Monday, April 28, 2014

Und es bagab sich....Week 4 in Wiener Neustadt

     Well. I'd like to apologize for the cut off letter last week. I was under the impression I had half hour left but suddenly realized I had 5 minutes. Whoops, my bad. But I've planned better this time. I have an hour. A real hour! Well I will have to excuse myself from my Book of Mormon writing for this week. Maybe I'll go back into it in the future. Guess we shall see indeed ! As for now I will explain to you the fastest week of my life where I really don,t even remember what I did. 

     I learned stuff though. Members feed me a lot of food. Just cuz I'm a big boy doesn't mean I can eat like a whole basket of salad! Or like a whole plate of anything. They are so lovely! They just feed us till we are stuffed. Members are so concerning and take care of us so well here! I love it! haha

     What happened this week. I was on tausch with Elder Lyons. We killed it. Lol wasn't much to do though. We taught German (I don't know how to teach German) and then we went home. Umm yeah. I really don't remember what we did this week. It went by too fast! 

     We taught a few lessons, had some members there too. Members teach a whole lot better than me. That's my opinion. They are awesome. haha I learn so much about how to teach from having members there. They do it great! 

     Friday it rained a bit and we had sport night at the church. Volleyball with people who come. Not too many people this week cuz of the weather. But we still had a couple and had a great time. 

     Man I feel bad. I really have nothing cool or crazy or anything to report. This week just went by. lol. Really.. lol

     I have been reading in 2 Nephi in German. That was so hard reading the Isaiah chapters haha but I,m past that now and life is good! I cant even understand that in English let alone German! I love reading in a new language. I get so many different things out of a verse. Just the different meanings of words and how things are written makes it so cool! Really does. 

     So I have been trying to immerse myself in the culture more. I'm really taking salad to a new level. trying a bunch of stuff I would never have tried. haha I'm just going nuts. 

     Well. I feel like this weeks letter is a step down from last week. Sorry. I legit have no idea what to write here. Life in Austria is awesome. I love my mission. I love everything! I am really so super blessed! It is such a blessing for me to be here. I learn so much. I love being able to really see myself grow and learn in the gospel. The gospel and this church are true. Simply that. They are how we can be happy in life. I've seen that to be so true. 

Thanks everyone for the support! I love you all :) 

Elder Rodgers <3

Some place in Wien! (Vienna)


A park

St. Stephan's Cathedral in Vienna

Meal made by a member. How good does that look? it was awesome! 

No a very good selfie lol

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