Monday, February 10, 2014

Die Lektionen, die ich gelernt habe....Week 23 in Ellwangen

     Well as my title says. Wait! You have to translate it first! ha!

     Well hopefully you did that now. The lessons I have learned is kinda my theme of the day. I have learned a ton this week. I learned that I hate trains now. I learned that being sick sucks. I learned that we have inspired leaders in our mission. I learned that being an example in everything I do is so important. I learned why its important to love people and to express that. I learned why sister missionaries go to temple square. I learned that my companion is a boss! I learned that I have a lot more to learn. So many things learned this week! It was awesome! 

     I became sick Tuesday night this week and was dead Wednesday and Thursday. So idk what happened but I got a huge headache and I was like coughing real bad and a classic stuffy nose. I was freezing cold too. Thought I was Canadian! But it was rough. We still had to go out Wednesday night to a lesson and I almost died there lol. The train rides were hard too. But Elder Carlson (the same one form September 5ht cuz we are still together!!!) saved me! He talked for the lessons and he made me soup and best of all he gave me a Priesthood Blessing. I'm way thankful for him! 

     So I did spend a little extra time in bed this week due to my sickness but it worked out OK. Our investigator from like 2 hours away cancelled our lesson so we did weekly planning on Thursday instead. We went out a bit but found ways to be effective inside so I could rest and we could go out the next days when we really needed to! So Wednesday and Thursday were kinda blow offs. But at the same time very useful. 

     Tuesday we were in Stuttgart for Zone Training. Missed our train home so got to go contact in Stutttgart for an hour lol. It was a great meeting. We learned a ton. Got really good instruction on prayer. I have learned a ton about the importance of meaningful prayer. It really makes a difference in ones day. So this meeting was really cool! But I liked Saturday even better for Zone Conference!

     Well first Friday was a finding day in Waiblingen so we all go there and help find. For like 4 hours lol. So Elder Spencer and I were together and we contacted a lot but didn't find much. So that really was our day becuase we were on trains to get there and we found forever and then went to eat. We slept over in Waiblingen that night... that was a gong show. Then we got up early to get to Stuttgart for the meeting. 

     Saturday we saw President and Sister Miles and the AP's and our awesome Stake President was there. We had some awesome instruction given! The importance of always being an example, the use of the Book of Mormon in finding answers to the soul and in teaching people, the importance of always showing love and then the importance of praying for people. 

     One of my favourites was when President Schneider talked about love. He asked us why we think sisters only serve on temple square. Naturally someone said because they look better, which is true nonetheless, but what he was getting at was because they can love people easier. Spontaneous Love! He talked a ton about the importance of expressing love to develop it and not judging, rather loving. It was a great presentation. So I got lots to work on! But I'll try!

This week was great! As you hopefully see I learned a ton! It was really cool! And I also found time to get some pics! YES!

Well I love you all! Thanks :)

Elder Rodgers :)

P.S.- Happy Valentines Day!

Elder Graver. I look soo young in this picture! (MTC comp)

New suit in Stuttgart

Me and the Carlson!

Finally! A new selfie!

 In Stuttgart at the stadium where Stuttgart Soccer plays. HUGE!

me and Elder Carlson had a moment together!

My Loving companion :) 

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  1. Being ill and having to be on a train sounds like torture! Poor guy :(