Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dank Ihm!...Week 3 in Wiener Neustadt

     And it came to pass that I, Elder Rodgers waxed old in my months as a missionary. Yea, and it has been 9 months since my bags and I left Canada, only to depart into the land of the Germans. I have dwelt among these my people in their days of sorrow and their days of triumph! I have seen celebrations and also rejections. 
     Yea, and even in this, the 34th month of the reign of President Miles over the missionaries of the nations, the people began to wax strong in their belief on Christ. 
     And behold it came to pass that they celebrated the Resurrection of our dear Saviour and Redeemer even Jesus Christ. And it was called Easter! And it was a glorious time to be a missionary!

     OK well yes, it was Easter or still is I guess! Easter is awesome! The meaning behind it really is the reason why it awesome though! There's a video called 'Because of Him' that came out. I'll link it here. It's awesome! Go watch it! Everyone! And share it with the world!

     This week was really great! We did a ton! But one of my favourite days was Friday. Actually that was the coolest day of the week. I shall describe it with great detail...

     So. We awoke and showered. I said my morning prayer. I did 13 push ups, 13 sit ups and 13 chin ups. 13 is my favourite number. Then I showered for 13 minutes. Shaved. And then got a pair of shorts on and a shirt and got ready to do service! OK less detail now... We went out and helped in a  forest. We lifted and loaded tons of wood into a tractor and were out there 3 hours. It was so fun! I think I may have gotten a couple spider bites on my legs. They are way cool! 
     OK after that we ate at the peoples house. We had like the biggest salad I've seen in my life. It had 11 different types of vegetables in it! Oh man! How? I don't know. How I ate it? I'm a Missionary! 
     OK then we got back and started out tausch! (exchanges) So I stayed here in WNS(Weiner Neustadt south) with elder Kingery! We did that. We found the coolest guy! Antonio! He is soo sooo cool! like so cool. We met up with him again Saturday night for dinner. He is the coolest dude! So we hope to work together with him! 

     I just realized I gotta run way soon! (They were leaving for Vienna)

     Um so we really just had a great week. Taught lessons. I'll fill that in next week when I plan time better lol. Sorry. Umm this area is awesome. We have so many awesome things we can do! Life as a missionary is the best! I love being able to always feel the spirit! It's needed out here! This week was way great! I loved it! 

     I hope you all have a wonderful week! See you all later :) 

Love from me and Austria!
Elder Rodgers <3

I like sky pictures. So here are my discoveries of the week!

Not a fire, rather awesome sunset!

How pretty is that? Ahh! Gorgeous!


  1. Oh my gosh the Book of Mormoneque beginning of this post is classic! And I thought Elder Rodgers liked salad now? hahaha I remember when you were worried he'd starve. They do adapt, don't they?

    1. Lisa I'd say more like he tolerates salad now. He can eat some but wouldn't request it. He has adapted so well and is loving it. I like how he cut his letter short when he realized he had to leave for Vienna. I guess I will get the rest of the details later.