Monday, February 17, 2014

Ich bin immer noch hier!...Week 24 in Ellwangen

     Yeah that's right... Ellwangen again! Another 6 weeks in this lovely place! After this transfer I will have been in Ellwangen for 2 days short of 7 months! Thats a long time! First area, the favourite area! haha its great!

     I am sad to be losing Elder Carlson though! HE has taught me everything! He's my father for goodness sakes! He's the only comp I've known in Germany! My one and only trainer. haha We had a great time together! I have mad respect for him! He is an awesome guy! and he will be spending his last 6 months in the office! He loves computers and serving people and this is the absolute coolest calling for him! He is gonna do great!

     And then I also lose my Elder Oviatt! MY canadian counterpart! We have had a long journey together! We met on July 24th in the Minnesota airport and haven't been separated for a day since. I've spent more time with him in a row than anyone else ever! At the end of our time it'll have been 211 days in a row being in talking range for an average of 14 hours a day! haha we have spent a lot of time together! I'll miss him! He keeps the canadian alive in me!

     So Elder Spencer is staying and he gets Elder Packer who was with me in the MTC. HE is a cool dude! Then I get Elder Geilman who is 1 transfer younger than me and he has been serving in Ulm! So I know him a little! He will break my streak of companions not from Utah! hahaha he is from North Ogden I believe. haha It'll be a great time! Thats that for now! 

     This last week was really cool! But I'm gonna start with today. We actually did something today because it was so nice. We went up to the castle on the hill! The one we see from our house every day. It was like 15 degrees above today. Sun shining! Gorgeous! So we did that! got a few cool pics! 

     OK my favourite part of this week was Sunday. A little girl in our primary who just turned 7 made me a drawing in primary! I died from cuteness overload. It is the cutest nicest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I love people! I love kids! They're the coolest! Ah I'm gonna keep it in my scriptures for my life! So awesome! Made my day so good! ahh! 

     OK well we were all looking forward to transfer calls this week so the time went fast. We taught a few lessons and met with some cool people. Elder Carlson said a few goodbyes. Man we just know the coolest people here. Really, the people make the mission so cool! Just shows that there are so many people who are truly kind in this world! I love it! 

     So my total lessons taught for this transfer was 18 lessons! I taught 1 in my whole first transfer. So I can clearly see progress on that spectrum of things... and overall life is just going so well! I am happy, people are happy, life is the best! 

I'm so grateful for everything! I love it all! What a blessing to serve a mission!

Well, Thats it here. Bis nächste Woche!

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Rodgers

Elder Carlson is too cool!

These are all pics of the castle today. Its this nice out yes. The weather is weird! So warm!

Too sunny so I had to squint. I'm a  wimp!

Nice clouds eh!

This is my!!!


Group shot by a willow tree :)

Big Church on a hill

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