much. But we keep trying! hahaha. I love Germany so much! 

Thanks all :)

<3 Elder Rodgers

The snow!

Just inside the church

In the chapel

Way sick hat that a girl in our ward made! She made some for all of the elders!

Christmas corner

Our apartment. We live in the top

Our apartment

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