Monday, January 20, 2014

Fast da..aber nicht wirklich!..Week 20 in Ellwangen

    Idk where I'm almost to... but I didn't know what else to write as a title...

      Well glad to be in Ellwangen this week! It was really great! I taught more lessons this week than in any other week I've been here, cool!Glad to see things on the up rise! I love Ellwangen! 

     OK so we were able to help an investigator move this week... 2 doors down lol. But we helped and it was nice and he is gonna come to church in February and hewill be baptized.... sometime and yah. The list goes on haha. Well he was cool! We spent the day there because it took 2.5 hours to get there and the same back. so... hahahahaha yah. If we had a car we could be there in half hour hahaha, but we don't so too bad.

     Since Elder Carlson is the district leader I/ we get to tausch (exchange) with everyone in our district so I get to tausch so much! haaha Awesome! I love it! I learn a ton. I learned a ton this week from Elder Spencer about finding! He is a fantastic finder and so I was able to learn a ton. We found some way awesome people! Great potential! 

     I gave a talk in church yesterday. I had to write it, then translate it all by myself. I gave a talk in German...that I wrote alone. How cool is that? So cool! hahaha It took me like 2 days to translate, maybe more. It was super hard! But super cool! I love it!

     Man being on a mission is the coolest. We just have the best experiences ever! Its so amazing! Like I have never been so happy and worry free for so long! hahaha In school you study and have tests and all that. Here, its like just stress free. Just go out and have fun teaching and finding the awesome people in Germany! hahaha its the coolest. Then I come here on Mondays and read emails from people, and I love life more. Its just a big cycle of happiness. Go on a mission to be happy!

     I feel like my organization of these emails are going down the hill. Anyone have suggestions on what I should write more about or less about or what? I really don't know. I just write cuz I'm happy. Oh! We visited the salad lady this week! Yes! It was my favourite thing ever! It was soooooooo good! haahah We had Spätzle which is like weird noodle things that are amazing, meat, rice and awesome sauce and of course salad. But I'm coming to the point where salad isn't hard to eat anymore. Not to the point that I like it but to the point where its not hard to eat. Weird. 

     Well we also had a baptism in Waiblingen this week! Our districts! The lady baptized is so cool! Ah man, the work goes on. People find eternal joy in the gospel. Life is good. I'm happy, they're happy, we are all happy! ahhh its great!  
     I don't say 'sick' as much anymore! I'm beating the system! My system lol. Well yah. I think I'll go now. Thank you so much to everyone who loves me and my family cuz I love you too! Thanks :):)

Love you all, 
Elder Rodgers <3

pretty eh?  Ellenberg

A family made it. 100% natural stuff. wood, roots, moss, rocks. Its huge and awesome! super super cool!

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  1. Such a fun letter and GREAT photos!!! He's such a wonderful missionary =)