Monday, February 3, 2014

Die Wochen sind zu schnell!...Week 22 in Ellwangen

     This week.... I honestly don't remember what we did. I remember that it went so fast. But I don't remember why. I know we were sitting on trains or buses a lot. I am now starting to remember why; Monday was a train and bus.Tuesday 4 trains. Wednesday a bus. Thursday a few trains, Friday actually nothing and Saturday some buses. 

     Well now that I remember... We had a pretty cool week! Well I'll start with yesterday because its kinda funny. That way when you read it, it'll capture your attention and make you read further! OK so we went on splits last night so we could teach a lesson and go to a meeting at the church for a few priesthood elders. So it started at 7:30 pm and ended and 9:30 pm. We got a ride but somehow ended up at home at like 10:15 pm.  I love our branch. Things just get talked about for long periods of time. OK I realized that this really isn't  that funny. It's funny for us but clearly not for you. Well nevertheless we had a cool meeting. I managed to stay awake! 

     OK so Monday we were at a less active family! We had a fun time and had some good talks with the kids and parents. They're a way fun family! I love going there. I'm starting to see now that it's super hard for you to picture this in your mind but we were walking down the street to the house and I was eating a piece of chocolate and the road was was icy and I ran and purposely slid down the road but someone came walking around the corner and I was sliding and had chocolate and couldn't say anything and I scared the life out of this person because she had earphones in and it was dark. Suuuuper funny!

          OK funny for me. 

     Tuesday we went to Waiblingen for district meeting.. Elder Oviatt and Elder Spencer missed the train so we all got delayed an hour and it was super funny. Another 'you gotta be there' moment. But yes. So we had that. Then we went and taught a lesson after. Good use of time. Took us 2 hours 15 minutes to get there from Waiblingen. rough... hahaha. 

     Wednesday I was on tausch with Elder Oviatt and I made it really sweet for him by going dooring! For 4 hours... on the coldest day of the week! ahhh ya! (it was only -10, Tanner has not been in the cold for so long he is finding that cold. At home he wears shorts in that weather)  We doored the life out of Rosenberg! But not many people had pity on us in the cold. We really didn't find many people. But still some! We went to a members house after and ate! I love food :)

     OK well Thursday we decided to head up north and chill there. We called our investigator who lives there and he said we could come by then. We aren't bad missionaries... he only meets on short notice lol so we call when we are around! STOP JUDGING ;) 

     Actually that lesson was really good. We learned more that he did. We both got the same thought about love when we were talking to him. We realized that we aren't just here teaching lessons but we are here to love and we need to love no matter what. We are on the road to fixing that! It was a good learning lesson for us!


     Friday was planning and an awesome evening with an awesome family who I love beyond belief! They're just stellar! ...enuf said.

     OK and then Saturday Ulm Elders had a baptism in our building so we were there for that. After it, a little dude was running around and smacked his face on something and really cut himself open. So we went with the people to the hospital to show them where it was cuz we live right across. We stayed with them and talked for a while, while the kid and the mom were in the back. They were just visiting the baptism, not members. After, one of the people who was a member called to check up on us and told the lady to ask us to give the dude a blessing. So we explained that and then gave a nice little blessing in the parking lot there. It was really cool. 

     So Sunday was Sunday. Full of awesomeness and love! hahaha. We went to a family after church and had a great time there. Elder Spencer was extremely photogenic yesterday and I got a beautiful picture of his glorious face. STUD. 

     And yes, that's my week. I'm still here. Living life in Ellwangen. My home. My land. My people. Haha I like that. Germany is super cool!

Love it!

Love you! and btw I think I can almost speak German lol

Elder Rodgers 

oh yeah! Scary looking church on a hill when we were dooring!

Elder Spencer and me! 

Elder Spencer wrote me a song. Actually :)

Look how cute he is! hahahahaha


  1. Elder Spencer and Elder Rodgers both have tons of happy missionary energy. I hope they are able to exchange quite a bit, I can see those two tearing it up!

    1. Actually Lisa they live in the same apartment. There is 4 elders in Ellwangen and they are all together, Elder Rodgers, Elder Carlson, Elder Oviatt and Elder Spencer. They do seem to be having fun.