Saturday, August 17, 2013

Week 3 in MTC

Hey All.
       So we had visitors!! Elder Holland, Elder Nelson and 3 members of the 70 came. Almost a 2 hour meeting with them! They gave us so much stuff to think about. They spoke so well and it was amazing getting to hear them. We got to meet each one personally and shake their hands. It was something never to be forgotten. Then Elder Ballard popped in! He spoke to us for 10 minutes or so. Then That night he was at the Pageant so we sang to him there. Friday, Elder Holland, Elder Nelson and new 70's came back and so they talked to us again. We had soooo many people with great authority talk to us and we were all so spiritually uplifted here. It was unbelievable. As the 2 German districts we sang for them the first night.. Joseph Smiths First Prayer. Half English, half Deutsch. It was so great! I loved having them!
      So we do this thing at the MTC called the TRC. Its the teaching resource center. We have fake investigators (the teachers) but they play the role perfectly. We teach them and whatnot. At the moment we have 5 investigators that we are going at. 1 committed to baptism. When I asked him to be baptized and he accepted, Elder Graver like died out loud haha and he was super excited! It was a great testimony to me because with hard work, sooner or later we get rewarded and he was super jacked to be rewarded! Its really fun teaching them. We also do it in German, so that's hard. But as of recent we have been challenged to leave our notes behind and really use our knowledge and the spirit to guide us. So I have been doing that and I really have felt like I can express my thoughts and feelings. Even if its not in a perfect manner, it still works so good! Our German has gotten so much better!!!!! I love learning it. This week I've been really trying to focus on using time wisely to do all I can to learn the language. My prayers are strong in asking for help and immediately to start off the week my first lesson in German went so well! I learned new stuff in the class, I taught better, and it was just a great feeling. I know that the Lord blesses his servants. Its so evident here.
      I've been trying to be more selfless and focus on others. It has helped me learn more I believe. Really, once you learn to forget yourself, time goes by faster and the language comes easier. Next Tuesday we get to go out to Manchester and go finding! hahaha like in English, in England, real people.... finding and teaching. Its gonna be EPIC!
     I went to the temple last Tuesday and again today. Such a wonderful place. Such a great place to be and spend time. I love the thoughts that I get, and the feeling of pure comfort and joy. As I write in my journal now i'm accidentally writing words in German and using German spelling for half my words. German is rubbing off. This MTC is such a great place. We love the chefs, the Mission Pres and his wife and all who work here. The teachers are amazing and as a missionary, this is indeed the best place in the world to be trained to go out and share the gospel.
 I love being a missionary! 
Oh and on a side note... thanks to everyone who has supported me, I really mean it! I feel the difference!! 
Love you all! Elder Rodgers.

Tanner has said that if anyone is wanting to send him a letter after this week to send it to Germany to the Mission Home. The address is on the side to the right.

another Tanner selfie

his desk

his tag with his scriptures

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