Monday, March 3, 2014

Deutsch ist einfach das beste Sprache der Welt!...Week 26 in Ellwangen

     Dude I love German! I just love speaking it! cuz I sound so weird when I do. OK well I really have lost any sort of structure to these emails so I'm just gonna keep writing. I have come to love something and its is reading the conference talks over and over. I read between 1-4 every morning now. Like wow too much learning. Its been so cool! Well I really found a focus through all of them this week and it was mainly about trust. Through all that we go through it will surely turn out better than you could have ever imagined. 

     So that's my theme. Trust. Good theme eh? I read a ton of amazing stories that showed that when we put our trust in the Lord and make our will His will He will so totally lead us through anything! Like even if what you may have to give up is hard and it seems like its not worth it. If you're giving it up because its the right thing to do or allows you to come closer to Jesus its so totally the right thing to do and he will bless us so much when we do that. 

     There are some awesome examples of that in my life. Pure trust and giving up what we may want to be able to have time for that what matters. Thanks to those who sacrifice! It makes a difference for me! 

     Well I'd encourage anyone reading this to read a conference talk a week and see how awesome it blesses your life! Its the coolest!

     Well this week was a week of fall outs. 3 lessons fell out with different people. The one we had is just the same, not a terrible amount of progress being made. It's hard sometimes but guess I just gotta trust eh? or work harder... lol. I can always work harder. 

     We were on trains a fair bit. I tausched (exchanged) with Elder Packer too! We had some great finding in Schwäbisch Hall and had a great time. We were on public transport for 4 hours that day. Too much of that here but we had a great tausch. I learned a ton. I've learned that I learn so much everyday. I need to write it down more. I'm gonna do that. I learn too much I'm too small to remember all of it. 

     Miracles happen! I promise that! All we gotta do is look for them. They are there if we take the time to look. Umm ya ,Sunday was great. I love church. No one came though. Our investigators I mean. Yeah. Hard. But at least we have some right!!!

     OK well yeah! Sorry idk what to say. This week was just a week. Went by super fast but super slow. Not a ton done. Just talking to people. I love people. People are the best. I just smile when I see people. People are so cool! 

     OK so yeah. I'm still in Ellwangen. Clearly I love it. I love my comp. I love my apartment. I love my family. I love Germany. I love German. I love saying things in German. I love life! Love is awesome. There are too many awesome things to talk about in life. Go out and enjoy life. I am! 

     Hopefully I can get my camera out this week too. I'm becoming bad at that but like I have the same pics like 4 times already! Like you can only take so many.... right? Well I'll try. 

     Nevertheless I love being here! Missions are the coolest! I love it! I'm grateful to be here! Love you all!

Love from me and Germany!
Elder Rodgers

Schwäbisch Hall

Schwäbisch Hall

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