Monday, December 30, 2013

Fröhliche Weihnachten!.......Week 16 in Ellwangen

     Well duh! Its Christmas people! And I'm in Germany. How did that happen. I cant really recall these last 5 months... its all gone by too fast. Time is a whole new deal to me now. Time really takes a new meaning when you're on a mission. 

     Well for starters.... This week was awesome. I was privileged enough to be asked to give a Priesthood Blessing this week. Yes, in German. How is this possible you may wonder? (I wondered too). Well it is possible only through  the Spirit and power of the Priesthood. There was a member of the ward who wanted a blessing because he had an operation the next day. So he came over and I was able to do it. The words in German are not simple and thankfully I had other elders there to help. But it went good and all that matters is that the Spirit was there. I was way grateful for that experience and I'll surely never forget it. 

     Then Tuesday I was on Tausch (exchanges). We had 2 eating appointments in Waiblingen. It was way good! I love being on Taush its is so cool! We also taught 2 lessons to members that day. It was lovely. Just lovely. 

     Germany is sick! So people are awesome and ya.... I just like meeting people. And I've come to realize that many Germans like Canadians. And many have been there. So we have an automatic connection and its awesome! I love talking about Canada! hahaha

     Really though... we had a few lessons, did a ton of contacting and met some awesome people. Strengthened our relationship with the members and helped some other people do stuff. Just a sick week of being a missionary. And now... its Christmas. And the ward is the best... again. we are so busy this week with members. I love them! So much! 

     Well... yah lol. That's really about it. Just members being awesome. Missionary work isn't hard. Its all about having the courage to say something. I can do it in German. Which means that anyone can do it in English! I love being a missionary! I love everything! :)

Have a sick week full of joy and family and love and all those other wonderful things!

Fröhliche Weihnachten!
Elder Rodgers :)

My box of food :) Oh Yes

I had a 'what gives' moment in Schwäbish Hall and just was way happy lol

me just laughing wayyy to much

I realize I have no variety in pics lol. I'm happy tho! 

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