Monday, February 24, 2014

Jeden Tag lerne ich etwas neues!....Week 25 in Ellwangen

     Well I'd like to start by sharing a link with everyone! Mormon message! It is awesome! I love it! Makes me more grateful! It talks about gratitude!!!!! Man I need more! Thanks mom and dad! You gave me a whole lot more than I could ever give back! 

     Ok well I got way excited to share that so I had to put it first on there. But now we get into the week. Ok I'd like to start by expressing me love for Elder Carlson again! haha He was my favourite! I'm so thankful for what he taught me! and ALL the service he gave me! He is awesome! And so that leads into... New companion! Always rough. Especially after leaving the one I had for almost 6 months lol. But I'll be ok! Elder Geilman is a great Elder Too! 
     Ok well I wanna start with something that was awesome! We had stake conference this weekend. It was a special broadcast on Sunday to all the German speaking areas. So my Mission and the Frankfurt and Berlin ones too! Ok and so what was awesome was that Elder Bednar spoke. And he spoke the whole time in German! He served in Germany and so he felt it would be appropriate to speak in German! Man I was so touched! That was soo soo cool! He said some awesome things that we needed to hear! Such a great man!

     Ok so for that I am grateful for him! 

     Ok so that's spiritual... now lets get a little temporal! I left my Canadian counterpart Elder Oviatt this week, 211 days together in a row. So he, being a boss got me a going away present. For anyone who knows me well you will know I love Taylor Swift. So that's exactly what he did for me. Bought me Taylor Swift perfume! In a beautiful box! It smells awesome!!! Clearly I don't put it on me, but I still spray it..  a lil :) and its so good! haha so thanks to him! So happy! hahahaha

     Well I read an awesome talk on gratitude this morning from Elder Nelson. It inspired me to be grateful more! So I wanna do that for sure! I learn a ton every week. Like you don't even know! haha its the coolest! There are so many awesome things to do and learn! Missions make me grateful! 

     We had a few lessons this week. Before I wasn't really that grateful for the people we are teaching because they really arent' progressing that much. But then as I look deeper into their hearts I can see they are simply great people regardless. Love! I need love! Love is hard! But worth it. It allows me to understand the others more. 

     Ok and I read one line in Preach My Gospel that hit me this week. It is on pg 185 in English. Says "when you listen carefully to others, you understand them better". Like wow! I got my answer! When we listen we learn to love because we get to see more about the person and we understand them more! Awesome!!!!!

     I learn a ton every week. Every day. But I need to also apply em! So get ready Elder Geilman! I'm gonna listen to you! I'm gonna love you and then we are gonna have a great time together! ha! Got it! 

     Well life is great. We have fashing this week (anything does week...aka party week). German traditions. They go nuts. Parties everywhere. So that'll be awesome to watch but hard to work lol. Oh people! 

     I love learning! I love German! I'm sooooo not close to perfect and so I need people helping me! Got a comp, got so many other sources to help! Thanks to all those who have helped me! Given me anything! I'm way grateful! Really! Thanks!

Have a great week everyone!
Love me, 
Elder Rodgers
I found this just now on     add it to the blog....


DUDE!! hahaha

Love y'all!
From the castle last week

Elder Geilman

Taylor Swift perfume from Elder Oviatt!!!


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  1. Oh my goodness the TSwift perfume story is just hilarious! Great reflections on the lessons he is learning, as well!