Monday, March 24, 2014

Ich bin fast 8 Monate auf Mission gewesen! O Mensch wie die Zeit vergeht!....Week 29 in Ellwangen

     Und natürlich kann ich auch ja, ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen! Ha das ist aber kühl oder? Die Gabe der Zungenrede ist was großes und dafür bin ich so dankbar!  ( And of course I can even speak a bit of German! Ha but that is cool right? The gift of tongues is something big and I am so grateful!)

     Oh man tomorrow is my 8 month mark! DUDE! I'm still a baby! I am a baby! I think I need to start learning faster or something lol. I remember when I got to Ellwangen! Haha! That was like 3 weeks ago not 6 and a half months! Man oh man! Time sure flies! That is certain. 

     I had a very humbling experience this week. It was kinda like a really big overall experience! His name is Elder Geilman. 

     Honestly when I first came together with him I was a lot different. But just this last week I really came to appreciate the basics of Missionary work exemplified in Elder Geilman. He simply is obedient and tries so hard to be a Preach My Gospel Missionary. He knows how it goes and he is so humble. And I needed to be humbled. So it took 4 weeks but I finally have had a 'Change of Heart' and I see things differently and I think I've certainly become more humble. I give thanks to him! 

     So this week was really a whole lot of finding. We made the decision together to drop 2 investigators who are making really no progress. It was hard because we really now have no investigators. Only like 3 people who we have, but haven't met with them in the last month cuz they're all so busy. So we spent a good majority of time on the find this week. Lots of streeting and dooring. Some way cool people found for sure! So much potential in this area! 

     We were with some members too! Had some great times there. I've said it so many times but our members here are so awesome!  They really are some great people! They take care of us so well! 

     This next week we have appointments the whole week and we will get transfer calls too! It's gonna go by really fast I think! I'm way excited for this week! We have so much that we can get done! Hopefully it all goes through! 

I've learned a lot this week. I think I've seen myself grow. I have a lot more respect for people and a greater recognition of my need for consistent improvement! I love being on a mission! Its so the best! 

Have a great week everyone! Germany says Hallo! 

Bis nächste Woche! (see you next week)
Elder Rodgers

A church in Ellwangen

A huge nativity scene in the church

They like Mary here... alot... lol

Schönenberg Kirche

A beautiful day out!

Took this one for his dad!

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  1. OK that is the sweetest letter, so introspective. I could sit in that church for an entire day, it's so beautiful!