Monday, January 13, 2014

Dieser Woche war verruckt!....Week 19 in Ellwangen

     Well for starters.. just in case you weren't aware. My name is Elder Rodgers. I am a missionary. I serve in Germany and I love the people in Gemeinde Ellwangen (Ellwangen Ward)! They are the coolest! Even better... they're my ward for another transfer! Yes! I'm staying in Ellwangen! So here's the story....

    Monday President called and told me something came up with transfers and he was gonna need me to go down to Waiblingen. So obviously I said yes but I was clearly sad about it because I couldn't say bye to the people I love! So I proceeded to pack! Then... Wednesday night at 10pm we got another call. President informed me that his issue was resolved and that I could unpack because I am staying here! Ohhhh man! That was the craziest thing ever! Out of no where!

     So some people in the ward thought I was transferred.. others thought I was here... no one really knew. So Sunday was a bit crazy. People were all over the place lol. 

     OK but in all this confusion and stuff we actually managed to have one of the most productive weeks ever. I don't know how. Tuesday was spent in Stuttgart for zone training. That was awesome! I cant even remember what happened next. We taught someone lol. 

     Had a few other lessons. Whatever and stuff. They went real good! We were on the move a ton! OK so we had a new investigator come to church! Awesome eh! I hope he continues to progress. It seems like the work is picking up here. I love it!

     So I was on a bus this week in the middle of no where doing idk what and I was texting an investigator to set up a lesson. Then I had the moment ''I'm sitting on a bus in the middle of Germany texting a German.. in German! How sick is this!'' I had that wonderful moment. Idk how I learned German. But I did. And now I
can talk and its the coolest! 

     Wow. What a fast week. So much done. So many trains. I was in Stuttgart 3 days in a row. That's a lot! But I love the mission! Its the place to be! I'm so happy!

Have a great week people of the world! I love you all! <3

Mit freundlichen Grüßen, 
Elder Rodgers!

Parade in Ellwangen

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