Monday, April 7, 2014

We be up in Österreich Baby!....Week 1 in Wiener Neustadt

     Well I be up in Österreich... maybe you aren't. No, but maybe someday! I hope so. Everyone needs to come visit this place! Its a gooder that's for sure! OK well I'll go through my lovely week which was so so so long! but to start I'd like to point out a little bit about Austria. Its not Germany! Ha took me a bit to figure that out! But I think I got it now! And I live in Wiener Neustadt! It is said like...... veen-er.. Neustadt means new city lol. Its a cool place! Got some awesome people here!!!

MONDAY- We had pday. We were also over at a members for supper! It was awesome! Good day!

TUESDAY- Zone training in Stuttgart! Oh man Stuttgart! yeah. I got my package for my birthday. Holy macanolie! Are you serious! Thank you to all those who had some part of that! I was blown away! It was so so so awesome! I loved that so much! Isn't my mom the greatest? Ah so cool! Thanks!

WEDNESDAY- Sad day. I had to pack. AHHHH! But surprisingly I got it all in there and it all fit! I'm a boss packer! It was sad. We also went out and contacted a few people and I said a few goodbyes to people! 

THURSDAY- Well here was the day. LOOONG day! here we go....
9:12 Train from Ellwangen to Aalen... No problems!
9:35 Train from Aalen to Stuttgart... No problems!
11:12 Train from Stuttgart to Munich... Problems! So this train was 20 minutes late.. and our layover in Munich was 27 minutes. We had a huuuuge run with all our bags to get to the next train. It was hot and hard! haha. The train we took was an ICE and suuuper nice! But still late... lol we barely made the next train!
1:55pm Train from Munich to Salzburg... No Problems! I was in Salzburg! Holy mac what a beautiful city! That is a gorgeous place! I loved the ride through too bad it was really short cuz the walls or the train station started early lol
4:05pm Train from Salzburg to Vienna... No problems! dude this train was a rail-jet! Holy what a nice and wayyy fast train. By this time I was exhausted and tired of trains. It went too fast to get any real good pics and we didn't take the 'Scenic Route' either lol. But a good ride!
6:30pm or something like that, Train from Vienna to Wiener Neustadt! I'm home! Got here at like 7:45pm. We had some crazy trains from Vienna to here. But I got here. 

That was that! Lots of travel. Got boring... lol. I enjoyed seeing mountains though! Super cool! 

     Then the rest of the week was yeah. We taught a lesson on Friday. Had a sport night at the church. then Saturday we helped some people move for 3 hours then did weekly planning and then watched conference! Sunday the same... conference! A lot of it! haha and then we are here! Wow. 

     I'm getting settled in well! Getting the hang of it. Gotta learn the members here and the area too! Then we will start to see things happen! We have a good amount of people to work with and we will really get things going soon! Ahh im way excited! 

     And I work with Elder Stephen Smith from Clearfield, Utah. He is a boss with like amazing German! We are gonna have a party here! It's good be an awesome time! Get ready for miracles! Cuz they are bound to happen!

     Conference was so cool eh? So SICK!
     I learned a ton! It was way awesome! Ah too cool! Life is the best! I need to learn how to speak like an Austrian! haha Its like going on vacation to Australia! That's how the dialect compares! So sick! haha I love it! Well the time is by now. I must leave. I love you all. Especially you! lol see what I did there? 

Love you!
Elder Rodgers.. The German made Austrian!

Elder Geilman!

 Elder Packer

. Elder Spencer

I look funny I think. I got a haircut the night before lol…Leaving the boyz!

Leaving  My home of Ellwangen!

Ran into my Canadian counterpart Elder Oviatt who is looking as good as ever!

Mountains! As we ride!

from the window of my new apartment!

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  1. I always laugh reading Elder Rodgers' letters too! If he and Sis Henry are ever in the same district, oh dear, the other missionaries are in for a LOT of laughter, and a lot of hard work, too! There are a few hilarious missionaries and most seem to have a great sense of humor, which is important in this mission don't you think? I'm looking forward to his WN adventure letters!