Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ich bleibe... Nein! Ich gehe......Week 18 in Ellwengen

     Well this week way full of craziness. To start off... I have been transferred. This is my first time being transferred on my mission! and it didnt even happen the normal way. We get calls on Friday usually and this time they came on Saturday. But as of then I was staying. I love Ellwangen!... But then on Monday night President called and told me that I was now being transferred to Waiblingen. Just an area south from here. Same district and Zone. Something happened with some Elders I think and its kinda confusing. Ellwangen will be a dritt (three elders) now. Its confusing. But nevertheless I'm happy to now serve the people in Waiblingen! I'm sad to leave here. It's my home. But that's how it goes on a mission! I will always love Ellwangen and my mission father Elder Carlson. I'll miss him. But! I get to see him every week cuz we are still in the same district lol. Really weird. I'm the first missionary to be transferred within his own district for like since anyone has heard of lol. Cool!

     OK so Germany blows up on New Years Eve I found out. Fireworks are illegal here except from 11:50pm - 12:30am on new years eve. So everyone buys their own and then the country blows up. It was the coolest. We were allowed to be out till 1:00am here with members... lol so we did that! We had a great time with them! It was a fun night for sure! We really had a cool time! Germany is awesome! My 2nd home for sure. I love it more and more everyday I'm here. 

     Well on the more spiritual side of things we had a lesson and met with a less active weekend last week! I love the less active! He lives in the middle of nowhere... legit.... and so no one has ever been up there. He is about 60 and went in active when he was 14. His wife is not a member. Well we have met with him about 5 times now and he keeps commitments! His wife joined us in the lesson and he started teaching her! hahahah It was too cool! We all worked together on that one. It was really awesome. Great to see how the Lord works through everyone. I just love the miracles and joys of missionary work! 

     We did a lot of dooring too. That was fun as usual. Just lots of dooring. We meet a decent amount of Americans here. And tons of Germans love Canada too! hahahaha Tons have been there or want to go there. Germans are awesome! I am just so full of gratitude for everything I have!

     On the new note of Waiblingen... We are having a baptism on the 18th! haha I haven't really had anything to do with it but I will now! So that's a great start to the new area! I'm excited to keep the work going there.Thanks to all those who send letter and emails. I love each one. I treasure them dearly and I am so grateful! 

Thanks to everyone! I love being a missionary! Miracles come everyday for me and I know its possible for everyone if we take the extra minute to look and realize them!

Mit viele Liebe,
Elder Rodgers

                      Tanners new companion is Elder Zammarippa from Texas.


Center City of Schwäbisch Gmund

Selfie on a train!

Nice Dooring pic lol...

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