Monday, March 31, 2014

Alles was gutes, muss ein Ende haben!....Week 30 in Ellwangen

     Farewell my home. My land. My country. I shall miss thee dearly. I have grown to be me here. I will always remember Ellwangen as my home. My Birthplace. My Home!

     I love Ellwangen. I love the people here more! The people make the place! Ahh they made it so good! I learned German from these people! I learned how to be a missionary! But the time comes. 7 Months after I came I must leave. I'm headed to a land far far away....

                          Wiener Neustadt, Austria! Just south of Vienna! 

     That will be my new home! My new breeding grounds! My life presses forward across the German border into the land of the Alps! My homeland behind, I take my adventure into the wild. A new city to tame. A new dialect to master. A new people to love!

     Ahahaha I sound so cheesy! This is way fun! I have a hurting jaw cuz I smile too much! My cheekbones need a break! But I can't help but smile! Life is so good!!!! 

Lets continue..

     I leave my home in the hands of Elder Geilman in hopes that this area will find new life and rise to the top! I will be joining Elder Stephen Smith in our race againt time to help the people of Wiener Neustadt to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Say tuned for our adventures. There will be many!

     I think the coolest part is that I get to see Elder Carlson in München on Thursday on my ride through! YES! MY FATHER!! Ha! And then I continue onward through the mountainous ranges of Austria to my destination on the other side of the mission lol. 

     I am impressed with myself. I didn't cry on Sunday! I totally almost did! Ha! I saved it! I gave my little goodbye/thanks testimony. That was hard! The first one I gave here was hard cuz I couldn't speak German. This one was hard cuz I had too much to say. I love this Branch <3

     Well back to my last week here. We did lots. Lots of finding. We have become decently good at that! But now our focus needs to be getting those people to be investigators haha! 

     Saturday we had a huge 2 Zone finding day in Stuttgart! It was awesome! And huge! We all came together and had a huge awesome day in Stuttgart! Found 71 people in like 3 hours! Not too shabby eh? It was way fun! And I got to see Elder Garrett!  MtTCcompanion) Oh man! My buddy! He is so cool! I miss living with him! 
(on this finding day they all met at Schlossplatz park in downtown Stuttgart and they all spread out and sat with the people and read their Book of Mormon and many came and asked them what they were doing and so they were able to talk to them and tell them about it)

     Ok guess what else!!! I'm only gonna be in a 2 man apartment now.Thats so hard! haha I've only had a 4 person place! I dont know what that's gonna be like! Hope it goes well! I'm sure it will!
      Well overall... I'm excited! Sad to leave! But excited for a new beginning! Its gonna be so cool! Ah! Being a missionary is the coolest ever! I love it!
Well, next week I'll be there... Bis dann Tschüß!!!

Elder Rodgers

Schlossplatz park, downtown Stuttgart

going to the park

Me and Elder Garrett in Stuttgart! YES!

busy missionaries


  1. Sooooo, exciting! A new area, new country! How great is that! I am just about ready to burst out laughing here at work! :) He will be marvelous!

  2. Oh my gosh I love this missionary's letters! He is the funniest!!! Can't wait to hear about his first week in Austria =)