Monday, March 17, 2014

Es sieht wie Sommer aus!....Week 28 in Ellwangen

     OK...Well its freaking summer now. It was 20 degrees above this week. Celsius! and like that's too hot for a Canadian boy like me. I want winter, Snow and stuff, but I get sun and no clouds! ah! Too warm!

     OK...this week we actually had 3 eating appointments! Wow eh! haha just lined up that way! awesomeeeee! We had some good chances for pics too! Ummmmm we travelled to Stuttgart on Tuesday for zone training. So many good things to be learned from that! Always the best! An outpouring of knowledge. 

     Oh and pause!.... This morning I read a talk from the priesthood session of the last conference! The 2nd speaker. I cant remember the title. In German its 'von ihm berufen, sein Evangeluim zu predigen', I think! umm its way good. Anyone planning or preparing for a mission should definitely read it! Its awesome! 

     OK we had some good finding this week, Schwäbisch Hall is my favourite place to go. lots of people and lots of opportunity for growth there. Its beautiful too! We found some way cool people this week. Our goal now is to make them real investigators. haha something I've struggled with! 

     We had a great lesson with our main less active and he is slowly making progress. We basically teach him all over again because he went less active when he was 14 and he is 60 now lol. He is so cool! 

     We have had a struggle with our main investigator. He really doesn't understand a lot of what we teach and we have taught everything 2-3-4 times in different and the simplest of ways. Its hard for sure. Any ideas? About people barely progressing? idk!

     We had lunch with the Salad Lady! She is a boss! I love her a ton! We had Schnitzel!! I went on tausch with Elder Spencer. We had a sick day of finding and teaching. Awesome working with him. He is super awesome!

     Church was church! Super awesome and all! One guy came from us and one from the other elders. Slowly right? 

     Yeah.... Life here is awesome. Just the best I think! I love Germany! I love my mission so so so so much! I learn so much everyday! I hope I can apply it! haha cuz that's what will make the difference! Thanks to all those who support me! I love you all! Especially my family :) 

     Oh and guess what? We found the best waffles here. They are awesome! I love em! haha they got some great food here! Also some great paths for running... lol ;)

     OK that's the report from Germany today. Warm. 15°C and sunny. Life couldn't be better eh? Ha I'm still Canadian with my 'Eh' YESS!!

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Rodgers <3

Do I look good?

Remember the language is German not English!

Me and Elder Geilman!

 just me!

Schwäbisch Hall

Me in the Hall!

Me in the Hall!  Again!

Are we not the cutest? (Tanner with Elder Spencer)

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