Monday, November 4, 2013

Kontakt!......Week 9 in Ellwangen

     This week was a ton of contacting! I had no idea what to call this email haha so that's what you get! Well to start out, I'm gonna relay the bad news. Our investigator has dropped us. We had a lesson scheduled and the morning of we got a call and out appointment fell out. That makes 8 with this guy! Its too bad! Really. But he is still gonna make it! Someday. He has been really sick recently and so his doctor said to avoid being sad and to always be happy. So he told us when he meets with missionaries he feels the Spirit so strong! But when we leave, the Spirit does too and then he gets sad. So he cant meet with us until he gets better and he said he would call us in 2014. But we still text him 3 times a week and give him spiritual thoughts and scriptures to read. The things we wanted to tell him though is that one of the greatest blessings of baptism is that we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and we can have that good feeling with us all the time! So yeah its too bad. But he wants to do all he can, he just needs a little more time! So in time! 

     Well this week went by probably faster than any other. Tuesday we had district meeting in Ellwangen and after it Elder Pugmire and I were on a tausch (exchange). So we stayed in Ellwangen for the day and then switched back on Wednesday. We went out contacting, door to door and streeting for about 3 hours. We were able to get 3 potentials! It was was good!!!! That's like a ton for this area in 1 day lol. So we were really happy! Came back home and played around with the camera during supper and got some sick pics! hahaha

     So then on Wednesday we switched back. Me and Elder Carlson went.... contacting! hahaha for like 4 hours! Many many doors and apartments knocked on. In ending, we got 4 potentials! Like omigoodness! Way sick!!!!!! So as we were out along this one street a lady came up on a bike and talked to us. It was a lady in our area whose husband is a less active member and she and her 5 kids aren't members. We've had 1 meeting with them already and so she knows us. She invited us over for cake! So we finished the street contacting and went on over. It was so nice! Like way sick! ahh I was so happy hahaha. We got another appt set up and we got the OK to teach the 1st lesson. So I'm very excited about that! They are an awesome family! :) That made our night awesome! 

     So Thursday was when our appointment with our investigator got cancelled so we just went further out from Ellwangen... to contact! hahaha No way! Didn't find much success but... the area we were in hasn't been contacted before. No one had even heard of our church! So we are surely going back! I know that area will be way great! So much potential!

    Friday and Saturday we had planning and other stuff, just some street contacting around the house, nothing from there. Slow 2 days but we got a lot done. Then came Sunday! Such a great day!!

     So we started out in church, good old awesome church. Fast Sunday, so it was testimony meeting and I was able to muster myself up and bear my testimony. I felt it went well! I am so grateful for the gift of tongues! I said this scripture... Luke18:27... so it says that whats impossible with men is possible with God. Very true! Very true! So I loved that opportunity. Then I taught Young Men's again! hahaha I like teaching :)

     We went to a members house for dinner and shared our video. The families here are awesome! They are so nice to us! I really am blessed to have such an awesome area! Then the best part of our week came. We got home at 6:30 then went out to Neunheim. Walked out there, 30 minutes, then went by on a house that we had been by like 4 times and she kept saying come back. So finally, we got let in! So it is a wife and husband whose 3 kids are older and moved out. We had an awesome lesson and talked a lot about the church and how we are different. We gave them a book of Mormon and the man was interested and said he would definitely read it. They are interested especially in missionaries. Why we give 2 years up to learn a new language and to serve for the church. So I invited them to church in 2 weeks because I'm talking on that day! So maybe they'll come to hear me! We'll go by in 12 days and check up on them and invite them again. Hopefully all goes well! They are an awesome couple! 

     So this area is amazing. I love being out on a mission! Thanks to all those who email me and support me! I love everyone! 

Elder Rodgers

Elder Oviatts shirst and Garretts glasses: I LOOK SO GOOD! HAHAHA

Elder Garretts glasses and Elder pugmire's coat hahahaha

It was dark walking to Neunheim! Hahaha


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