Monday, November 18, 2013

Weihnachten ist um die Ecke.....Week 11 in Ellwangen

     Christmas here seems to start really early. People like Christmas! Which is awesome cuz so do I! well I think this letter may be a tad short. But just a little bit of other news to catch up on!
     So we did eat at the salad lady's house last week. I'm getting to the point where I can eat salad without having to pray for strength first.. lol I can definitely manage now! Even cooler... she is making us 4 elders knitted scarves! She had one and we talked about it and she offered to make em! We have 2/4 already and they're awesome! Then another person in our branch is making us knitted toques! How sick is that I love our branch! The members here are awesome!!!!!!!!

     Well the biggest fall out for us this week was that no one came on Sunday... bummer. But hey! Next Sunday is still available! We are always here haha. I gave a talk in church, it was like way cool! I wrote it first in English then translated it to German while I was on tausch (exchange) with Elder Hill (who is from Germany) so we made it into perfect German! It was way sick! 

     Well we did a lot of dooring and streeting again this week. It finally got cold enough to wear a scarf and gloves! I love how sick I look! lol I look like a way epic Canadian! lol and people talk to us more... ok not really. But we sure try! Lots of people to talk to, only 4 of us here haha. That's why the members are such a huge help for us!

     Well we had 2 appointments fall out this week but we were able to get an investigator back because he is finally home from his 5 week holiday lol. So we have an appointment this week. This week will go really fast, lots to do, lots of trains too. Just a slow week overall, but it still went by so fast! 

     Sorry for the shortness of this! But we really were relatively uneventful this week! Love you all,!
Whoever reads this! know that missionary work is the best! Get into it, its awesome :)

Love <3 Elder Rodgers

Me getting my cook on...

me and the Carlson

pic of Carlson eating. I was bored.... lol

We bought food for the week. Filled the fridge. €70 for all 4 of us. We bought a lot lol

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