Monday, March 10, 2014

Ich wohne in Deutschland oder?...Week 27 in Ellwangen

     I had one of those moments this week. Like I'm in Germany! Dude how cool is that! ha it was awesome. I love living here. The weather is awful though. I thought we were supposed to have snow in the winter? Well we haven't had snow for like 3 months haha. Its been like 15 or so the whole week. I don't like that. Too hot for me. I need cold! 

     Well I guess the news this week was that I turned 19. I don't feel 19.I feel maybe 16... hahaha I don't know how I'm on a mission. I used to look up to all the missionaries and be like ' Dude you know so much and are so awesome and mature and cool and all ' and now I'm like.... 'Man that's me? No way' its a scam I tell you! There is no way I am even on the same scale as my old pals like Elder Howes, Brinkerhof, Hepworth. haha all those beauties! Guess that's me now? Not too sure about that! '

     Well thank you to everyone who remembered me! haha means a lot really! Thanks! I had a great Birthday! Lunch with the salad lady! YES! I love that place. I can eat food! I've grown up! haha. Like a boss! 

     So this week we only managed 1 lesson because everything was falling out. Up and down from less actives to investigators to potentials. Everything. But the lesson we had was so good! Finally made a little progress. And almost got a baptisimal date. Its at the point of what we call a 'Soft Date' where we have discussed one with him and he is thinking and praying about it now. So we hope to solidify that later. 

     We had Mug root beer and ice cream floats this week! The other elders in our district were on the base in Stuttgart and got some for us! Such bosses! It was so good! 

     We had a lot of finding to do this week. Found some awesome people. I love contacting! People are so cool! So many good stories! and people who just need the gospel to bring that extra light into their lives! Its the best! 

     I realized being a missionary is awesome. I realized that a while ago but it really hit me this week. Like I learn so so so so so so so so sooooooooo  much from people and studies and revelations and all! Man its the coolest!!!!!!!!

     This week we are gonna be in Stuttgart. Umm and members I and love and love. I love love. I love things. I love people. I love too much stuff. I've learned to love anything that walks! Ah its awesome!

     I like Elder Packer too! We go running in the mornings together! He motivates me way good! He's cool!

     Elder Spencer is so beautiful! He is patient and so loving. Such a fun guy to wrestle with too! 

     And then we got my little teddy bear Elder Geilman! He is so motivated to work hard and be awesome. It rubs off! 

     I have an awesome apartment. I love em. I love people. I love everything! Isn't life just the best! And guess what???? Conference is soon! SICK! haha I'm so excited! 

     Ahhh man I love life. I will have an awesome week if you all do too! Be missionaries ok! Its a commandment! ha! But its also a blessing! 

Love you all!

Elder Rodgers

There was a parade in Ellwangen for fasching. It is like a huge Catholic holiday. 

Ain't I pretty?

OK huge parade in Ellwangen 

At our ward party! 

root beer floats....what more do you need ?

the salad! 

 My Favorite Salad Lady... Schwester Hörth.... pronounced like Hurt

one of the cutest little gals in our ward at the party!

looking fresh ;)

Schwäbisch hall! nice eh!

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  1. HE EATS SALAD NOW! Hahaha I remember how worried you were Jackie about his being able to eat on the mission because he was so picky! Love this. You can feel how much he loves the other Elders he is working with too, which absolutely makes the work go so much better. Great letter!