Monday, January 27, 2014

Ich liebe alles, was ich habe...Week 21 in Ellwangen

     This week was so cool! So I realized that Ellwangen is really small! hahaha like I finally realized it. This because I was on Tausch (exchanges) in Stuttgart this week! hahahaha yeah man!

     OK so Ellwangen. There are about 25,000 people or so in this town and the area around I believe. The church was an old bakery like 30 years ago and now we have about 50-60 or so members come each week. Umm our morning routine is as states...

6:30 - wake up and pray and put forth an effort to exercise
7:00 - I shower and then shave
7:10ish - I eat cereal. I love cereal. 
7:30 - I clean stuff or do what needs to be done. Maybe some German study.
8:00 - Personal study
9:00 - comp study
10:00 - language study
11:00 - lunch
12:00 - our life begins.....
8-9pm - come home and eat and plan and sleep... hahaha yah!

     That's about how it goes. Something like that. Our pdays we don't do much cool because we live so far away from everything. so yah... we shop and sleep and play games lol. 

     That's our life. OK but the best part of the week is well actually idk at all. I like it all! This week way awesome because we had some awesome people come to church! hahaha A family that we have been visiting came! It was awesome! And our good old pal came as well. It was Ward Conference and it was just cool! We had the coolest Sunday yesterday! It was full of love! and awesomeness!

     OK but this week I  was on Tausch (exchanges) twice. First Elder Zamarripa came here and we had really nothing planned so we contacted lots. And people go home at like 6 here so there were legit like 10 people out that we saw. So we didn't have much. But the next day we brought cookies to a member of the ward with a birthday! She loved em.. I think... lol and it was lovely! Then I also was in Stuttgart for tausch! So sick! Because its a huge city. We saw more people on the trains and in the stations there then we do in a whole day in Ellwangen ahahha. So needless to say it was great!

     Elder Jerman was my companion and we had a great time! We even went on splits haha, so I went home teaching with a member in Stuttgart. I had the lesson haha. So we had a great time with the lady and then I pulled out Alma 37:6-7 and talked about the small and simple things that make a difference for people. We talked more and then I had a really cool experience. I realized a puzzle on her table and so I took 1 piece and talked about how 1 piece by itself isn't really much. You cant see what it is and sometimes you don't see how it will fit or help the bigger picture, but all these small pieces come together to make a beautiful picture! So that's how we can relate the small things into our lives. 

     It was an inspiring thought for me! hahaha idk where that came from! Well I do.. and it wasn't me lol. 

     I have learned a ton from other missionaries this week. So much to learn! I had a great time with people and we had some great experiences in Ellwangen. Ellwangen is my home! Will always be! I love it so much!

This place is awesome! I love our members and all the people on the streets. I'm just so happy here! I'm happy to be on a mission and I'm happy to be here helping others come unto Christ! Its worth it! 

Well that's all for now, 
Elder Rodgers!!!!

AbtsGmund lol just a lil place in our area

Elder Zamarippa in a bus stop..

Another view of Schwäbisch Hall

... i need better selfies...

Elder Carlson on a  bus...

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