Monday, April 14, 2014

Tapfer Vorwärts!...Week 2 in Wiener Neustadt

     Well I have now been in this Austrian Home of mine for 10 days. I'm getting used to life here. Things are so much more expensive here. Its amazing... lol. But I'm used to it. Well time goes by too fast that's for sure, too fast. The time here is going too fast. The seasons change. The wind keeps blowing and the sun is still shining. Like it's the same weather as when I came into the mission. That's awful! I'm not old enough! Life on a mission is the coolest. Really. Miracles everyday. Blows my mind. It does! When you take the time to realize what Heavenly Father puts in your path... you start to see miracles. AH! Mind Blown!

     I was reading in the scriptures this week and I had the sickest phrase come into my mind......


     Now I don't know if this was like a quote by some awesome general authority or what. Or maybe I had the coolest revelation and awesome words came into my head. Nevertheless that phrase went so so so good with what I was reading and totally set my focus in for the transfer and maybe even my time here in Wiener Neustadt! Life - think about that... So cool! Ah! So like... Awesome! 

     Going with that in mind I have to relate to the past in order to have content in this email... but I have faith that this will help someone in the future! 

     Well, this week we did a ton of service! Service is the best! AHHH! OK we like worked and lifted so much stuff. It was awesome. My favourite was at one members house when we helped him replace a huge window! And we became relatively good friends I'd say! Turns out.. he and his wife are huge mountain maniacs! They climb and hike and do the exact same stuff as me! So we bonded! We are going to be able to go hiking together in the coming weeks! Awesome eh! I love members! 

     We also taught a few lessons too. I'm teaching more here and learning a ton from it! There are a lot of people from Nigeria who are here and we teach about half in English too! haha its weird! I can't say certain things in English any more. it only works in German! ahh! But we have some awesome people! And hopefully within the next month we will have a baptism too! Almost got a date! Its great :)

     Friday for me was my most awesome day. We went to Vienna for Interviews with President! We had district meeting at the same time with Sister Miles and then interviews during that. I love president and Sister Miles! My interview was awesome! I learned so much about myself. I learned that I relate to Nephi in many ways. Not in the way that im like strong and huge and way sick... lol too bad... but in the way that he writes about in 2 Nephi 4. It's like verses 17-30 or so. He like has all these feelings of not being good or worthy enough and all that but realizes that his trust is in the Lord and that is his strength. I totally related as president read that to me. It was just like an awesome connection. I know my trust is in the Lord and that in having that connection all my feelings of inadequacy can be overcome and whatnot. For me it was like a huge.. BOOM! haha way awesome! 

     We had lots of stuff to learn in Vienna and it was really just a great time! I am learning so much about myself now. I've learned so many things thus far on my mission! Always pushing forward and focusing on my potential or the potential of others is totally the way to do it. This was a great week for me! I learned a ton. Overall about everything. 

I talked a lot about me.. lol. I just really had a great week! I love being a missionary!

Thanks for all the support from all the people I know :) It really means the world to me :) Love you all!

Liebe Grüße von Österreich,
Elder Rodgers :)

I made some awesome egg breakfast thing! So awesome! haha 
thanks to Sister Williams who sent me the idea!

Picture of Schneeberg!

Wonderful clouds and sky!

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  1. Such a joyful missionary! Love the recounting of the Miles' visit =)