Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Week 2 in MTC

      This week has been amazing. Absolutely amazing. So much has happened but at the same time, nothing has really happened. German is coming along well. We have a lot of time to study it. We've completed modal verbs and so I can conjugate those rather well now. I can say sentences better and ask good questions. Picking up words is easier and its so fun! I just get so excited! We speak it a lot and it is a huge help for us to have such good teachers. The Rosetta stone before was good because it gave me a start on vocab and pronunciation and so I've been able to pick things up a tad easier. Its so great! Speaking German is so much fun. We taught a lesson to our investigator and we had planned on teaching baptism but he asked about the Book of Mormon so i ended up going by memory for 10 minutes in a convo (all German) and i bore a great testimony in German! after the fact, i realized there was no way i could have done that without the Spirit in the room because i used words in orders that id never done before. It really allowed me to understand that we can be led by the spirit. So much!
      That pageant here is real cool. We sing in it every night but Sunday and Monday. If you go on LDS.org and click the link to the British pageant thingy I'm the middle missionary on the stage on the right. Kinda neat! Its a real good pageant! And so we found out 5 general authorities are coming to watch it, then they're coming to the MTC and were having a special fireside tomorrow. Although that's when the 2 week missionaries leave so there will be 34 missionaries here instead of 92! so thats super cool!!!! And the 17 missionaries from the German districts are gonna sing Joseph Smiths first prayer... Half in English half German. 'be so powerful1 Ah so great!
      We had testimony meeting Sunday (3 hours long) and i was able to get up and bear testimony on the power of the Holy Ghost in blessing us, especially those who are learning languages. My favourite testimony was from a french dude who is learning English. He told the story of how he gave up the France National Rugby team to serve a mission. He made the team but chose a mission. Hes a super cool guy.
    I'm writing in my journal every night and my prayers are consistent. Everything is getting into a good habit and I'm loving it! its really great to see how missionaries are blessed. I love the MTC and I love my mission!

Elder Rodgers
 Elder Quilter, Elder Packer, Elder Graver, Me, Elder Mckenzie, Elder Martinez in front

Streets of England while running

In the Districts room! My flags

Preston MTC

Classic Tanner Selfies

Stretching for a run! haha

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